Day 7 of Chastity

New clip:   Day 7 of Chastity

I have to be honest with you…..I’m really enjoying having you locked up. It’s intoxicating knowing I have your most prized possession under My control. It’s such a rush having you so vulnerable and agreeable to Me. With this little key hanging around My neck, I can get you to do ANYTHING. So……why would I ever want to let you out? Tell Me, do you miss cumming? And what about arousal? Have you been avoiding it? How much room do you have in that cage to get hard? Let’s find out…..I want to get you as hard as possible…..uncomfortably hard. I want to see the discomfort in your face. What’s the point of having this power over you if I don’t use it? And it’s not like you have a choice……

Panty Modeling

It’s been forever since I did a panty clip, so here you go:   Panty Modeling

Hey pantyboy, I’ve got some news that is going to thrill you. I was going through My panty drawers and getting rid of some panties and guess who’s getting them? you! But there’s a catch, there always is. Something you’ll have to do when you receive them. Before I ship them off to you, I am going to model each pair one last time–all 6 of them. I really can not stand these frilly panties, they are not MY style. But these ruffled and bowed panties are perfect for a little panty wearing bitch like yourself. you are going to be SO excited when these arrive. Knowing that each and every pair has been on MY body, rubbing up against My pussy and ass. Now, as far as what you have to do……

Frilly panties 4 sale….—SOLD!!

UPDATE:  These have SOLD!

(The picture isn’t the best, but they are all worn in My new panty clip, so if you want to see more, buy the clip.)

6 pairs, as shown and AS IS, all are size Mediums except for the purple pair which is size Small (but VERY stretchy). All of the pairs are stretchy, some more than others. They are all in excellent condition, worn only for short periods of time to shoot clips or photos with. They might smell faintly of Me, but probably not.

$200 for the lot, shipping included and I will only ship within the USA WITH signature delivery. (They will be shipped discreetly, of course.) Sorry to those of you outside of the USA but there is no way for Me to track packages outside of the US and I’m not dealing with that.

Everything is FIRM. No ‘special requests’, no pervy questions. you either want them or you don’t. If you DO, send Me a email letting ME know you’d like to purchase them and I’ll give you the payment info. I’ll need your address to ship them to. I’ll let you know when I’ll be able to ship them and after they’ve been shipped, I’ll email you the tracking info. you have 24 hours to pay for them once I send you the info or I will offer them to the next person who wants them.

I find it amusing that…

…on the same day I shoot a new panty clip, I have been getting a bunch of clip orders with sales of My PANTY videos. 😜 (I know you boys love My panty clips)

I’m editing the clip now and it should be in My store later this evening. And also, I’m selling the 6 pairs of panties I wore in the clip, for $200. I’ll have a blog post for that and more info later this evening. This is a rare opportunity because I never sell My clothing/heels/etc. Can’t be bothered, it’s too much of a bother and guys always want to ask a million questions (Do they smell? How dirty are they? Can you…fill-in-the-blank? ME: NO!) which just annoys the fuck out of Me!  lol  So yeah. Anyway….more later this evening…..

Cum Eating Goals

I’m SO thoughtful! I made your resolutions for you:   Cum Eating Goals

So you start out 2017 as a cum eating virgin, but by the end of 2017, you’ll be licking up every mess you make! I am a VERY determined woman and I am making it My mission to turn you into an eager cum eater. you need My guidance, My encouragement and My instructions. And here is where you start…..