10 Garter Straps

New:  10 Garter Straps

10 garter straps is a bit excessive when it comes to regular wear, but all those straps do look quite sexy. My 10 white garter straps hold up My lilac Full fashioned stockings. Leather high heels, tiny lavender panties, a satin bustier, long satin gloves and glittering jewels complete My glamourous outfit. A very sensual stocking and garter clip….not to mention many views of My beautiful backside! 😉


A page from an old Boy Scout manual that I found online:

If you purchased My your masturbation habit clip, you’ll know where I’m coming from with this.

“There are boys who do not let nature have it’s own way with them but cause emissions themselves”

Um yeah, like the GROWN ‘boys’ who buy My clips! 😂 😉

“This may do no physical harm, but cause them to worry.”  😆   (boys, were you ‘worried’ when you first started stroking?)

Because if you were….

“Any real boy (oh goodness, the “real” stuff again) knows that anything that causes him to worry should be avoided or overcome.”

Hmm…..so forget about dating then!   Because if a little masturbation worries you, Women will do you in!  😜

Satin Orgasm

New:    Satin Orgasm

Dressed in a beautiful baby blue satin slinky nightgown and matching robe, this clip is all about sensual satin stroking. I encourage you throughout the video, showing off My satin clad body, talking to you about your desire for this slick, shiny material. But I want you to last the entire video until the very end. Then you can finally have that satin orgasm…….

“Get a REAL job”

Let Me get this out of the way first….


Okay, that’s done. So where is this coming from? Well I’ve read it a few times recently  in comment sections on various sites when the topic/article was about someone who didn’t have a traditional 9-5 job. I’ve even heard it Myself before, years ago, when I had My lingerie paysite. (By an angry male, no surprise.)

I always have to laugh because I think “If this isn’t a *real job*, could you pretty please tell the IRS that so they can give Me back thousands of dollars that I’ve paid in taxes over the years?” Thanks. 😘

Define “real job”?   One where you have to get up early in the morning, drive to a office somewhere, probably in rush hour traffic, work a set amount of hours every day, answer to a boss (who may or may not have no fucking clue about the work you do, therefore is pretty fucking useless as a boss….lol), have to ask to time off (and it might not always be granted) and a whole slew of other things.

I know a lot of people who have “real jobs” and are fucking miserable. And I’m willing to bet the people who leave the “get a real job” comments fall into that category. It’s almost like saying “I’m miserable and you should be too damn it! How DARE you do something you enjoy and get paid for it.”

Why must ‘working’ be equated with misery? And why, if someone chooses to do something outside of the norm are some people bothered by that? We spend a good deal of our lives working, wouldn’t it be great if it was doing something you truly enjoyed? It’s almost as if these people think it’s ‘cheating’ in some way.

I’ve been there. Years and years ago before I became self-employed, I did the 9-5 job thing and was miserable for various reasons (office politics bullshit). But I didn’t hate on people who were self-employed, I wanted to become one Myself. I’ve always been a driven person and I live to make things happen. I could bitch and whine and be miserable or….I could take a risk and try and that’s what I did.

I have to tell you, one of the things that changed My life the MOST was becoming self-employed. I very much so appreciate My life and the opportunities I’ve had and created. But I also feel like life is too short and too precious to waste it being unhappy. Sometimes I feel like some people act like they are powerless to change their life for the better and nothing could be further from the truth. It all starts in your head and what you tell yourself….

your masturbation habit

New:   your masturbation habit

Today I’m going to interrogate you on your masturbation habit because I want to know everything about it. you know that cock control training is a big part of your servitude and so I have a whole slew of questions for you to answer. These are some of the things that I discuss with those seriously wishing to serve Me. I tried to put together a pretty comprehensive list and you may be surprised or aroused by some of the things I ask. How honest are you willing to be about your masturbation habit? Not only with Me, but yourself……

Couch panini!!

–the sheet mask!  hahahaha

–couch panini  😂

–“tired from my nap”  (been there….lol)

–“no bra…..ever”  🤣  (Wait….”ever”?  Nope.)

–“My fitbit says I’m dead”  😆

–“because I can’t just put my naked butt on the couch”

+ Kate Mckinnon  😍

Albert’s Novelty Jewels Vintage Stockings

Another vintage stockings post, as I’ve been meaning to post these pics for awhile now.

I’m not sure if the stockings were in the correct box as there is no mention of the style “Novelty Jewels” on the outside.

Style:  Enchanted   Color: French Nude   (Stocking) Size:  9.5

Jewels I found on My carpet the day after….

I’d say these were from the 1950’s, maybe 1960’s. I wore them in My “Jeweled Calves” video:

I actually don’t buy vintage stockings anymore, I’m just going through My collection and wearing the ones I have. I’ve said this in My clips before, but I find that vintage stockings tend to be too short in the length for My tastes, which is why I always wear them with long leg panty girdles. However, I do like the FIT of vintage stockings as they fit tighter to the leg (read: no stretch) than modern made FF stockings.