Silky Vanity Fair Panties

New:   Silky Vanity Fair Panties

I know those of you who like granny panties will enjoy this clip. I will say that these Vanity Fair panties do feel very nice and silky, even though I hate the full coverage. But I give Myself a panty wedgie, thus improving them measurably. Panties, garters, heels, stockings, lingerie, chiffon, nylon, lace and of course ME. What’s not to enjoy?!  😉

Panty Modeling

It’s been forever since I did a panty clip, so here you go:   Panty Modeling

Hey pantyboy, I’ve got some news that is going to thrill you. I was going through My panty drawers and getting rid of some panties and guess who’s getting them? you! But there’s a catch, there always is. Something you’ll have to do when you receive them. Before I ship them off to you, I am going to model each pair one last time–all 6 of them. I really can not stand these frilly panties, they are not MY style. But these ruffled and bowed panties are perfect for a little panty wearing bitch like yourself. you are going to be SO excited when these arrive. Knowing that each and every pair has been on MY body, rubbing up against My pussy and ass. Now, as far as what you have to do……

Pussy Scented Panties

New panty clip:    Pussy Scented Panties

336-Pussy-Scented-Panties Another video about your favorite thing-PANTIES and what you like to do with them. yeah pervs, I know you have a thing for sniffing worn, dirty, soiled panties. And I love teasing you with MY panties and My panty covered pussy that you can NEVER have. The closest you could ever come to it is owning a pair of My panties. Seeing the little damp patch on My crotch gets you so hard. you watch Me as I’m rubbing My pantied cover pussy to soak them with My juices. Will you even make it to the end of this clip before exploding? One of My hottest panty clips to date! More of My panty fetish videos HERE.

Less than 24 hours and it’s already #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Panty Perversions

NEW clip:  Panty Perversions

319-Panty-PerversionsI know ALL about you and your dirty little fetish for panties. you love panties and I love making you PAY to listen to Me talk about panties, watch Me wearing panties and humiliating you about your filthy little secret. Oh I know all about you pantyboy! Buying women’s dirty panties or stealing them out of clothing hampers. Smelling them, wearing them, jerking off into them. I tease and taunt you with My pretty lace front panties. I even put on a few half slips and stand right over you, waving something you will NEVER have, right in your FACE!

I was asked a moronic question recently about which of My panty videos are ‘the best’. THEY ALL ARE! Everything I create is pure *magic*. Fall under My spell today….

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UPDATE:  #1 in the Panty Fetish category


Panty Fixation

NEW clip today: Panty Fixation

229-Panty-FixationWhat is it about panties that just drives some men wild? Getting a little peek, a glimpse of something you shouldn’t be looking at. Something as harmless as lifting up My slip and flaunting My panty ass gets you so hard. Of course I use your weakness against by showing off My panties from different angles. The lengths that you have gone to to look up a woman’s dress or skirt, just to get a thrilling look at a panty-clad pussy. you love panties….seeing them, touching them, wearing them, but most of all, jerking off into them. Yeah, I know all about your little panty perversions…

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category: