I really have to wonder…

…if some of the people living in the red(neck) states have ever traveled OUTSIDE of the USA before. Or even to a big city! Some of the comments I read are so seriously ignorant that I have to wonder if they are living in a bubble…. 🙄

Note to MY boys….

It was My birthday weekend and I didn’t get a chance to reply. Hopefully tomorrow (Monday). I do enjoy our communications so after I shoot new clips, edit and post one, email replies will be next! 😉

A little bit of Everything

Now in My clip store:  A little bit of Everything

This clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite. I decided to bring it out from the archives as it is a great stocking and well, a little bit of everything, clip! I’m wearing layers of lingerie underneath My dress. Pantyhose are underneath My pink satin panties, open bottom girdle, petticoat and vintage Full Fashioned stockings. As you can tell from the preview images, this pair of FF nylons has an interesting design along the back of the heel/leg. There are some great glimpses of My pink satin panties in this clip as well.

(This clip was Bonus Video #55.)

Tonight’s clip…

…is another old one from My lingerie paysite. Not as cringe-worthy as some other ones. But eh, it is what it is. There is some great stocking leg, girdle, high heel, petticoat and panty footage in it, so I might as well post it and make some $$$ off of old clips just sitting on My computer. But it’s not reflective of who I am or My content now.

Cutsey and sweet is so easy to swallow for some males. The males that have a problem with or feel threatened by a strong, independent, not-here-for-their-bullshit female. A woman who KNOWS she is beautiful, sexy, smart, etc, etc and doesn’t need their compliments to validate her. But to those males, that type of woman is a stuck-up bitch. They want women to have fragile self-esteem, because they themselves are so damn insecure. And that’s what I think of every time I post these old clips. THOSE types of males.

I could seriously write a book from My experience of running a paysite and male behavior. And it wouldn’t shine a positive light on men.

Honestly, when I made the decision to close My paysite and only focus on My Clips4Sale store, I kind of felt like I was jumping without a parachute. I knew I was known for this sweet palatable image that I had created and I hated it, but it was what sold. But I did it anyway because I have to live an authentic life.

Anyway, with all that being said…..I have EXCEEDED My January 2017 sales and I am SO happy! 😊 I’m also currently #36 on the main page. And if things continue this way the rest of the year, I will have surpassed My income at the height of My popularity with My paysite. So I guess the moral of the story is it pays to take risks and be true to oneself. 🤑

PS–I have got a FANTASTIC idea for My next strap-on clip!

C4S problems….

Apparently some people are having problems checking out on Clips4Sale and getting an error message. If this is you, clear your browser cache and cookies and try it again and it should work.