Glamour Calves

New:  Glamour Calves

Sure I could show off My calves with bare legs, flip flops (yuk!!) and casual clothing, but why? you see that everywhere, every day. I much rather adorn My legs with fancy vintage stockings and gold, jeweled high heels while wearing satin lingerie and gloves and glittering jewelry. Plus I like the combination of strong, shapely legs and feminine attire and you just like to stare…..  😉

My Nylon slaves

New:   My Nylon slaves

Being a Mistress who enjoys wearing fine nylon hosiery, it only makes sense that I have nylon slaves to keep My collection replenished. One of My slaves has the task of buying Me stockings and the other pantyhose. And as you can probably tell from the preview image, I am wearing a pair of pantyhose underneath My black full fashioned stockings. In addition to My nylon slaves, I also talk about everything I’m wearing and My favorite way to wear pantyhose.


New clip:   Always

478-AlwaysNot sometimes, not most of the time, not once in a while…ALWAYS. I always get what I want and I always get what I want from YOU. you can’t say no to Me. you wouldn’t even dream of it. Because……. click, buy, watch and listen and I will tell you exactly why.

The gorgeous new royal blue fox fur is a gift from the professor.


New clip posted today:   Indulge

256-IndulgeI see you. I see all the boys who buy My clips and your name has been popping up a lot when it comes to My financial domination videos. you didn’t think you were safe, did you? Did you think you could just buy My clips, jerk off, get your fix and I’d never know? But I do know and I smile every time I see your name pop up once again. I think it’s time for you to take the next step….. give in, let go, and INDULGE.

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