Valentine’s Day 2019

Some of you sent Me Amazon giftcards and tributes today and you have made Me a very happy Mistress! Well done boys! 😊

PS–I haven’t claimed them yet, but I wanted to do a quick post to let you know they were received….satinmikey, the professor, richard, thomas and one other.

Addicted to My Femininity

New:  Addicted to My Femininity

My creamy smooth skin, soft voice, graceful movements, curled hair, penetrating blue eyes, shapely body, long red nails and My beautiful lingerie and high heels. I have My own unique sensual aesthetic that you became addicted to a long time ago. My femininity, MY style, ME. It’s what you’ll never find a replacement for and what you can never get enough of…..

February 2019 Masturbation Schedule….

….there isn’t one! 😳

I was thinking about what to do and I came up with 4 different ideas, but didn’t feel like doing any this month.  However, I do have some cock control plans for this month that will be included in one of My clips. In fact, I’ve even been thinking about doing things differently with the schedule.

I think the theme for 2019 is going to be CHANGE and switching things up! 😜