Oh and don’t forget the….  “ALL the people hospitalized with Covid are unvaccinated” one. 🙄  When are people going to WAKE THE FUCK UP? Yeah, yeah, I know. If I have this opinion then I’m a must be a________ (fill in the blank) and therefore it can be dismissed because I’m just a _______.  (Sorry, I’m NOT a Trump supporter, Republican OR Democratic or ‘anti-vax’. I AM a bitch though….at times… 😆)

No actually, I’m a healthy adult who likes having autonomy over My own body and health decisions. I’ve been active (working out) almost My entire life and it has served Me well! I have rarely gotten sick over the course of My life and I’m in great health. Did you know that the CDC has stated that 78% of those hospitalized are overweight and obese? And we all know the increase in health problems when you carry excess weight. (Oh wait….I’m not supposed to mention that, right? I’m mean that is considered ‘body shaming’ then, right? 🙄)

Oh, and let’s not forget how the media LOVED to mention the random marathon runner who died of Covid. They needed to hammer it in our heads– “you’re not safe!!”–and guess what? It worked!! And yet it’s not 78% of healthy people in those hospital beds….

As I’ve mentioned last year, I got Covid (yes I got tested) and I would rate it less than a cold. It was mild. I found out a few months later that I had a Vitamin D deficiency and I’m 99% certain it was low at the time I had Covid as well.  As you might know, Vitamin D is pretty important for the immune system.

I can not believe how easily some people are letting pure FEAR control them and their decisions. This is something with a 98% survival rate!! (Probably even higher than that when you think about how they didn’t have enough test kits for a good chunk of 2020.) The CDC has even stated that the majority of people who get it will have the MILD version of it. This is a HEALTH issue. But we aren’t even able to have that discussion because ANYTHING against the “get the vaccine” narrative is censored. Honestly, the censorship is frightening. Almost as much the efforts to strip away the basic freedoms to our own bodies.

*sigh*  For the most part, I’ve accepted this shit as “it is what it is…”. But holy fuck is it tiring. It’s just so repetitive and one-sided. “How to talk to someone who is vaccine-hesitant”.  Ugh….I just can’t…. 😣