Cum on Command

Can you do this?   Cum on Command

466-Cum-on-CommandAs apart of your ongoing cock training, there are always things I’m going to expect you to try. And cumming when I command is one of them. I’m going to build you up to it so you’ll be ready to explode but you have to control your cock and not cum until I say. Can you do that? Let’s find out……

Selfies and Stuff…

A bunch of random selfies and other pics…

A feet pic taken back in March (2016):

feet-Mar-2016My nails from April 2016:

Nails-Apr-2016A beautiful vintage black lace gown/robe set that perv paid for (think it was $100) a while ago…haven’t worn it in a video yet. He got a few different pics, you just get this one:

Black-lace-peignoir-setCorset from the professor:

corset-from-profGreen toenails…

green-toenailsAfter one of My stocking clips:

Mistress-in-blue-slipI think you know what these are….  😉

blue-bewbsMy hair in a messy french braid:

French-braidThe night before I shot Powerless to Pantyhose….I was trying on the outfit…

Purple-shiny-clothingView out of one of My bedroom skylights (I told you these were random!):

view-bedroom-skylightBlue metallic mani/pedi:

blue-metallic-nailsTaken after I shot My FF Nylons Soles clip:

after-FF-soles-clipThis dress would be perfect if it was cut like this:

blue-busty-dressblue-dress-hairblue-dress-legs-heelsBefore I took those pics (above), Suki was laying on the step like this:

Suki-adorbs-1So friggin’ adorable!!

Suki-adorbs-2Got a pedicure this week:

July-pediLike I mentioned in My Servitude #4 clip, My dirtylittleperv got Me these stockings from Secrets in Lace:


Although one of the sizes was wrong and had to be sent back, it wasn’t his fault, he ordered the correct sizes.

And…..he got Me a $100 Sephora giftcard that I told him I wanted:

100-Sephora-July-17th-dlpWhich I got this in store:

Tarte-S-paletteI love this palette!! The colors are SO flattering on My skin tone and they make My blue eyes POP even more! Good boy perv!

I also got a new pair of beautiful handmade leather heels from him that I’ll be showing off in My next Servitude clip and then I’ll post a photo on My blog. And I have a stunning pair coming from the professor next week too!

All this and I still want MORE!  ahahahahaha  Of course! 😉

As for the selfies, honestly, that’s probably the most you’ll be getting from Me in 2016. I’m kinda bored with them. I take still take some once in a while, but they are usually sexier and I don’t feel like posting them on My blog. Because…why? This blog is FREE. Why should I give guys who aren’t tributing ME….anything? My good boys get pics though…  😉  They NEVER ask for them, they wouldn’t be that stupid or selfish. They just get them because they always do their best to make ME so freaking HAPPY!!  😀

I’m thinking of releasing some of My older clips from when I had My lingerie paysite. Just putting them out there in My clip store for whoever wants My older material. We’ll see….

Silky Shiny Sensual Satin

New clip:  Silky Shiny Sensual Satin  (try saying that fast 5 times!  😉

465-Silky-Shiny-Sensual-SatinMy soft skin is wrapped in layers of sumptuous satin and underneath…a pair of silk string bikini panties. All that sensual satin is enough to make you….. (At the end of this clip there are a couple of short segments I shot after other clips, where I was wearing satin clothing. The footage was never used in other clips, I just saved it to include with a future satin clip.)

Well that didn’t take long at all to shoot up to #1:


Servitude #5

New:   Servitude #5

464-Servitude-5Dressed in a slinky satin nightgown and a lavish fox fur draped around Me, I have an important message…..for some of you.

This clip made it to #1 in the Femdom POV category:


I like Mondays.

But then I’m self employed and I just love My life all around. And when you’re your own boss….all days of the week are pretty interchangeable.

It must be the Full Moon coming up, but I just feel so CHARGED UP! 😀  So many ideas…….