Insurance Policy

My newest Financial Domination clip:   Insurance Policy

321-Insurance-PolicyMen lie. They cheat, act up, break their word….disappear. All undesirable qualities. Especially in a SLAVE. There needs to be something to discourage such bad behavior. Something more than unpleasant. Something…..that could cause some long term damaging effects to your life, your job, your relationships, your reputation, everything. And that ‘something’ I like to call an Insurance Policy. Something that will assure that those bad behaviors are kept in check. I’m sure you’re wondering what My Insurance Policy entails. Well, let me tell you…..

Heel Show

New clip posted:  Heel Show

320-Heel-ShowThis clip was shot back in 2005 for My (now closed) lingerie paysite. It’s too sexy too keep in the archives so I thought I’d post it to My clips store for high heel fans. I try on a few different pairs of heels in this clip and talk about the different styles and heel heights. Most of the heels I’m wearing have 6 inch heel heights. This was shot in Standard Definition and the video is 640×480 in size. (NOTE: I do NOT do requests/customs. In this clip, I say in the beginning that it was a request, but this was shot years ago.)  Love high heels and legs? Also check out My Mistress in High Heels and Sexy Spiked High Heels. Both very hot heel clips!!

Panty Perversions

NEW clip:  Panty Perversions

319-Panty-PerversionsI know ALL about you and your dirty little fetish for panties. you love panties and I love making you PAY to listen to Me talk about panties, watch Me wearing panties and humiliating you about your filthy little secret. Oh I know all about you pantyboy! Buying women’s dirty panties or stealing them out of clothing hampers. Smelling them, wearing them, jerking off into them. I tease and taunt you with My pretty lace front panties. I even put on a few half slips and stand right over you, waving something you will NEVER have, right in your FACE!

I was asked a moronic question recently about which of My panty videos are ‘the best’. THEY ALL ARE! Everything I create is pure *magic*. Fall under My spell today….

MY Clips4Sale store:

MORE of My perfectly provocative panty videos here:

UPDATE:  #1 in the Panty Fetish category


Top 50 Store at Clips4Sale

For a hot second, I made it to the Clips4Sale Top 50 STORES on the main page this morning:

Aug-2015-C4S-top-50I was wondering if that was going to happen soon as I’ve been having a rather good sales month/week. The last time I made it in the Top 50 stores was in Sept 2013. First a clip in the Top 50 Clips and now an appearance on the Top 50 stores (even if it was brief!)….hmmm….August 2015 is full of surprises. 😉

UPDATE:  I’m back, at #50! SPEND and keep ME on the list!!!


Yellow Petticoat and Vintage Nylons

New Stocking clip posted:  Yellow Petticoat and Vintage Nylons

317-Yellow-Petticoat-and-Vintage-NylonsI adore vintage style lingerie and I look SO good in it! Garters, stockings, heels, petticoat and a black Merry Widow. My curvy form is shown off to its best advantage in such feminine fashions. The vintage Full Fashioned stockings I’m wearing have a design up the side of each leg and are probably a good 50-60 years old. They are held up by My black 12-strap garter belt and on My feet are a pair of VERY sexy d’Orsay pumps. My shapely legs are shown off quite a bit in this clip.

UPDATE:  #1 in the Garters & Stockings category


Bright Blue Satin Gloves

New satin glove clip:  Bright Blue Satin Gloves

316-Bright-Blue-Satin-GlovesYet another one of My deliciously seductive video clips. This one is focused on the shiny SATIN gloves and silky lingerie I’m wearing. If you love SATIN clothing, search MY clips store using the keyword ‘SATIN’. you will find many sexy satin clips in gorgeous lingerie and gowns. And if you are a lover of satin GLOVES, check out My other glove clips here:

UPDATE: #1 in the Glove Fetish category


Lingerie Shopping-you PAY!

Another new Financial Domination clip:   Lingerie Shopping-you PAY!

315-Lingerie-Shopping-you-PAYOne of MY favorite things to do is shop for lingerie and your job is to foot the bill!  I look absolutely radiant and happy in this sexy clip. I’m wearing a hot pink slinky nightgown that is open on the sides and I show it off in a very sensual way. Watch Me, lust after Me, and listen to Me talk about lingerie and what I am going to buy with your money!

Top 50 Clip at Clips4Sale!!

My Pussy Worship clip has been selling like crazy since I posted it a few days ago and it actually made it to the Top 50 Clips on the main page at Clips4Sale!!  It’s at number 44 currently.

PW-top-50-main-pageAlthough I have made it into the Top 50 Clip stores on the main page, I had not had a clip in the Top 50 before. There are THOUSANDS of stores on Clips4Sale, so to make it on the Main Page in either Top Stores or Clips is a nice achievement. I am rather pleased!  :-)


no-42-PWUPDATE: Now #38

PW-no-38UPDATE: Now #36