Sissy Training 5

New:   Sissy Training 5

We need to do something about that figure of yours. Unlike US divine females, you were not born with a soft, fleshy and curvy body. No, you have a wide (male) waist and slim hips, which is not at all feminine.  Luckily I know of something that can help….corsets! (And a few other items). The corset was created to exaggerate the female curves into an enviable hourglass shape. But it can definitely help you to attain a more desirable figure. (Towards the end, I fill your head with a fantasy of a strict corset training program.)

Sissy Training 4

New:  Sissy Training 4

Aren’t you jealous of all of the wonderful clothing options that Women have? Like dresses for example. There are so many different styles and nothing says feminine like a dress, right? Well there is something you need that is more important than a dress. It’s something that will get you in the perfect head space and is essential in your transformation from male to sissy!