The plan is….

…to post a bunch of My old trample clips over the weekend. I don’t know how many I’ll get done over Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon, but the goal is 8. So if you are seeing a lot of that type of content in My store, that’s why. It’s been on My to do list to repost all of My old (trample) content from My previous clips store and then I’ll be done with it. I won’t get it all done, but most of it.

Beer Cap Trample 2

In My clips store…..  Beer Cap Trample 2

56-Beer-Cap-Trample-2From 2006, the sequel to Beer Cap Trample, only this time with the beer caps attached to the bottom of My heels. Oh the damage I did with them! The first 50 seconds or so I am sitting cross-legged in a chair, in My seamed stockings and skirt, and I talk about what is going to happen next, while showing you the bottom of My heels with the caps attached. The rest of the video I am trampling My victim (haha) with the heels.

Face Jumping

In My clips store…. Face Jumping

154-Face-JumpingOne of my older trample clips from 2005. For the first 30 seconds of the clip I do a couple of throat stands. Then I JUMP onto trampleguy’s FACE. I STAND on his face, barefoot, for a few seconds before I jump off and on his face a few times. I let him lick and suck My toes for a few seconds before pushing his face to the side with My foot. Next I jump into the side of his face and use My toes to play with his face. There are a few more face jumps and a little bit more toe licking. The last 45 seconds of this clip has a bit of cock and ball crushing with high heels. Nothing too extreme though, you’ll have to buy My other clips for that.

MY kinks and Financial Domination

The top ones would be FemDom, Financial Domination, goddess worship, humiliation, foot fetish, clothing fetishes (stockings/pantyhose/vintage lingerie) and various others.

Sissy slut training is always fun but WHY do sissies tend to be so fucking NEEDY??!

I’ve always loved tease & denial and CBT is fun too. There are MANY new areas that I will be exploring thru my video clips and eventually through online training (email/yahoo chat/webcam).

Trampling, ballbusting, face slapping and face spitting are things I may get back into eventually. But it would only be for shooting clips for my Clips4Sale store. And it’s NOT something I’m looking to getting back into at the moment. When the time comes, believe Me, I will mention it here and start looking for a local subbie to shoot with.

Although I’m into Financial Domination, I do not have this idea that I just kick back and money will roll in. I NEVER had that idea about this fetish. Financial Domination is a complex and it’s something that will take time to get into.

It’s interesting to see the anger this fetish can bring out in some individuals that have absolutely no interest in it. If it’s not your thing, why bother reading about it and letting it upset you? Just move along.

This blog is for you to get to know Me better. My thoughts, My interests and My philosophies. If you are a submissive male seeking out a Dominant Female to serve, you are going to want to educate yourself as much as possible about her Me. Reading My blog is a good start!