2 Good Reasons

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Of course it goes without saying that there are many more than just two! But they are two very good reasons why you find yourself coming back for more and more of My videos. And these 2 (shapely) reasons are clad in a pair of lilac Full Fashioned stockings and 6 inch strappy heels to make them even more enticing….

AMAZING C4S Black Friday Sale is coming up!

I just thought I’d just pass along some of the details of the upcoming sale:

(This email was sent to clip producers.)  I would say the best part of the sale IS the sale. Not the fact that it isn’t coming out of My side of the commission. 🤨  I create unique fetish content, I don’t devalue that by giving discounts. So if they want to eat the cut, by all means, do so! 😁

ANYWAY….back to the SALE!!  20% if you spend $100 or more! Wow! That crazy! And really generous of them. Oh wait…..I just checked My blog from last year and they did 25% off. 😂 Okay, whatever, it’s still a good deal and C4S only does sales a few times a year, so take advantage of it! 😜

Also MAKE SURE you are SIGNED/LOGGED in to get the discount. Creating an account is FREE.

Black Diamond Vintage Nylons

Buy it at:   My Loyalfans store   or   My Clips4sale store

(It’s $1.00 cheaper on Loyalfans)

(Finally, an update this month. 😜)

I went through My vintage stockings collection and picked out this pair of Hanes seamless “Diamond” stockings to wear. With My sheer chiffon robe, open bottom girdle and strapless bustier, I look like a modern day pin-up. Like all of My hosiery videos, I show them off from several different angles so stocking connoisseurs can appreciate every nylon inch.

I was going to wait to tell you this..

…but I can’t! 😝

I finally decided I am going to do something with Loyalfans. I actually signed up last year after the whole AVN Stars thing but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the site. Until now.

For reference, I had a subscription site on AVN Stars last year for a short period: SEE this long-ass blog post. It didn’t last long because the site lost their credit card processing.

I learned from that experience and decided I am going to do things a bit different this time around. I don’t have the subscription site going yet, but when I do, it will be here: https://www.loyalfans.com/MistressJessica and I will, of course, do a blog post to let you know.

For now, I am focused on adding clips to My video store on there. I will link it once I’ve added a few more clips. But so far I’ve only added this ONE. I’ve also decided, since I get a bigger commission on LoyalFans than on Clips4Sale, that I will be offering most of My clips $1.00-2.00 cheaper on LoyalFans. I will also make ALL of My videos DOWNLOADABLE, just as they are on Clips4Sale.

(BTW, R from Canada, I saw you bought that clip right after I posted it. Ha! That’s awesome! 😊)

So I guess I thought I’d just let you know what’s coming. I am really excited about this. Plus I’m glad I’ll have a place to create and share THIS type of content as well.

My sissy clips have been removed from My store.

Below is a list of all of the sissy fetish content that I’ve shot over the years. I haven’t done any of these clips since 2019 and I won’t be doing this type of content ever again. I’ve actually been thinking about removing these clips for quite a while now.

Our world is moving in an insanely bizarre direction in regards to the simple question of “What is a Woman?”

There is nothing humiliating or degrading about being a Woman. Although many times the sissy fetish insinuates that there is. Being a Woman is not a fetish or a costume. Putting on a dress, lipstick and heels does not make you a “girl/female/woman”.

If that is your fetish, cool. you keep doing what you enjoy and find a Mistress/Domme out there that is into that.

All of these link to blog posts with descriptions and preview .GIFs of the clips. Although I’ve removed them from My store, just like THESE clips and THESE clips, I keep the posts up on My blog for archival purposes.

My Panty Slave 2

Sissy Slut Training

Sissy Task #1

Sissy Task #2

Sissy Task #3

Sissy Task #4-Cummy Panties

Sissy Task #5- All about High Heels

Sissy Task #6-Cocksucking

Sissy Task #7-Anal Training

Sissy Task #8-Wardrobe

Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

Sissy Task #10-Humiliation

Sissy Task #11-Cum slut

Sissy Training 1

Sissy Training 2

Sissy Training 3

Sissy Training 4

Sissy Training 5

Sissy Training 6

Sissy Training 7

Clips removed from My Clips4Sale store.

So…..I have been going through My clip store this past week and I removed a bunch of clips. All of the clips are listed in THIS blog post, which was originally done back in June 2018 but I’ve updated it completely. As I state in that post, I removed the clips because of some changes that C4S made on the site this year.

Ahhhhh  CHANGE. Not always a good thing, not always a happy thing. BUT, it all depends on what you do with it. Many times it can be a catalyst for something else!

you’ll see.  😉

Sucker for Soles

New:   Sucker for Soles

Sure high heels are sexy. But when I dangle them off My toes, it’s like foreplay to you because you know what’s coming next (yeah, that too…lol)…..My SOLES! Once My heels drop to the floor, you get to see My nylon feet in all their glory. Pointing My toes, spreading them, crossing My ankles and putting them right in your face.