Now that I’ve had My lower braces on for a few weeks…

…..a problem I’ve noticed is pronouncing My S’s! Not that I have a problem per-say but they sometimes sound lisp-y. 🙄 When I just had the upper ones for a few months, this wasn’t a problem really. But now….I’m so aware of it when I’m shooting clips and have to stop the video if I feel a lisp coming on. Because I want to sound like THIS and not THITH! I just mention this because I was just looking at one of the clips I shot today and in one part of it My s’s sounded a little lisp-y. Oh well. This is the extent of My problems. So yeah, My life is pretty good! 😁


Have you been following this story? About the 13 siblings held captive by their parents.

How can……. by their own parents….. over years…. and I should be desensitized by this by now, considering awful news stories come out daily. But there is just something about this that’s next level fucked up.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap My head around how someone could hurt a child, much less their OWN.

I hope that all of the children are somehow able to move forward and find happiness, joy and people who LOVE them. But they have a long hard road ahead of them.

What the fuck is WRONG with some people?!