I have a low tolerance for idiots. I guess because I expect a lot from Myself so I expect certain things from others as well. Obviously, I should know better because most people these days are complete and total fucking IDIOTS!!!

I also SUCK at customer service. Well, not totally but…….. Some guys get this silly little notion in their heads that I should be kissing their fucking ass because they joined My lingerie site. Fucking PUL-lease!  No. I treat you, the same way you treat Me. If your first email to Me is rude and demanding, I will reply in the same tone. If you annoy the FUCK out of Me, I will rip you a new one.

So, you are having login problems. Fine, let Me know and I’ll be happy to look into it. However, do NOT send Me FOUR FUCKING EMAILS within 30 minutes. Are you seriously fucking retarded? Do you think it will get you a faster reply? It will not.

I remember one of these instances from a few years ago. The psycho mother fucker sent me like 8-9 emails within 45 minutes and each one was more abrasive than the last. And what was the problem? The same problem it is 99.999999% of the time. The IDIOT was typing his login wrong OVER and OVER again. He never did get access to My site. You know why? That kind of behavior got his email blocked, his login blocked and it got him added to my BLACKLIST.