I will be so glad….

….to finally close My lingerie paysite down. I’ve decided to repost all of My Bonus videos one LAST time and then after that I’ll remove My join page and keep up a link to the members area until all memberships have expired. And I can’t WAIT.

There is such an odd sense of entitlement with some guys who join paysites. I don’t get it. It’s almost as if they feel I owe them something just because they joined My site. Um, no. See the way this works is that you paid money to have access to videos and photos. It’s an exchange of money for ‘goods’. That’s it. It doesn’t get you contact/access to ME, it doesn’t get you special treatment or requests or anything else. You didn’t do Me a ‘favor’ by joining My site. You joined because something got your dick hard and you wanted to see more. Plain and simple. It is NOT a selfless act and you are not owed anything beyond access to the members area.

Want to do something selfLESS? Send ME an Amazon giftcard so I can buy Myself whatever I want. AND, expect NOTHING in return.

I just don’t have it in Me to run a paysite anymore and haven’t in years. I’m not going to fucking coddle someone in hopes that they might stay a member. Uh, yeah, NO.

Sometimes I feel like I could write a book on the shit I’ve heard over the years.

“I’m your biggest fan!”   says the guy that’s never even been a member of My site. Hmmm…

[Insert many lavish compliments here]….“I was just wondering if you could do this for me…”    Why would I want to do ANYTHING for you? What have you done for ME? Join My site? No. You did that for your dick, NOT Me. Want to do something SELFLESS for Me? Go to My Clips4Sale store and send Me a tribute or again, send an Amazon giftcard to Me. JUST to put a SMILE on My face and expect NOTHING in return.

“I don’t like…..”  And I don’t give a fuck!  DELETE!  Why on earth would you think that I care what you like? I don’t exist to please you.

That’s why I LOVE the Clips4sale model of selling video clips. Buy ONLY what you like! No memberships, no commitment. With a preview image, description, length and video format listed, you know what you are getting for your money. Nothing more, nothing less. Perfect!

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