Take Two

Another lingerie clip….. Take Two

418-Take-TwoThis clip was shot sometime in 2013 and was for My old lingerie paysite. Except for My lace garter belt, everything else I’m wearing is sheer. Sheer robe, My slip is pretty transparent, sheer bra, sheer panties and sheer full-fashioned stockings. Through out the video I remove everything I just mentioned until I end up in the buff, holding up My slip against My body for a bit of modesty. (Side note: It’s amazing to see how much BETTER My videos have gotten in the span of 3 short years!)

(This is Bonus Video #109.)

This clip has made it up to #4 in the Lingerie category, which isn’t bad for a $74.99 clip!


Silken Sultress

New lingerie clip posted:   Silken Sultress

385-Silken-SultressI adore vintage lingerie and this robe and nightgown set is just so incredibly SILKY. I wear it with Full fashioned stockings, glittering high heels, shiny panties and a lace garter belt. In My usual sultry and sensual style, I show off everything I’m wearing and leave you longing for more…..

Less than 12 hours from posting this and it’s #1 in the Lingerie category:

Silken-Sultress-no1(Mistress in her Boudoir, Lured in by Lingerie and Sheer Pink Lacy Bra are also Mine.)

Mistress in her Boudoir

Tantalizing new lingerie clip posted:   Mistress in her Boudoir

298-Mistress-in-her-BoudoirOooooo, I love this clip and the ultra feminine lingerie I’m wearing. This is one of My classic lingerie clips. I’m wearing a white ruffled corset with pink satin bows. Underneath I have on a pink 6 strap garter belt and darling sheer white panties. My shapely legs are adorned with a pair of white Fully Fashioned stockings with PINK contrasting seams (I’m oh so matchy-matchy) and on My feet, 5 inch high heeled pink pumps. The icing on the cake is the pink sheer marabou trimmed robe I’m wearing over it all. Cleavage, legs, sexy panty ass, garters, panty peeks, sheer lingerie, stocking removal, see through lingerie, heel dangle, FF nylons, choker, glamour and one seductive Mistress!  😉

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UPDATE: Made it to number ONE in the Lingerie category…..naturally.


Behind Closed Doors

Lingerie clip posted today:   Behind Closed Doors

294-Behind-Closed-DoorsThis clip is priced higher because in it, you get to see a little more of MY beautiful body than your eyes are worthy of seeing. So of course you are going to have to PAY for that honor.  If you love sheer lingerie, garters and stockings, satin gloves and classy topless tease, you are going to LOVE this clip! It’s actually from 2012, shot in High Def and was for My (soon to be closed) lingerie paysite. But it’s such a sexy clip that it needed to be included in My clips store. I start off wearing nude lace top stockings, a white lace 10 garter strap garter belt, white high heels, a see through bra and a very skimpy lace teddy….if it can even be called that??!  I walk into My closet and put on a sheer white robe over My lingerie and then walk towards the camera for some up close views of My robe, bra, garter belt and some AMAZING back views of My sexy round ass! There are some full views of Me in the robe and then I remove it and slip on a pair of white long satin gloves. After giving a little leg show, I walk towards the camera, slide My bra straps down My shoulders and remove My bra. I kind of dance around a little and then I start unhooking My garters from My stocking tops. Off comes the garter belt, then gloves and finally the teddy. The animated preview image doesn’t show you much of this clip because you will have to BUY it to see more.

This is Bonus Video #91.

UPDATE: As of May 17th, this clip is #2 in the Lingerie category (My Mistress in her Boudoir is #1). $54.99 for 9 minutes of ME and you boys buy it right up!