Serving Mistress Jessica

Servitude. Serving Me.

you will start by buying ALL of My Servitude clips and continue to do so as I post new clips in that series.

Those clips are your education on serving Me and it’s also your first task. It shows Me your willingness to obey.

you will take the time to read through this blog and get to know Me before contacting Me.

Servitude is not role play for Me. Those who are lazy, unwilling, or just looking for some jerk-off fantasy need to go elsewhere.

After you have completed those tasks, the next step is sending your first tribute. And I suggest you buy and watch My How far will you go? – Part 11 for important information regarding tributes.

Once your first tribute has been sent, you are then allowed to contact Me. (Emails sent without tribute are ignored/deleted.)

Financial Adoration and Cock Control will be apart of your servitude.

I expect and accept nothing less, than a humble and respectful attitude from you in any and all communication with Me.

Big clip orders always make Me smile but that is not financial servitude.

Servitude is something that naturally unfolds or it doesn’t.

you show Me your sincerity in your ACTIONS first. Then, there is communication. I can usually tell right away if you are of the right mindset to be serving Me or not. Most do not make it past the first few emails. Why? Well for various reasons. They don’t want to answer simple questions, their attitude is wrong, they want to set the conditions of their servitude, they obviously didn’t bother to read My blog or get to know ME and many other reasons.

I need absolutely nothing from you. This is something I enjoy and not even money can make Me want to deal with someone if they don’t get it.

Servitude is an ongoing thing.

It’s not about promises or words. It’s about you showing Me, repeatedly, that you do truly want to please Me, obey Me, Adore Me and SERVE Me.

Of course you can send random tributes or giftcards to show appreciation of Me, I just don’t consider that servitude.

Serving ME can be an incredible experience.

I am selective and I am demanding. But those who do serve Me already also know that I can be quite generous. I take pleasure in getting to know those who serve Me. Getting in their heads, leading them, pushing them and weaving My magic. And all of that only happens if servitude is consistent.

Remember, you only get ONE chance to make a first impression. Use it well.