I thought I’d mention that Clips4Sales is kind of having some issues at the moment. Earlier this year, Mastercard put out an updated list of rules and regulations. I mentioned this in another blog post HERE and that was part of it. Another part of it was (is) that all (Adult) content must be reviewed before being published. Meaning…… EVERY SINGLE CLIP on C4S MUST be reviewed (viewed by a C4S staff person) before being published on the site. There are anywhere from 1200-2000 clips being posted on that site a day. But not for the past week!  lol  (This went into effect October 15th, 2021).

They had originally said the review process would take about 2 hours and a clip should go “live” within 60 minutes if it’s approved. But just checking around on social media, I see that is NOT the case. So yeah, I didn’t feel like fucking around with that and I figured I’d give it a few days for things to settle down. But it’s coming up to a week now and it doesn’t look like things are getting any better.

I know they are doing the best that they can to comply and it’s not their fault. It’s just the nature of the industry.

With that being said…….  I am working on something new. Something for those of you that want more of ME. Something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while but didn’t really know how to go about it. But the whole C4S thing kind of forced Me to get off My ass and move forward with this. So not exactly bad really, that whole lemons and lemonade thing. 😉

you’ll know more soon, perhaps the next week? Maybe this weekend? We’ll see.

Just wanted to give you a little update with what’s been going on.