Lifelong Panty Lover

New:   Lifelong Panty Lover

In this clip I’m wearing so much yummy nylon on My body. A vintage lace trimmed,  lavender nylon full slip, a white lace 4 strap garter belt, very silky nylon full/hi cut panties, lilac Full Fashioned stockings and of course, high heels.

you’ve had a thing for panties for as long as you can remember. What if I said “No more panties”? Would you give them up? Could you give them? Maybe you’ve already done the whole bingeing and purging thing before and you just can’t free yourself from silky, nylon, cock-stiffening PANTIES. But this love of panties is also your greatest fear…..of being discovered…….

Feminine Enchantment

New:  Feminine Enchantment

Lingerie. you can’t get enough of it. you can’t get enough of ME in it. you are enthralled by My ultra feminine and sensual style of displaying all the silks, satins, laces and nylons I wear on My curvy body. The way I move, the way I touch Myself or the way I look into the camera. you feel as if you are watching something so intimate and private  and you are.

What you look for

New:   What you look for

you know exactly what I’m talking about. I know all about you…..   (In this clip: Vintage Full Fashioned outline heel stockings, long leg panty girdle, leg crossing, shoe removal, nylon soles, vintage full slip, heel dangling, vintage lingerie and more.)

LOVE this show…..


I think I found out about this show from Dlisted and that they are going to do a season Two . So I started (and finished) watching Season One online and OMFG…’s so good! I don’t normally watch TV, as most of it’s crap and I don’t have the patience to sit through commercials (and I’d honestly rather read a book).  But this looked interesting.

My favorite character is Blanca because of her heart and her strength. And her eyes too. Angel is gorgeous. And Elektra Abundance (that name! 😍) grew on Me later in the season. Pray Tell is awesome and the episode where his boyfriend died (of AIDS….this series is set in the 1980’s in New York) had Me bawling. The whole cast is great and I can’t wait to see where they go with it in Season Two.

Another scene:

If you’re interested (and have cable):