Hosiery Layering

New:   Hosiery Layering

Pantyhose or stockings? Why not both? Worn at the same time. Not convinced? Just watch this video and I know I will change your mind. My sheer lavender panties are covered with a pair of nude Aristoc pantyhose. Lilac Full Fashioned stockings, a sheer white garter belt and heels are worn over the pantyhose. So many erotic up close views of My beautiful hosiery will have your mind blown before the end of the clip. And something else as well……   😉

No Nut November

Just found out about this….  30 days with no PMO (I’m guessing Porn, Masturbation and Orgasms).  My November 2017 Masturbation Schedule is a cake walk in comparison! 😂

I’m strangely intrigued by stuff like this because I wonder how much of a guys life is consumed by PMO or even just thoughts of it, that he feels he needs to go to such extremes.

Although, forcing a slave to go without cumming for long periods is something I greatly enjoy!

Everything in moderation….  (And Mistress does the moderating! 😉 )

Seriously Target??

Was flipping through a Target catalog I got in the mail and THIS caught My eye:

Really?  I had to check My calendar to make sure it indeed said 2017. Are we still perpetuating the idea that cleaning is “Women’s Work”??? 🙄