An overdue update…

Well, I’m rather pleased with Myself. I figured out how to embed self-hosted videos into My blog posts *and* I believe these will play on iPhones and other mobile devices. (Update: tested it on My iPhone 5s and it plays perfectly!)

A snippet from My Lingerie Mistress video:

In other news….My dirtylittlepervert has been doing a good job of keeping ME happy! He got Me the beautiful blue fainting couch I wanted, off of My Amazon wishlist, for My birthday. I’ll be shooting a video on it soon in a pink lace girdle, that he also got Me. In addition to the couch and a $150 Sephora giftcard, he also sent Me $100 Amazon giftcard that I woke up to the morning of My birthday. Which was Feb 24th and why this post is overdue! ML, who claims he’s My ‘satin slave’, yet has not purchased Me any SATIN clothing items that *I* want….bought Me a couple of cd’s off of My Amazon wishlist for My birthday as well. He also bought Me a satin nightie off of My wishlist but since I have NOT received it….it doesn’t count.

I have My dirtylittleperv on a strict masturbation schedule and I have had him locked up in chastity off and on. Like a lot of you, he’s a chronic masturbator that NEEDS control in his life!

In addition to the above mentioned items, he has also paid for My hair appt, My tanning sessions and lotion and purchased a few small gifts off of My wishlist and will soon be paying for My ticket to Vegas!

I decided to take a little break in March, just because I can!  :-)  Both Jan and Feb were stellar sales months and I’m very pleased how 2015 is going so far. New clips are coming in April!

The last day to join My lingerie paysite is May 31st, 2015. I will be cancelling all remaining rebilling members on May 30th or 31st. The members area will remain up until June 30th or July 1st. I gotta say……I am *so* looking forward to it. Just ready to completely focus on My blog and My Clips4Sale store.

Stockings Talk

Posted to My clips store today:   Stockings Talk

284-Stockings-TalkFrom the archives, this clip was shot back in 2005! The year I first started shooting videos for My lingerie members site (which will be closing in June 2015). I had a request (way back then) to hear Me talk about stockings…what I like about them, My favorite styles, colors, when I started wearing them and stuff like that. In the clip I’m wearing white dotted RHT stockings, garter belt, panties, heels and vintage lingerie. The video is 640×480, standard definition.

Captivating in Classic Lingerie

Add this to your collection:   Captivating in Classic Lingerie

283-Captivating-in-Classic-LingerieIt’s no secret that I adore vintage lingerie. It’s very feminine and they just don’t make lingerie like they use to. It’s gotten skimpier over the years, less left to the imagination. I love silky and slinky nylon nightgowns and robes and who doesn’t love classic lingerie like garter belts and seamed stockings??!  In My usual sensual style, I showcase all of the delicious things I’m wearing and you are captivated as usual….  Check out My other LINGERIE clips here:

By the way….this is My 283rd video for My clips store!! About 90-95% of them are exclusive to My Clips4Sales store and have never been posted in My members area or elsewhere. And guess what? I’m just going to keep making more and more and more!  ;-)

Cock curious Neighbor

Newest clip:   Cock curious Neighbor

282-Cock-curious-NeighborThanks for having me over. There’s something that I need to talk to you about. It’s kind of awkward so……I guess I’ll just come out and say it. I know you go to the same gym as my boyfriend and the last few times that he came home, he told me that when he hit the showers after his workout….he caught you staring at his cock! He was kind of ticked off because he’s not into guys and it was just kind of weird. And since were neighbors, I thought I’d just come over and find out what’s going on. He doesn’t know I’m over here, which I think is for the best. So, why were you staring at my boyfriend’s cock? Are you gay? Bi? Cock curious? What? Go on, you can tell me, I’m pretty open-minded. What exactly do your cock fantasies involve? Do you have a secret desire to suck a cock? Get fucked by one? Ah, cocksucking. Well I’ve got a little plan to make that fantasy a reality. And no, you don’t have a choice. Unless you want word to get around at the gym and in the neighborhood that you like to perv on guys and I don’t think you want that…..

Pantyhose Legs and Ass

Sexy new clip posted today:   Pantyhose Legs and Ass

281-Pantyhose-Legs-and-AssI’m wearing a pair of sheer black Wolford Satin Touch 20 pantyhose in this video. They have a seam running from front to back and just a tiny crotch panel for modesty. I decided to wear them without panties as I wanted to feel the tight pantyhose right next to My skin. With the pantyhose I’m wearing a silver metallic bikini top, a blue fishnet shirt over that and sexy spiked peep toe platform high heels.This video is pretty much all LEGS and ASS with a little bit of boob tease thrown in for good measure. Love seeing Me in pantyhose? Check out MORE of My pantyhose videos here:

How bad do you want it?

New clip posted today:  How bad do you want it?

280-How-bad-do-you-want-itI am going to give you the offer of a lifetime today, and only today. I know how much you would love to watch ME masturbate. I know how much you would love to see and hear Me have an orgasm. And I’m willing to indulge that fantasy, just this once. But, you’ve got to do something for Me first. That’s the only way I’ll do it. What do I want you to do? I want you to…….eat your own cum. That’s right. Swallow your own load for Me. It’s only fair that you do something HUGE for the privilege of seeing ME get off. Just imagine Me removing My panties and sliding My fingers into My wet pussy, all while you get to watch. It just depends on how bad you want it……  will you? Will I?

Just Feet

New foot fetish clip posted:   Just Feet

279-Just-FeetExploiting your desire for feet, once again. I start out wearing a pair of white lace half socks, while pointing and flexing My feet. But I soon do a little ‘striptease’ and undo the satin ribbons and pull off the lace socks revealing My naked toes and feet! My toe nails are polished a gray-blue metallic color and I’m wearing a toe ring and ankle bracelet. I show off My toes, soles, and arches and tell you what I know you’d love to do to My soles. And what you’d have to do if I allowed you to!

The Only Way

New Financial Domination clip posted:   The Only Way

278-The-Only-WayDo you know what true servitude is? I know you’ve fantasized about the idea of submitting and of course, jerked off to it, but do you really know? My favorite type of slaves are those that are truly devoted to Me, serving Me regularly, being MY good boys. Do you even know what that feels like? To be useful, to please, to SERVE a beautiful woman? My way, is the ONLY way……

Abrasion Play

New CBT instruction clip:  Abrasion Play

277-Abrasion-PlayToday you are going to try something new on your cock and balls. I am going to have you try a little abrasion play. For this you will need a toothbrush and a hard cock! I will instruct and show you exactly what I want you to do with the toothbrush. Are you ready to suffer for Me?  If you like CBT play, check out My your Pain is My Pleasure clip as well!