Enticed out of Eighty

NEW in My Clips store:  Enticed out of Eighty

226-Enticed-out-of-EightyI know you want to, you know you want to. And I know how hard it gets you when I fuck you over, USE you and take what I want. Men like you are a dime a dozen and IGNORED by ME on a daily basis. The only hope of ever getting the smallest amount of My attention is to $pend and realize your place in My world. Feel the thrill, the intense pleasure, the need to be used over and over again…..

Extended Edging

NEW in My Clips store today:  Extended Edging

225-Extended-EdgingAre you ready? Because I have another task for you as apart of your ongoing cock training. If you purchased My 3 Day Orgasm Control video, you are already familiar with EDGING. (If you didn’t buy it–go buy it NOW!) In this clip, I have 10 separate goals for you to hit with your edge training and I give you a few helpful tips to make it easier to reach them. I guess you could kind of think of this assignment as endurance training for your cock. Will you be able to do it? Can you really control that cock of yours? Let’s find out…..

End of an Era….

I’ve been saying it for a while now, that I want to close My lingerie paysite and I’ve finally settled on a date:  June 2015.  Since My VISA and Mastercard renewal fees are up then, it will be the perfect time to pull the plug. Also, I figured I should have reposted all of My past bonus videos before or by then.

Although membership to My lingerie site has dwindled, because of lack of new content (and lack of Me doing anything to promote it!), My Clips4Sale store is doing great!  I didn’t post shit in August, and I’m kinda blown away as how well it $$ did anyway! Love it!  :-)

Oh yeah, here’s a little eye candy from four years ago…

Mistress-Jessica-pencil-skirt-stockingsI’ve been busy revamping a few pages, creating a few new ones and deleting some older pages. As you can see, I’ve added a tribute, SPOIL and contact pages/links. There is still so much to do, background web stuff, but it all gets done little by little.

September is going to be a busy month, but I am looking forward to it!  :-)

Heels, cash and tribute

Miss Me? I was resting on My laurels for the past few weeks, but now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

A little update I’ve been meaning to do for a while….

GloveJim bought Me these sexy heels off of My Amazon wishlist:

heels-from-Jim-1heels-from-Jim-2My dirtylittlepervert sent Me 100 punishment lines and $100 bucks:

100-lines-dlpAnd the professor sent Me $200 for some indiscretion I can’t remember now:

CN-200-AugI LOVE Giftrocket for tributes because I receive 100% of MY money. But, I’ll also take your money via Clips4Sale, although they take a 25% cut out of MY tributes.

My good boys continue to do what they do best–keeping ME happy.

Do the same!

My good boys make ME happy!

Spoils for Mistress!!

So….I’ve had this gift card to Yandy lingerie that GloveJim got for Me a while ago and I finally got around to using it. I had a TON of stuff on My wishlist, it was just narrowing down what I wanted most! And here is what I got:

Yandy-lingerie-haulA few of those things you might be lucky enough to see Me in in future videos, and a few of those things will be for My boyfriends eyes only!

My dirtylittlepervert came through with the Birchbox gift card:

Birchbox-cardI had fun shopping with it AND My goodies arrived TODAY!  :-)

Birchbox-haulThe professor contributed to MY happiness with a $200 Giftrocket card:

200-GR-profBTW, I love Giftrocket for tributes because then I get to keep 100% of MY money. Where as tributes done through Clips4Sale, I only get to keep 75% as C4S takes a 25% cut. And speaking of tributes, I am finally working on a tribute page and will soon have a link up. (Wishlist page to follow as well…)

And he also sent a $200 Amazon card:

200-Amazon-prof-AugPLUS, GloveJim said a pair of new high heels are awaiting Me at My PO box!  Hmmm…GOOD JOB boys on keeping that smile on My face!!!


Crawling back…..

So…. My dirtylittlepervert has been MIA since January and yet he’s been buying My clips again recently. Without contacting ME, thinking I wouldn’t notice…..

He’s working on getting back into MY good graces and we all know there is only $$ ONE $$ WAY $$ TO $$ DO $$ THAT $$

250-Amazon-RN-Julyand this:

sorry-tribute-dlpOh dirtylittlepervert, I better find that $200.00 Birchbox giftcard in My inbox SOON you sneaky little shit!!

I went to Caribou today after My nail appointment and I noticed that My Caribou balance is getting low, so I told My good boy GloveJim about this and of course he doesn’t skip a beat:

50-Caribou-Aug5thHAPPINESS!!  :-)

My Baby Blue Slip Tease clip made it to number one in the Slip Fetish category:

BB-slip-no1Notice number 2, 3, and 4 are also My clips.  :-)  So many SLIP FETISH boys out there and you won’t find more sensual, sexy and seductive slip clips than MINE, so go BUY THEM ALL UP!!

Started a new weight training program recently and I’ve been finding that I’m unusually tired the day after. Like, really, REALLY tired. But, My body isn’t sore and I feel just fine when I do the weight workouts–challenged, but not to the point I can’t finish the reps. I am use to doing cardio every day without a problem, but weight training, I’m finding and from what I’ve read online, seems to take more of a toll on the body and rest is essential. I’m guessing it will just take time for My body to adjust. I’m use to feeling full of energy after a workout, not tired…

Face Bouncing

NEW in My clips store today:  Face Bouncing

224-Face-BouncingOne of My older clips from 2008 and was shot in Standard Definition (640×480). Originally intended for a foot fetish site I never got around to doing. In this clip, I stand, jump and bounce on trampleguy’s face with My bare feet and full body weight. I do this on each side of his face and then on the top of his face as well.

Stroke it to My Ass

Stroke it to My Ass

100-Stroke-it-to-My-AssWow! My 100th video! Since you ass junkies can’t get enough of MY ass, I’ve got another clip for you. I shot this one after I shot My “Enchanted by Slips” clip and so I was still wearing layers of lingerie (slips). I tell you that I have an idea. That you should start stroking and every time I peel off a layer, you have to stroke a little bit faster. I finally get down to My sexy white string bikini panties and I start to give you a cum countdown. Stroke it to My Ass!!

Taking it All

Taking it All

98-Taking-it-AllWhat kind of man is into Financial Domination? What kind of man just throws away money for NOTHING in return? A man that craves to be used as nothing more than a WALLET! A human ATM machine. The harder you are fucked over, the better it feels and you know it. I want you to SACRIFICE for Me! Financially struggle just to indulge ME. And I want EVERYTHING!

Prezzies and clips…

A few days ago My Ache for Me video made it to number one in the ORGASM DENIAL category:

ache-for-Me-no1Only to be knocked off by My Denial Devotion clip:

DD-no1(Notice My Mistress May i Cum clip is at #4 but was at number ONE a while ago–it’s still selling really well.)

My recent “Satin Gloves in the Mirror” clip also made it to number one, but My glove clips usually do.  ;-)

satin-no1Some prezzies arrived recently!!  GloveJim sent Me another dazzling glamour gown from My Amazon wishlist, as well as some body spray and moccasins:

glamour-gown-and-prezziesJust wait until you see Me in My new girdle and glamour gowns! Of course they will look a zillion times better on, but consider this a peek at things to come.

I mean, this outfit originally looked like this:

Roma-yellow-satin-Fairytale-Princess-costumeBut I made it look like THIS:

Yellow-Satin-gloves-1Yellow-satin-gloves-2Much better  :-)