Servitude #271

New:   Servitude #271

A stroking ritual to make you more mindful. There are 12 steps that you will perform and I tell you when you will be doing this. Watch My long satin gloved hands as I demonstrate how you will be touching yourself.

Servitude #270

New:   Servitude #270

Dec 1st! I do love flipping My calendar to a fresh, new month! In this clip I’m wearing a slinky, shimmery mini-dress, a pair of Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose and a pair of sparkly Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels. The purpose of this clip is to get caught up with a few things. First, I recounted My Covid experience since I’ve been sick for the past (almost) 2 weeks. Then I got caught up on recent tribute mentions and finally a few days of masturbation instructions.

Servitude #269

New:   Servitude #269

So this clip *was* suppose to be a tribute catch-up clip, but since I shot it almost a week and a half ago and am just posting it now, it’s no longer that. In addition to tributes, I also mention something about those who like to stay anonymous and My feelings about that.

Servitude #268

New:   Servitude #268

I have 10 days of instructions for you, but you might be a tad distracted. Nude pantyhose, little pink lace panties, a sheer mini dress, sky-high platform heels and My signature way of showing it all off. I show you the stack of masturbation schedules that I have been doing for you for years. I’ve been controlling your cock for so long now and you always come back for more…..

Servitude #267

New:   Servitude #267

Full fashioned stockings, a silky, lace trimmed full slip, glittering 6 inch high heels, 6 strap garter belt, panty crotch and ass, nylon soles, stocking tops and….MONEY, tribute talk, refreshers and clarification.

Servitude #266

New:  Servitude #266

Today’s topic is testing you and why it’s important in your servitude. Also included….FF stockings, 6 inch heels, long nails, tribute mentions, applying lip gloss, slaves who trust and slaves who seem to be hiding, panty crotch, slinky vintage nightgown, and how far you’re willing to go for Me….

Servitude #265

New:   Servitude #265

I started this Servitude series back in 2016 and here we are 4 years later with #265 in 2020. Servitude is a journey. Some pay attention and succeed and some don’t and fail. So many clips full of worship, instructions, challenges, tasks, opportunities, tribute mentions, My likes/dislikes and of course, your education on how I will be served.