Is Magnolia Hosiery still in business?

The Magnolia Hosiery web site is still up, and you can still place an order, but good luck receiving it. As I mentioned in this blog post, I’ve been a customer of Magnolia for years and they are my favorite stocking supplier. However, a comment was made on that post that had me concerned. Since I hadn’t placed an order in a while, I did so back in March and I waited to receive my stockings. No dice. So I emailed Magnolia to see what was the status of my order. No reply. That’s unusual for Magnolia as I’ve always received my order in a timely manner in the past.

I decided to search online to see if there was a discussion of other people having issues with Magnolia and I found a recent thread HERE on a Topix forum and another HERE at the StockingsHQ forum from late 2011. It seems others are having the same issues with Magnolia. Orders aren’t received (but they weren’t charged for them either) and there is no reply to the inquires made either.

So I have to wonder….is Magnolia Hosiery going out of business?