Face Standing in Heels

In My store:    Face Standing in Heels

293-Face-Standing-in-HeelsThis clip is from 2006 and shot in standard definition (640×480). I’m wearing a pair of very sexy, black strappy high heeled sandals. I’m wearing an ankle bracelet and My toenails are painted a yummy cherry red. I start out standing on the side of trampleguy’s face with My FULL BODY weight and at times I stand on just one foot. I turn around so My toes are facing the camera and then I dig My heels into the side of his face. I turned his face away from the camera and did some more face standing until he used his safeword (‘Uncle’ –hahaha). I made him suck on My heel a few times and kiss the bottom of My heels. Then I stood on the top of his face and towards the end, I finished with one heel on his throat and one on his face. Lucky guy!

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Nylon clad Feet

Stockings, heels and feet in My newest clip:   Nylon clad Feet

292-Nylon-clad-FeetFor those of you who love nylon clad feet, in this clip I wear 3 different pairs of stockings. I start out in a pair of grey Fully Fashioned (seamed) stockings and high heeled mules. I show off My soles, toes and arches. Next I change into a pair of vintage Hanes RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings and a pair of dangerous-looking metal heeled high heel pumps. And finally I change into a pair of sheer heel/reinforced toe stockings. I’m dressed in a silky satin blouse and tight black pencil skirt. Just a bit of what you’ll find in this clip:  stockings, soles, toes, toe pointing and flexing, sexy arches, high heels, leg crossing, dangle, feet and face, removing heels, shapely calf muscles, and foot fetish talk.

FYI: Price change

I just upped the price on My lingerie paysite membership from $29.95/30 days to $74.99/30 days.

May 31st, 2015 is the LAST DAY to join My site. I will be removing the sign-up page sometime on May 31st.

I will also be cancelling all remaining rebilling customers on May 30th.

The members area will remain open until June 30th, 2015. So if you join on May 31st, you will still get your full 30 days membership access.

Little Devil Crush

Crush clip added to My store:    Little Devil Crush

291-Little-Devil-CrushThis short clip is from 2008 and it was intended for a foot fetish site (ClassyFootTease) that I never had the enthusiasm to put together. In this clip, I’m wearing seamed stockings and 6 inch high heeled pumps as I crush a little wind-up devil to bits! (And if you watch any of My trample clips in My store, you are well aware what My feet are capable of doing to a human male body!!)

Baby Blue Slip Panties

NEW clip posted:   Baby Blue Slip Panties

290-Baby-Blue-Slip-PantiesThis is one of those EVERYTHING type of clips. There is vintage lingerie, Fully Fashioned stockings, slips, legs, panties, lingerie layers, garters, legs, high heels, skirt lifting, stocking tops, and it’s just a classic lingerie glamour clip. I *am* the QUEEN of lingerie and so these type of clips are always amazing for lovers of lingerie! I’m wearing yummy nylon lingerie, a lacy half slip and camisole, and underneath I’ve got on a garter belt and little blue slip panties which fit Me like a glove. In the beginning of the clip, you can see My slip panties and garter straps right through My thin white slip. The rest of the video I show off everything I’m wearing in My usual sensual style.


New (old?) clip posted:   Undressing

289-Undressing-blogA clip from the archives–2005 to be exact! Shot in Standard (640×480) definition. Just a short little clip of Me dancing and undressing. I started out in a green lace dress that you can see My full slip right through. I remove the dress, slip, shoes and one stocking. And then the song was over.  :-)

From time to time, I will be posting videos from My lingerie paysite to My clips store. Not all of them, but some of them. I enjoy seeing how My clips have evolved over the years. In 2005 I was *just* starting to shoot videos for My paysite, after getting a zillion requests for video. And over time, video became MY preferred format and I stopped shooting photo sets all together.

I love shooting videos. It’s a lot of fun for ME and it’s a creative outlet as well. I love coming up with new ideas or themes, putting together outfits, trying new camera angles, all of it.

UPDATE:  Made it to #1 in the Strip Tease category:


It’s what I like to see, but….

Topclip-girdleLC-topclip….you still have more shopping to do: http://clips4sale.com/store/67321


UPDATE: This too…

Exploiting-no1clipBut you know it’s never enough, so $PEND!

My dirtylittleperv paid for My hair appt yesterday and I shot a new clip today, which will be in My store Sunday morning. Will be posting a couple of archived clips from My lingerie site, to My clips store over the next few days. And then there will be even more NEW clips next week!

Exploiting your Leg Fetish

New clip posted:  Exploiting your Leg Fetish

288-Exploiting-your-Leg-FetishBeing the leg lover that you are, I know how turned on you get when you see a sexy pair of legs. And being the natural seductress I am, I know just how to stir up lust in a man. Seamed stockings and high heels make My shapely legs even more enticing. I know exactly what I’m doing and the effect it’s having. It’s such a thrill, knowing I hold such power over a man, just because I can.

Addicted Ass Worshipper

New ass clip posted:  Addicted Ass Worshipper

287-Addicted-Ass-WorshipperI think this might be My hottest ass worship video I’ve shot so far! I used a few different angles to best show off My nice little round ass. These silky panties fit My ass perfectly and reveal lots of cheek. As My little addicted ass worshipper, I know the things you dream of when you see My bouncy little butt. I tell you what a lucky ass slave might be allowed to do…..

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