UPDATE: Regards Bonus Video Reposts….

I’ll mention this on My Updates page as well: From today (May 16th, 2014) going forward, I am posting all of My Bonus Videos ONE LAST TIME. So if you ever wanted a particular Bonus Video clip and you see that it’s been reposted, JOIN when you see it as that will be the last time EVER.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’ve made it known on My Updates and JOIN pages and also in the members area, that I stopped adding NEW updates to My lingerie site back in June 2013. My sole focus is on My Clips4Sale store, which has all NEW clips which are exclusive to My store.

I plan on eventually closing down My members area all together and this is the start of it. I believe I have 119 Bonus Videos total and if you are a member, I have an archive LISTING of them in the members area.