For those of you who…

….tried to make sure to use My code when you bought My clips …..GOOD JOB!! 😊  It was just a small thing you could do to please Me and believe Me, every time I saw a clip order come through with the higher commission, it put a smile on My face. EVERY time!

The contest ended January 15th so you no longer need to use the code to purchase My clips. But if Clips4Sale runs another contest in 2019, I will make sure to mention it here on My blog with the link.


I’m obsessed with the game Stardew Valley (mobile version). And I was down in the mines and some of the music, THIS track:

was playing and it TOTALLY reminds Me of something by Nine Inch Nails but I can’t put My finger on it…..! 🤔  Not the whole thing, but the piano part in the beginning.

Hmmm….The Frail?

I don’t know if that’s the one I’m thinking of though….

Okay, so who wants to tell Me what’s wrong with this email?

It’s so…weird….for ME to get emails like this. I mean, I know these kind of types of guys exist, but I don’t have interactions with them.  EWWW!  False male entitlement to the FEMALE body, but wow.

How very……sad.  🙄

PS—This guy *rarely* bought My clips from C4S. (And won’t be anymore as I had him BLOCKED from buying MY clips for a recent refund he did). It’s funny that My MOST loyal customers are the quietest and most respectful. It’s always been the CHEAP guys who pipe up.

PPS–About 98% of My Clips4Sale clips are NON-NUDE. I don’t have to remove a stitch of clothing and My clips STILL sell! 😜

My favorite night of the entire year!

It’s always New Years Eve! ⭐

Similar to birthdays in a way that it’s a time for reflection. Looking back and ahead. Setting goals and getting excited about what a new year may hold.

2018 was a good year for Me! I’m very happy and content right now. 😊

My motto is…. Life is what you MAKE it.

However… doesn’t always workout that way….. 🙄   Sometimes “things” happen that get in the way of your plans. you know what I’m talking about…illness, death, financial problems, relationship problems (family, friends, partners, etc), loss of job, etc, etc, ETC.

BUT…….that’s when you find out what you’re made of. Will things break you down or make you STRONGER?

It’s not always easy, but life can be AMAZING!! 🤩

And life is precious.  So ENJOY it and make the most of it! Because unless you believe in reincarnation, this is a one shot deal!  😜

The Closing of the Year by Wendy and Lisa 😍  (and Seal!)

PS–Yeah and I kinda loved the movie Toys.

PPS—perhaps an excessive amount of Emojis in this post….. 🤔 🤣