Servitude #180

New:  Servitude #180

A sexy new clip and a cock training challenge for you. Make sure you listen, as the visuals will distract you. I’m dressed in sheer and strappy lingerie layers, a waist cincher, tiny panties, lace top stockings, high heels and showing them all off in such a teasingly erotic manner. Am I setting you up to fail? Will you?

Servitude #178

New:   Servitude #178

you need to be fully clothed and sitting in a chair before you press PLAY. As usual, you’ll do as I say. I’ll lead you on. I’ll abuse My power. I’ll get you to do what I want. I’ll tease you and plant a seed in your mind that your imagination will finish……

Servitude #177

New:   Servitude #177

A Goddess worship…..a MISTRESS Worship clip seems so appropriate for the month of February, the month of LOVE (and of course MY birthday). you feel such gratitude for these intimate glimpses I share with you of My beautiful body. Do you deserve this? Of course not, you know this. *I* love to show off. I love My tits. And I love hot, revealing lingerie and bras. Femininity should be revered. So come slave (and cum) and worship, adore and feel appreciation for what I so generously share with you…..  (Preview image is censored, the clip is not).