Pussy Scented Panties

New panty clip:    Pussy Scented Panties

336-Pussy-Scented-Panties Another video about your favorite thing-PANTIES and what you like to do with them. yeah pervs, I know you have a thing for sniffing worn, dirty, soiled panties. And I love teasing you with MY panties and My panty covered pussy that you can NEVER have. The closest you could ever come to it is owning a pair of My panties. Seeing the little damp patch on My crotch gets you so hard. you watch Me as I’m rubbing My pantied cover pussy to soak them with My juices. Will you even make it to the end of this clip before exploding? One of My hottest panty clips to date! More of My panty fetish videos HERE.

Less than 24 hours and it’s already #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


Don’t do this. Ever.

Never, ever email me with the words “I like” in your email. I’m not interested in what you like, I don’t ask what you like and I DO NOT CARE. Why on earth do you think otherwise? That’s very…..strange to Me.

I am not here to cater to your likes. If you do not like what I do, if you are not into what I’M into, then go elsewhere.

There are phone sex operators and cam girls and other dommes who will happily cater to your likes and fetishes, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

you are here for ME, NOT the other way around. you are either useFUL to ME or useLESS.

Speaking of USEFUL…..a beautiful new $200 emerald green satin corset arrived today from the professor. (Well, actually from Trashy lingerie, but he paid for it!) It looks SOOOO incredibly sexy on that I can’t wait to wear it for an upcoming clip. I do have the BEST taste in lingerie.  😉

Sheer Pink Lacy Bra

New clip posted:   Sheer Pink Lacy Bra

335-Sheer-Pink-Lacy-BraLooking at the animated preview image for this clip and wondering why you don’t see much of the lacy bra? Well the word SHEER and the price of this clip might be a clue. I love My beautiful round, full breasts and I was feeling in the mood to show a little more than usual. And of course, you will PAY for such an honor as you are totally unworthy of such delights. This is the only clip I’ve shot for My clips store (out of 300+ clips) with any topless nudity. I start off the clip showing you a nice view of the lace bra, as a teaser. Then I show off the rest of My outfit and the last 4+ minutes are devoted to My sheer pink bra and some tasteful topless nudity. There is ONE other clip in My store with topless nudity: Behind Closed Doors, but that clip is from 2012 and was originally for My (now closed) lingerie paysite.

Disappearing clip…

I’ve had a little problem with My “How far will you go? -Part 4” clip on Clips4Sale.

It’s currently #1 in the Financial Domination category (still):

disappearing-clip-1But throughout the day the clip will randomly disappear from the list and then reappear again:

disappearing-clip-2And strangely enough, this same clip isn’t always showing up in My store either:

disappearing-clip-3disappearing-clip-4I’ve contacted Clips4Sale about the problem and their programmers are working on it. Just thought I’d mention that if you were one of the people who aren’t seeing this clip in My store either. The direct link works just fine: “How far will you go? -Part 4” to buy it, but it’s just not always appearing in My store.

How far will you go? -Part 4

The next part is here:  How far will you go? -Part 4

332-How-far-will-you-go-part-4you made it to part 4, but you are going to have to go A LOT further if you want to impress Me. To help you along, I have a couple of goals for you…..

Less than 24 hours and this clip is #4 in the Financial Domination category:

findom-top-clipsMy new findom game is dominating the top clips chart!

UPDATE: This clip also made it to #1:


Ironing My Satin Lingerie

New Satin clip:   Ironing My Satin Lingerie

331-Ironing-My-Satin-LingerieSatin lingerie needs to be ironed to really show off its shiny appearance. I have a few new lingerie items that need to be ironed and I thought I’d dress up in satin and let you watch. I’m wearing a white satin blouse over a cream satin bustier and a pink satin half slip. Layers of satin feel so amazing when I rub My hands all over My body. I remove My satin blouse and start ironing a bubble gum pink nightie. The hot iron transforms the wrinkled material into liquid smooth heaven!

Want to see Me in even MORE Satin? Check out My Satin Gloved Princess clip or My Sensual Satin Mistress clip.

I guess the answer is all the way into the Top 50!

How far will you go? -Part 1 made it to #48 in the Top 50 clips on the main page:

HFWYG1-no48It’s also still the #1 clip in the Financial Domination category with Part 2 being second and Part 3 slowly creeping the charts. That’s what I like to see….

Last month I got My first clip into the Top 50 with My Pussy Worship clip. I find it amusing that both clips are non-nude and I’m not doing anything crazy in them and they still sold really well. Nice!  :-)