Just have to say….

I am really enjoying the Loyalfans site! 😊  In fact, I am putting My focus onto that site this year. I sent out My first PTV video to subscribers in late December and I have a few more that I will be sending out this month. This is EXCLUSIVE content only offered to subscribers. My Loyalfans really is a place for those of you who appreciate and buy My content the most. It will be OUR place.

I also want to remind you that I get a HIGHER commission on Loyalfans and appreciate it if you buy My videos on there instead, if possible. I know, as of this post, I only have a small percentage of My entire catalog of videos on there. But I am working to add as much of My older content (2013-2022) on there as possible.

That’s it. And, of course, Happy 2023! 😁