Scene at 1:30 mark…

(In tears) “Please help, it’s my husband!”  *the Paramedics take him away and her whole demeanor changes* I laughed SO hard I almost choked on an apple slice. 🤣

Also 1:13 mark…

“What if somebody calls the cops?”

“And says what? I spent $5,000 at a strip club. Send HELP!”  😆

8 hours…

That’s how long the power was out. It went out around 8pm and didn’t come back on until 4am-ish. I barely slept. With no aircon, no ceiling fan, no white noise, no air movement….no SLEEP!

And yeah, I had to clean the fridge today. 🙄 I Google’d it and if the power is out over 4 hours, it’s a good idea to chuck everything….EGGS, yogurts, Almond milk, cheese, meat….all of it…gone.

It was HOT today…My car said 96 and My phone said 91. Yuk!  But I had a few errands to run. One of them Ulta to get more makeup primer which was 30% off today  because…..apparently it was Amazon Prime day today and Ulta was making in PrimER day and offering 30% off all makeup primers. HAHAHA  Cute!

I was wearing a long purple summer dress which I hiked up in the car and the aircon blowing on My legs felt wonderful. 😊

I’m thinking of getting 3…maybe even 4 inches cut off My hair next week. It will grow back, but I don’t know if My hairstylist will let Me do it! 🤣  (I think she might think I’ll regret it later so she’ll save Me from that….)

thomas from Germany decorated My Inbox with a tribute today. Nice thomas. 😉

I feel like the month of July IS Summer and I am enjoying it. However….these 90 degree days are making SNOW look GOOD!!  LOL

So I’m sitting here in the dark….

……..because the power just went out!! Using My phone as a hotspot so I can post this. Just called the electric company and they are “assessing the situation”. Which means I need to start lighting candles.  lol


Yes, I know I have been MIA so far this month and I’ve been meaning to put up a post this past week. I did say I’d be taking a break in July and that I had things to catch up on.

A major pain in My ass was going through and changing alllll of the places/sites/mailing lists/etc that My email address (of 22 years!!) was associated with. *sigh*  I first signed up with AOL back in 1994 and soon realized it sucked (hard! lol) and I wasn’t seeing the Internet as it should be seen. So then signed up with Primenet back in 1995 I think and I had them for a little while but wasn’t totally pleased with them (can’t remember why) and so I signed up with a new (local) internet company in 1997. My email address was even Jessica@____  because I was one of the first few people to sign up. The company changed hands (and names) a few years ago but they still let previous customers keep their email accounts, which was nice. But not anymore….

So I’ve been reading a lot, I LOVE to read but usually I feel guilty doing so because I think there are other (more productive) things I can get done with that time. Which is fucking ridiculous because nothing feeds My brain like READING!

(Just tried to upload an image to this post but it is taking FOR-fucking-ever, so….nope!)

The Power of Full Engagement is one of the books and I’m really enjoying it! What I’ve got from it so far is that ENERGY, not time, is our most valuable resource and how to make the most of it. It talks about how we are always pushing ourselves and pride ourselves on being ‘so busy’ and not so much on taking breaks and ‘recharging’ our energy. Which is SO TRUE. And also how it’s harder to unwind with technology and always being connected and the urge to check your phone.

Speaking of phone…I am waiting for it to *ting* with an update of when the power is coming back on.

I am going to try to blog a bit more this week. I got the majority done of what I wanted to in July and I am hoping to be shooting clips later this week.

The professor pleased Me on the 10th by remembering to send his 10th of the month tribute (which I was going to post a screenshot of but see above in regards to uploading!! lol) and richard from Canada sent a Amazon tribute.

My patience is waning in regards to having NO POWER. No air conditioning, no lights, no internet and I better not have to throw out any food. I know, I know…FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. 🤣

My eyes hurt…

…from crying for the past hour.

They killed off Candy Ferocity on Pose!!!! No! WHY?! 😫

OMFG!!!  BEST episode of Pose YET! I didn’t want to believe it was real. I thought it was going to be a dream-sequence sort of thing. And then at the memorial service it hit Me that it REALLY happened. And it was SO beautiful how they handled it because death is such a heavy subject. The unbearable grief, the finality, the regrets…just so fucking real. Life IS so precious, we all lose loved ones and I think the pain of the loss is always there. The ending was unexpected, but incredible (and in true Pose fashion) and uplifting and I fucking LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this show.

However, it’s still a shame the show lost this character. RIP Candy:

“A beautiful little cocoon” 🤣

Well look at that….

another Top 50 panty clip:

Well the new sliding glass doors are installed and I LOVE them, the guy did a beautiful job. It did end up taking most of the day, he was here from 9-4:30–but it’s done!

Retainers…..🙄  So when I tried them on yesterday, they told Me that I’d want to remove them from the back teeth together….but that is not working! And I am NOT fucking up My nails to get these things off, so…..since I pretty much Google/Amazon everything….(YES, I want an easy life and THANK YOU to those who make tools so I can have that! lol)….I found something on Amazon that is used for removing Invisalign trays, which I am pretty certain will work for retainers as well and I am going to try that. Oh and it’s SOOOO lovely when I remove them and they are coated with My spit! 💦 But…I am the vain one who just HAD to have braces in the first place, so I’ll deal. 😉

And today is for…..

Removing these:

The French doors. The guy is working on them as I type this. I made My boyfriend take the day off as he knows I’m not keen on letting strange men in My home. I’m getting them replaced with sliding glass doors with built in blinds. Thank goodness the weather held out, as it has looked like it was going to be rainy today.

Honestly, I felt a little weird about fucking with the integrity of My home by doing this. I bought the house from the original owner. Her husband built it and after they moved in, he died 9 months later! How sad. (I’m guessing they were in their early 50’s at the time). She continued to live in the home for another 20+ years before she decided to sell it. But I don’t think she really wanted to….her partner had a health issue that made it hard for him to go up and down the stairs, so she needed a one level home.

When I did the walkthough of the house, I KNEW it would be MINE!  lol  It was the bedroom, it was so unique….I mean who the hell has stairs in their bedroom? (ME! 😍)

And I’ve always wanted a walk-in-closet, albeit the one I have is on the smaller side, it still makes Me happy.

I love the skylights too, however I loved them more once I got custom blinds made for them.

And the Jacuzzi bath…..hmm…..let’s just say it’s brought Me (and My man) a lot of pleasure. haha

So……moving on……No cock control schedule was posted on the 1st. Awwww….😟  Oh well, go redo one of the other months…or not. Let Me check My list of priorities…..yeah, your dick isn’t on it. Oh well….. 😄

Well today was THE day!

As I sit here typing this, My hair is tucked up in a shower cap, I’ve got My new retainers in and a Watermelon sheet mask on My face. What a sight! 😝 One you will never see! lol  (Google Images:  Sheet Masks  and then Jason from Friday the 13th  –just saying…. )

Braces came off TODAY! 😁 How was it? Well, there was some discomfort when they ‘snapped’ (“removed” whatever…) the brackets off but that was nothing compared to what was next. They had to remove the glue/adhesive from My teeth that was used to attach the brackets. Which normally probably would have been okay, IF I didn’t brush too hard for years and have a little receding on My gum line. When she used the tool around those teeth, the pain was through the ROOF! They gave Me a stress ball. HA! I some how managed to get through that and the rest was easy. She polished My teeth, took photos and then impressions for the retainers.

How do I like them? Well….I can’t say really because it’s so weird. I haven’t seen My (bare) teeth in 21 months that now it just looks/feels strange. I like it, but it’s going to take some getting used to. I also wonder how this has changed My face and cheeks and if things will continue to settle. My face definitely thinned out from braces and that was not something I expected or desired.

But overall, yes, My teeth look great! It’s nice to see My ‘old’ smile and yet I don’t think it’s quite the same..

After all of that, I had to run a few errands and then come back to pick up My retainers. And they gave Me a goodie bag with CHOCOLATE and GUM.  WHAT?!  lol

I threw all of this out today (below) but the one thing I’m keeping is the WaterPik. That will still come in handy since I have to wear My retainers for 15 hours every day for the next 3 months!! 😩  (Maybe the elastic band wasn’t so bad after all…. lol)

I have to say everyone at My Orthodontist’s office was great and made this experience as pleasant as it could be. The receptionist, the assistants and of course My Orthodontist. I always got good vibes on My visits, like everyone actually enjoyed working there…which in this day in age I think is kind of rare. So yeah, I DID it!  My teeth did hard time for 21 months and now they are FREE!  (Well sort of….retainers….🙄   lol)

Another way you can please Me….

I just found out that C4S is doing a “sales incentive” for July. As I mentioned before, I don’t plan on updating as much in July and that isn’t going to change because of this.

Do you remember THIS and how I asked you to use that code when you bought My clips? And as a result of SOOOO many good boys doing so, My clip store came in SECOND in the contest. (And out of THOUSANDS of stores, second is pretty fucking awesome!  lol) Well I’m not sure if this is actually a contest yet, they just referred to it as a “sales incentive” for now (they are giving out more details July 1st). But if you use that code (same exact code as before) to buy My clips from between July 1st, 2019 and July 31st, 2019, I will earn a higher sales commission from Clips4Sale.

So what are you going to do between July 1st and July 31st when you buy My clips?

you will use MY code/special link:

you:  “Yes, Mistress”

ME:  😊😊😊😊😊😊

2 opportunities…

To please ME, your Mistress.

1st–Send a $40 Amazon gift card for the dress I bought for Afternoon Tea both sissy dee dee and thomas from Germany sent gift cards. Yay! 😊

(Holy fuck I’m veiny!  lol  Ever since I got into strength training a few years ago, I noticed My veins ‘pop’ more. When I was less fit, I didn’t have that issue.)

Okay boys, who is going to cover My Afternoon tea from yesterday??

2nd–Tribute for My Afternoon tea today–$52 –Someone, who asked not to have their name used, sent an Amazon gift card intended to be for this. So here’s the pic:

Pics will be posted when tributes are received.  –Done!