Day 3 of Chastity

NEW clip posted today:   Day 3 of Chastity

308-Day-3-of-ChastityLook down at your cock, all locked up and then look at the keys dangling between My beautiful breasts. your cock no longer belongs to you. I hold the keys to your cock, to your pleasure and to your future release. As the days pass, you can feel the frustration building and it’s only going to get worse. Without the distraction of self-gratification, you are finding your thoughts focused more and more on Me. Chastity is making you a more devoted slave for ME. As the need to cum grows, you’ll be thinking of a way to get out of that cock cage before the 30 days, perhaps paying a VERY large fee for an early release. But it’s not going to happen. you’ve never gone this long without a release before and I’m going to make sure you complete the whole month LOCKED up and feeling a level desperation you’ve never felt before.

Day 1 of Chastity

Day 2 of Chastity


I had planned to shoot new clips last week but got totally sidetracked. While going through My (large!) collection of clothing and lingerie, looking for stuff to wear for My videos, I decided I NEEDED to go through it all. I’ve been accumulating stuff for years and some of it had to go! But as I started to go through one of My closets, I ended up cleaning out the other stuff in there and it just became a huge project, but GOOD! It’s such a satisfying feeling to get rid of stuff you don’t want or need anymore and only keep that which you LOVE.

I also wanted to create a photographic inventory on My computer of My wardrobe to make it so much easier to know what I have–at a glance–rather than digging through My storage containers. It will also make it easier when I’m lingerie shopping on ebay and I can glance through My “Vintage Nightgowns” folder and see that I already OWN 4 pink nylon nightgowns and don’t really need a 5th!  😉

My lovely cat, Suki, has been having some health problems again, which has been stressful. I’m bringing her to the vet this week. I found out last year that she has a mass on her liver which is pushing on her stomach. Basically surgery is what would be needed and as you can imagine, it’s not cheap. After spending around $2000.00 in October 2013 to fix her hyperthyroidism, I’m not really eager to shell out over a thousand plus on surgery when there are no guarantees she will have a clean bill of health and live a long life afterwards. Not to mention, Suki is almost 15 years old and I worry if she would even make it through the surgery. Obviously, it’s not a easy decision to make….

What makes a woman?

It would be kind of hard to miss a certain story that has been in the media recently. If you are waiting in line at the supermarket, you’ve probably seen it plastered all over the tabloids. Or you’ve seen it mentioned on the tv, or a news headline on the internet.

A certain male uttered the words “I’m a woman”. Not, I FEEL like a woman, but that he IS a woman.

Oh really….

Can you give birth? Can your body CREATE life and carry a tiny human being in it?

Do you have to worry about getting pregnant?

Do you have a vagina, ovaries, uterus and other FEMALE parts?

Do you have a PERIOD every month?

Were you a little girl? Because in order to be a MAN, you would have had to have been a BOY first at some point. It works the same way with being a WOMAN.

And that’s not even touching upon societal pressures on females. I could go on and ON.

Wearing lipstick, panties and prancing around in a dress and high heels does NOT make you a WOMAN. Try again. I appreciate that some people do not feel like the gender they were born into and want their body to match the gender they feel inside. But do not think for one second that getting gender reassignment surgery makes you a FEMALE. you haven’t a fucking CLUE what it’s like to actually BE a female or what females REALLY go through and you never will.

I realize MY opinion is so not ‘politically correct’ and IDGAF! This is MY blog and MY domain. Don’t agree with MY opinion, you can easily click away. When I have to deal with BLEEDING every fucking month (and sometimes cramps, tiredness, bloating and sore boobs) and some male tells ME that he’s a woman, I want to vomit. Um, NO. Just fucking NO.

A little update…

May 2015 was My second best sales month on Clips4Sale, surpassing My previous second best sales month. And I have to say, I am quite pleased!  :-)

I have been busy getting rid of a lot of photos, pages, and a few short teaser videos that were all on the ‘free’ (non-member) area of My domain. If you go to My main page (, the “Enter” link now brings you directly to My blog, which is all that will be on domain once My members area is closed (end of June 2015).

I went through and canceled all of the remaining rebilling members on Friday and Saturday. I removed the JOIN page on Friday. I was going to wait until the 31st, but honestly, I just wanted to be done with it.

I’ve also been going around the web and gathering up links of MY content which is posted where it shouldn’t be!  *sigh* I really hate piracy and people reposting MY material without MY consent. Which is a HUGE reason why I can’t wait to be done with doing a paysite. Yeah, it will always be a problem and I’ll always have to monitor it, get it taken down/removed. Unfortunately.

I realize the majority of My blog posts have been pretty much all advertisements for My C4S store and I want to get back into blogging again, but we shall see what June brings….

Silken Spell

New clip:  Silken Spell

307-Silken-SpellSilky materials have an irresistible influence on you. you love the way they look, and most of all, you love the way it feels. Watch Me in this sumptuous nylon nightgown and the way it flows over My silken skin and curves. It’s like liquid! you can’t look away. you are enchanted by My movements and all the shiny nylon material. A very HOT clip!

UPDATE:    Currently #1 in the Silk & Satin category….SS-no1

The New Rules

New cuckold clip posted:  The New Rules

306-The-New-RulesI come into the bedroom, wearing some new lingerie I just bought and you are thinking we’re going to have sex. I seem happy and in a teasing mood when I show off My sexy little babydoll and I tell you there is something I want to talk about. I say it with a little smile on My face so you’re thinking it’s something sexual. you have no idea what’s coming next….. I mention My friend Michelle, the one I go out to drinks with and that got divorced last year. I tell you how she’s been dressing sexier when we go out and she’s looking for a man who really knows how to fuck. She told me how her ex-husband sucked in bed and well……that got Me to thinking about you and our relationship. We married young and I always thought if the sex was bad, there were things we could try to spice it up. And I certainly tried over the years but, it hasn’t helped, because the problem is you! you are so fucking BORING in the bedroom and honestly, you cum too quick! I’m not happy with our sex life and you don’t even know how to please Me. So I’ve decided there are going to be some changes in our relationship and these are the NEW RULES………

Stunning Stockings

Vintage stockings clip posted:  Stunning Stockings

305-Stunning-StockingsThis clip is from 2012 and was shot for My lingerie paysite. I collect rare and unique vintage stockings (preferably Fully Fashioned) and this is probably one of the most unusual pairs in My collection. With the stockings I’m wearing a vintage nightgown, black open bottom girdle and black high heeled mules. A delectable feast of stockings, legs, heels, feet and garters.

This is Bonus Video #100. It’s the 4th one I have posted to My clips store. HERE is the third one I posted and HERE is My post about the first two I posted to My store. This is just for reference for those of you who have been members of My lingerie site and are looking for some of My past Bonus Videos.

Sheer Lingerie and Stockings

New lingerie clip posted today: Sheer Lingerie and Stockings

304-Sheer-Lingerie-and-StockingsAnother sexy little outfit from My vast collection of lingerie! What can I say? I love to dress up and lucky for you, I also love to show off in front of the video camera!  😉 Almost everything I’m wearing is sheer…..sheer robe, babydoll, panties and stockings (the garter belt is lace). See through lingerie is so erotic as it conceals and reveals at the same time. I love the strappy red high heeled sandals I’m wearing and they go perfectly with My contrasting red seamed stockings. My sensual style has you coming back again and again for My lingerie clips! Check out MORE of My enticing lingerie videos here:

Can you believe this is My 304th video for My clips store?! Although I’ve posted a few old trample clips or clips from My lingerie paysite to My clips store, probably 95% of the videos are exclusive to My clips store! I started My clips store in May 2013 and in just 2 years time I’ve amassed quite a growing collection of new content. And it’s only going to keep growing!

The Power of Femininity

New clip posted today:  The Power of Femininity

303-The-Power-of-FemininityMale clothing is so boring and drab in comparison to all the wonderful things females get to wear….silks, satins, lace, lingerie, high heels, mini-skirts and more! I know how much you love to dress up in womens clothing and the effect it has on you. you love femininity and are drawn to all things feminine. It’s like a drug and it has such a powerful effect on you. When you see an attractive woman dressed in a sexy outfit, you wish that you were her. you get so aroused by transforming yourself to the sexy woman of your dreams….perfume, makeup, panties, heels, lingerie……all to try and experience the erotic power of femininity.  If you like this clip, you’ll love My Sissy Task #8-Wardrobe clip!

UPDATE:  This clip made it to #1 in the Feminization category