There was a time….dark and divine….

There was a time, dark and divine
Exciting and new, shameful and true
Free to explore we had it all
Towering trust, insatiable lust

Clouding the truth, both of us knew
This sordid affair, is ending in tears
Yes we would go on, knowing the wrong
Until the day, it was taken away

Oh, all our love, fell down to Earth.
Here, broken and cold, with great remorse

But for a while it all made sense
It might have been just a dark pretense
But you had me
And I loved it

To be with you, to be the one
To live a lie
It really got me all excited
I felt wanted

Then in the night, the sorrow inside
Was taken away. Deliverance came
Fell from the sky. Heaven replied
Salvation in streams, silent and clean.

All that we were, all that we knew
Faded away with tears in the rain.
Yes all that we were, all that we knew
Is fading away like tears in the rain.

All that we were, all that we knew
Fading away
All that we were, all that we knew
Fading away
All that we were, all that we knew
Fading away
All that we were, all that we knew
Fading away

Snow? SNOW??!!!!!


10:10 am October 14th, 2018 in the Twin Cities and we have SNOW!!!

Mother Nature, are you fucking kidding Me? We’ve already had a humid Summer, Gloomy Autumn and now this?! I can take solace in the fact that it’s a light snow and despite the fact that it’s accumulating on My lawn, I know it won’t last. (It better not last!)

Designing Women…

… (yeah, the TV show from the 1980’s)…..My new obsession! Currently watching season 1. Ooooo, the 80’s fashions! I am feeling totally inspired!

A recent news story got Me thinking about the series again and so I ordered Season 1 from Amazon. I love, love LOVE Julia Sugarbaker! 😍

(And props to Linda Bloodworth-Thomason for calling out shitty male behavior.  👍)

hahahahaha! ME TOO!!

Well, it wasn’t bible study, it was Sunday School and I know I pissed off a few of My teachers for the very same reason. At the time I didn’t really understand the (negative) reaction I was getting for asking questions about the bible stories fairy tales they were trying to feed us. I remember one of them was about ‘turning the other cheek’ and I wanted to know WHY you would do that when someone has hurt you, why would you submissively allow them to hurt you more?? Why would you “give them the other cheek”? I wasn’t given an explanation and My Sunday school teacher wasn’t welcoming to any discussion about it. Why?? (Oh I know why……..) And when I tried to press on about it, she told Me if I kept asking that she would get My father. (Nice…..) I thought My dad would have been pissed at the time (he probably would have), so I dropped it.

BUT…..from that day forward I was done with religion. I’m just supposed to drink the kool-aid and not question anything?  Nah, I’m good!  lol

I’m astounded that there are people on this beautiful blue/green planet of ours that really think you must believe in some ‘guy in the sky’ in order to be a decent human being. Otherwise, you know, you need people pounding on your door with their little pamphlets, telling you that you need to be saved.

And as for the other cheek thing, I’ve never believed in putting energy into something as negative as revenge. One of My FAVORITE quotes ever is:

“The best revenge is a life well lived”.

And karma….. 😈   HAHAHAHAHA  😜

LOVE this show…..


I think I found out about this show from Dlisted and that they are going to do a season Two . So I started (and finished) watching Season One online and OMFG…’s so good! I don’t normally watch TV, as most of it’s crap and I don’t have the patience to sit through commercials (and I’d honestly rather read a book).  But this looked interesting.

My favorite character is Blanca because of her heart and her strength. And her eyes too. Angel is gorgeous. And Elektra Abundance (that name! 😍) grew on Me later in the season. Pray Tell is awesome and the episode where his boyfriend died (of AIDS….this series is set in the 1980’s in New York) had Me bawling. The whole cast is great and I can’t wait to see where they go with it in Season Two.

Another scene:

If you’re interested (and have cable):

Vintage Stockings, slip and high heels

(Although the heels aren’t all that vintage!)

I’ve been meaning to post these stocking pictures awhile ago, but since it’s to the public side of My blog, it’s pretty low priority.

This is the vintage box that the stockings came in. Not sure if it’s the correct one for the stockings as I bought them off of ebay years ago and that’s what they came in. Never heard of Gus Mayer before but I assumed it was a department store.

I wore these stockings in My Glamour Calves video:

This insert (below) went with a pair of ivory seamless vintage stockings that I was going to wear for another clip but when I put them on, they ran so easily, so they just got thrown away.

“This new ‘live’ nylon stretches to mould itself to every subtle curve”.


“Exquisitely soft in their enchanting, mist-powered glow…”

I love the verbiage used in describing vintage lingerie and stockings. 😊

you mean they will somehow magically be longer if I just slip the stocking down and start again?! 😳 🤣  (Vintage nylons always are too short in the length for My legs, which is why I usually only wear them with long leg or open bottom panty girdles).

Details of the beautiful vintage slip I wore in My 2 Day Stroking Instructions clip.

And some old heels that I just *had* to have years and years ago:

I loved the metal heel and the fact that they were PURPLE (which back then was a hard to find color in high heels). They were from HayWay shoes in the UK, which I believe is no longer in business. Anyway I got them out recently to wear in My Satin Panty Ass clip and after I was done shooting, I noticed this!!!!

It’s like the material had disintegrated on the toes. 😞 Oh well, I put them in the bag of stuff for the Goodwill. As I’ve said before, they get some of the BEST stuff from Me!  lol

(They also got a hot pink feather boa, the sheer pink bed jacket from Panty Stroker, the yellow satin costume I wore in Servitude #85, and many other items I just no longer want).

A few other places/companies that are no more……Magnolia Hosiery. I used to buy ALL of My FF stockings from them and at incredible prices of $12.95 or $16.95 a pair. The Little Shoe Box in the UK, from which I got My fantastic custom made 6 inch heeled thigh boots from (and seen in My Leather Mistress and Leather and Satin clips).  And Jante, which was a company that made stripper shoes and other high heels. Many of My closed toe pumps were from Jante, years ago. (And then Ellie Shoes, The Highest Heel and others. *Were*. 😉)