Lust and Longing

Worship Me:    Lust and Longing

431-Lust-and-Longingyou’ll never have Me, you’ll never touch Me. But that doesn’t stop your yearning for Me. In fact, I think it only makes you want Me even more. Everything about Me entices you. My sensuality, My beauty, the way I move, the things I say…… This craving never goes away, it only intensifies each time you watch Me. And even though you’ll never have Me, I’ve already got you….right in the palm of My hand. your thoughts, your arousal, your desire for more and more of Me. I know the powerful effect I have on you and so do you. I hold the key to unlocking so much pleasure…..

Satin Session

New clip:   Satin Session

429-Satin-SessionHello My satin addicts. It’s time for another one of our secret satin sessions. I love to tease and I’m all about sensuality. So watch Me and listen to what I have in store for you today…… (Note:  I had a problem with My lighting when I shot this clip and it is not up to My usual high quality standards, but….I’m posting it anyway. Also, the volume is low on this clip for some reason, so you’ll need to turn your volume up higher).

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:



So I’m going through the footage from the clips I shot today and so far it’s a bit grainy.  WTF?   I think a setting is off on My camera or something. When I was setting up the lights, I used the same light set up I’ve used before. But today, it made Me look really washed out. So I dimmed it, but now it’s grainy. (Not enough light)  I think it’s a contrast issue. The paleness of My skin against the dark purple furniture and My clothing. I don’t know…..  I’ll have to finish editing and see what I think. And then find out what the deal is with My camera….

Just a quickie!

The two new girdles arrived yesterday from the professor:

2-new-girdlesObviously, they will look much better on.

$40 cash arrived from T for My next pedicure:

40-cash-TAnd I just had to take a photo of these macarons:

Macarons-1(One of the many things I’ve ordered from Amazon with recent gift cards). They came gift wrapped with a handwritten note, which I thought was a nice touch.

Macarons-2I’ve already had a couple with My afternoon pot of tea and they were delish! Will have to get these again.

Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

From the archives…..   Vintage Dotted Heel Stockings

428-Dotted-Heel-nylonsA short, little glamourous stocking clip from 2007! On My legs are a pair of My rare fancy foot vintage stockings. With them I’m wearing a silky blue evening dress, long satin gloves and animal print mules. And underneath My dress, you get a glimpse of My open bottom girdle and the lace from My half slip makes an appearance too.

This clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category: