Porn vs Tease

Ever since I started my site, back in March 2003, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to (and didn’t want to) project in my photos and videos on my site. I wanted to remind men that women are soft, feminine, romantic and I used lingerie, stockings, poses and props to convey that (and still do). I wanted to play to your imagination and not go for the in-your-face approach.

In my members area (<—CLOSED) there is nudity, but that’s not the ‘goal’ of my photos and videos. My focus is very heavily on all the wonderful types of clothing and lingerie I wear, as opposed to getting it off as fast as I can. But being an exhibitionist, it does turn me on to show a little bit of skin once in a while. And sometimes I wonder if this blurs the line of what is considered ‘porn’ and ‘tease’.

Personally, I think of porn as sexual acts and explicit (meaning open leg) nudity. I don’t think of topless or even full nudity as ‘porn’, but someone else may. I think nudity CAN be considered tease but it depends on how it’s done.

Is there a clear definition between the two, or is it up to the individual? For example, someone who is into hardcore porn sites would probably consider my site very tame. However, a very conservative person might consider my site ‘porn’.

What do you consider the difference between porn and tease?

January 12th, 2017 update: I crossed off that last question because I am not looking for input or opinions. That was written 4 years ago. MY opinion about what I do/show with MY body is the only opinion that matters. Since I’ve been shooting clips exclusively for My Clips4Sale store (over 500+ as I write this now), they are 99% non-nude because I feel nudity is unnecessary. On rare occasion, when I do show little erotic glimpses, I price those clips MUCH higher.