you know what I’d love to do…..

……sit down and play every single Legend of Zelda game!! 😀

I think I stopped with Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask….can’t remember, it’s been years. I freakin’ LOVED those games. But playing video games is such a total time suck….

And the fairy fountain!!  Ahhhhh…..memories…. 😍

(Totally random, I know……🙄)


Just noticed that My bi-monthly Amazon tribute didn’t show up today from a certain Canadian. And he was doing rather good too for a little while there. Oh well, MY loyal slaves are always tributing and spoiling Me, so no worries. 🙂

(Everything is mentioned in the private area, I stopped posting tributes, gifts, and giftcards publicly months ago.)

Seriously Target??

Was flipping through a Target catalog I got in the mail and THIS caught My eye:

Really?  I had to check My calendar to make sure it indeed said 2017. Are we still perpetuating the idea that cleaning is “Women’s Work”??? 🙄