Nylon Legs and High Heels

In My clips store….. Nylon Legs and High Heels

11-Nylon-Legs-and-High-HeelsI do love My stockings and in this video I’m wearing a pair of vintage RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings with peep-toe high heeled pumps. I have My heels practically in your face and then decide to remove them to reveal My nylon soles. I let you look at My heels up close and you can even seen My pretty polished toe nails through the nylon material. I slip one of My feet out of My high heel and then slide it back in, pumping My heel in and out of My shoe a few times. Towards the end of the video, I strip off My stockings, revealing my barefeet and legs.

Lingerie Temptation

Feed your addiction…… Lingerie Temptation

101-Lingerie-TemptationI know you can’t resist Me in all of My various types of lingerie, stockings and high heels. So DON’T. Instead, buy this clip and indulge yourself. Devious metal heeled high heels, wicked black dotted stockings, sinfully sexy satin bustier and gloves, and a sweet little pink garter belt and pretty black lace panties. Feet, heels, stockings, legs, cleavage, full breasts and a seductive smile will lure you in! (Oops!! I almost forgot about the sheer black & white vintage half slip I’m wearing as well!)

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Glamour Mistress in Black Lingerie and Stockings

you know it. you’ve tried to search elsewhere, but you always come back to Me. Why? Because you have never been able to find such a perfect embodiment of all things feminine and glamourous. And you crave that. It turns you to putty, I know that. My videos are addictive because of the graceful way I move, the looks I give you that make you melt, and My amazing collection of lingerie, stockings, heels and glamourous outfits. Try as you might, but you’ll never get away….

152-Glamour-PersonifiedLook at the haughty way I look down My nose at you. I am so out of your league, and yet you can’t get Me out of your head. It’s as if you’re under My spell.

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Stockings, Girdle and Heels

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164-Stockings-Girdle-HeelsIs there anything sexier than stockings and garters? (Worn with high heels of course!). Nylon hosiery that goes from the tips of My toes, all the way to the tops of My hose–in this case, My thighs. I’m wearing a rare vintage pair in this video clip that are seamless and have a design up the side of each leg. Holding up My stockings are 6 metal garter clasps that are attached to My open bottom girdle.

And you’ll never get away….

Trapped in my glamourous web. Go on, TRY. Maybe you even have. But you always come back. Because, you know (and of course I know) that I have what you need. What you crave. I don’t do it for you. Don’t be silly. you know what I think of you. I do it for ME. Always ME ME ME. But do I enjoy the effect it has on you? Of course I do. I like to make weak men, even weaker. you see Me, you WANT Me, you desire me. But you will never, EVER have Me. Ever. Still, I feed your addiction. I tease, taunt and torment you. Knowing exactly what it does to you. Good thing your frustration doesn’t kill, or I’d be deadly……



Full Slip Fantasy

In C4S My store…Full Slip Fantasy
Another Slip clip to add to your collection! This time I’m wearing a beige vintage full slip from Vassarette with full fashioned (seamed) stockings, sexy panties and a lace garter belt. I know how addicted you are to seeing Me in slips. It’s such a feminine item and you have such a weakness for them. Come, indulge your fetish. Let Me show you how sexy slips are!

Fantasy to Reality

In My clips store:   Fantasy to Reality

I talk to you in my soft, seductive voice while making eye contact and slowly stroking My stocking legs. I know you’ve been buying up all of My financial domination clips and jerking off to the idea. And yet you still haven’t taken that first step. What are you afraid of? How much it will turn you on? Getting addicted to that feeling? It’s time you take that first step. Tribute, and make yourself known to Me. It’s time for you to start down that path of making this fantasy a reality. It’s time for you to start serving ME.
132-Fantasy-to-RealityThis clip made it to #1 in the Financial Domination category:

Blackmailed by My Legs

In My clip store:   Blackmailed by My Legs

108-Blackmailed-by-My-LegsI do enjoy exploiting weak men and their fetishes and one of My co-workers has a thing for My legs. Once I discovered this, it was fun to tease him, while pretending not to notice his attention. But I soon realized how I could set him up and use his little leg fetish to My advantage. Now I’ve got him wrapped around My little finger…….. IN THIS CLIP: Full Fashioned stockings–LEGS–Tight pencil skirt–crossed legs–shoe dangle-blackmail-satin blouse.