submissive speak

New:    submissive speak

So you’ve finally plucked up the courage to contact a Dominant Female. Good for you! I’m here to help. How to address the Woman you’re contacting, what to say and not to say, what to do before you ever email and what state you should (and should NOT) be in when you are writing that very first email. Very important details for any submissive male who wants to get it right and get that positive response you are hoping for.

I don’t want you to cum

New:  I don’t want you to cum

Orgasm control is so HOT. And I know, the transition can be challenging in the beginning. Going from a lifetime of cumming when you want to when I allow it. But orgasm denial with a cock controlling Mistress can take your mind and body to places you’ve never reached before. I know you want to experience that and I can give you that…..

My soles in your face

New:  My soles in your face

I love these types of angles, with you looking up at Me. And it’s so perfect for putting My stocking soles right in your face! Wiggling, pointing and spreading My toes, crossing My soles and making you feel (wish!) that you were right here, under My nylon feet!

10% off at Clips4Sale…

Clips4Sale is currently having a 10% off sale from NOW till August 1st, 2022:

All you have to do is LOGIN or create a new account on Clips4Sale. Purchases must be made with a credit card to receive discount. (As opposed to??? I think they offer bank transfers to those outside of the USA..? Not sure. I’m just relaying what they told us Clip Producers about this promo).

PS–The 10% comes out of the C4S side, NOT My cut. *I* don’t do sales.  lol

7 inch High Heel Mules

New:  7 inch High Heel Mules

The highest heels I own! A brand new gift from a slave. The heels are so thin, a true stiletto heel! I walk a bit in them and show them off from all sorts of angles. With the heels I’m wearing a pair of diamond heel Full Fashioned stockings, garter belt, panties, a vintage bustier and long satin gloves.