Day 3 of 4 -Evening Session

New:   Day 3 of 4 -Evening Session

I like to call this session “Mindful Masturbation”, compared to your usual mind-less masturbation. Take a deep breathe, relax, and savor every stroke. Yes, I know you’re frustrated and want a release, but *I* want you to wait. So enjoy this while it lasts…..

Day 3 of 4 -Morning Session

New:   Day 3 of 4 -Morning Session

The good news:  More stroking instructions. The better news: still no cumming for you!  Oh and aren’t those crotchless panties hot?!! Yeah, they’d be even hotter if there wasn’t a nice thick pantyhose gusset underneath. But I couldn’t go pantyhose-less because you’d never last through the first 30 seconds of stroking! So I wore them for you. See how thoughtful I am?  😉

Day 1 of 4 – Morning Session

New:  Day 1 of 4 – Morning Session

A new 4 day series of 8 clips intended for those who seek My cock control training. Start this on a morning that you have NOT masturbated after Midnight. This clip describes what to expect along with your first stroking session. Obedient slaves will follow it to the letter.