Toe Pointing

New clip in My store:  Toe Pointing

265-Toe-PointingI can make even the simplest movement look sexy! Like this video clip–Toe Pointing. Those of you with a foot fetish will enjoy watching Me point My pretty feet and perfectly polished toes. you also get…smooth bare legs, tops of feet, foot jewelry, bare soles, feet and face, up close views, crossed feet and panty peeks.

My Trampoline

My Trampoline

264-My-TrampolineAnother blast from the past, with this trample clip from 2006. I started out trampling on My ‘rug’ in a cute pair of white ankle socks. I jump off the bed onto his belly and then continue to jump on him repeatedly. It’s not shown in the animated preview image, but I took the camera in My hand for about a 30 second segment while I jumped on trampleguy.  It’s really a neat perspective! After that, I changed into a sexy black pair of BZ mules and jumped on him again and also dug My heels into his flesh. I always giggle when I watch these old clips because they were a lot of fun to shoot and brutal!!  lol

I’m actually currently talking with trampleguy (My ‘rug’ in the video clip) about shooting some new stuff this year. Cross your fingers that it happens!

Pink Satin Half Slip

New slip fetish clip:  Pink Satin Half Slip

263-Pink-Satin-Half-SlipIsn’t SATIN such a sensual material? So shiny and slippery soft that you just want to run your hands all over it. This whole outfit I’m wearing—corset, satin gloves, satin half slip, panties, garters and high heels–is so very YUMMY! Cleavage, ass, legs, curves and of course…..SATIN! My videos FUEL your FANTASIES….which is why you keep coming back again and again…..  ;-)  Also check out My Pink Satin Lingerie video!

Well, I finally used the ringlight!

And these are the results…..

ringlight-1ringlight-2ringlight-3I freakin’ LOVE the way My eyes look!!! Granted, I was probably too close to the light, so I look a little washed out, but I actually LIKE how that looks. So yeah, I am SOOOO glad Santa (cough cough GloveJim) got it off My wishlist!!

Vintage Seamed Stockings

New stocking clip posted!   Vintage Seamed Stockings

262-Vintage-Seamed-StockingsThis is just a classic stocking leg tease video. I’m wearing a pair of rare vintage Full Fashioned stockings which have a fancy flocking and jewel design on the back of the stockings. These nylons are probably 50+ years old! Of course I’m wearing them with a garter belt, which you can see the straps right through My vintage nightgown, but you also clearly see them when I’m sitting down. There is a bit of leg crossing and heel dangling. I take My peep-toe high heeled pumps off a couple of times so you can appreciate My pretty nylon soles and feet!

I took a couple of pictures of the stockings before I put them on. According to the welt imprint, these are “Sparklette” stockings….(don’t know if that’s a brand or just name of the style).

vintage-Sparklette-stockings-1vintage-Sparklette-stockings-2When I was going looking My vintage stockings collection for a pair to wear, I realized I really need to go through them and weed out some of the non-fancy/rare/unique styles that I’ve accumulated. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet….perhaps give them to a friend who sells at antique flea markets or bring them all to an antique/vintage shop Myself. As I’ve said before in videos, I prefer MODERN Full Fashioned stockings because of LENGTH issues. Hey….kinda like some of you boys!!  ;-)

Since the stockings tend to run short on Me, that means I have to, usually, wear a girdle with them. And when I do wear a garter belt, the straps are usually extended to the max. I much prefer garter belts over girdles because then I can show off My sexy panty ass! And, lets be real, it’s a PAIN IN THE ASS trying to pee in a girdle!!  lol


For some strange reason, My “you Want My Panties” clip was reposted to My Clips4Sale store yesterday. I’m not sure how that happened and the C4S person I spoke with said they would talk to the programmers to see if there was some kind of glitch. Just to be safe, I changed My password to the admin area. Weird….

I shot some new clips yesterday and you will find them in My clips store soon!

Oh SP from Australia….

…don’t think I don’t see you poking around My clips store. I saw the damage you did a few days ago and I received the tribute you sent. you’ve been around before and you WILL be back….

because once you start you can NOT stop yourself…

Gifts and top clips

Finally got to the post office on Saturday and I had a bunch of gifts awaiting Me:

prezzies-from-profAnd I didn’t open them until tonight:

prezzies-from-prof-unopenedAll of the gifts pictured are from the professor, except for the Secrets in Lace stockings—those are from My dirtylittlepervert. I am burning the Mocha Nut Latte candle right now as I type this and it is making Me hungry for something chocolatey!  Can’t wait to use the 100% Pure Coconut Body scrub tomorrow in the shower! I have their coconut lotion and it smells amazing. Good old Gilad is always easy on the eyes when I’m working out!  haha

I had a hair appt last week and My dirtylittlepervert paid for it and will be paying for the next one as well! After he paid, he wrote Me this:

Thank you for letting me pay for it, I marked Feb (*date removed*) on my calendar for your next appointment. I hope you will continue to allow me to pay for them Mistress. It would mean a lot to be entrusted with the responsibility of paying for the maintenance of your beautiful hair.

That really pleased Me. And this is HOW IT’S DONE boys! Servitude: dirtylittlepervert is doing it RIGHT!

OOOOOOO!!  My purple velvet chair and ottoman set arrived from GloveJim and I freaking LOOOVVVEEE it so MUCH!  :-)  The picture is crap (and yes, I still have My Christmas tree up–it IS coming down this upcoming weekend):

velvet-chair-from-GloveJimIt’s not cranberry, it’s a very true PURPLE and you’ll see ME in it in an upcoming video.

Oh yeah, and this too!!

topclip-store-lingerietopclip-store-financial-dominationTop clip and store in both the Financial Domination AND lingerie categories–NICE!  :-)

Lured in by Lingerie

New lingerie clip:   Lured in by Lingerie

261-Lured-in-by-LingerieSuch a sensual vision I am, in My beautiful silky lingerie and high heels. Luring you in, tempting you just like so many others. My lingerie is just another tool I use to work My magic on you and it’s so very easy for Me. And you are such a willing victim……