Serving Mistress Jessica

Wish to serve? Show Me with your actions.

Start here:  Servitude #1

And just continue buying My Servitude clips.

When you are ready to introduce yourself, send a tribute and a polite and respectful email.

I will expect you to purchase all of My servitude clips and continue to do so with each new one I make.

Financial adoration and cock control are mandatory from any one who wishes to serve Me. you will find more information about both of those topics throughout My Servitude series.

I suggest you buy and watch My How far will you go? – Part 11 for important information regarding tributes, especially your very first tribute to Me.

Want to know more? That is what My Servitude clips are all about. Educating you in serving ME, what I expect from you, tasks, opportunities, challenges, goals, worship and getting to know Me better.

your new life awaits you…..slave.