My new Mistress Jessica Clips4Sale video clip store!!

Hello! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve put up a blog here. It’s funny how people seem to assume the worst when you haven’t posted in awhile. Have we forgotten there is a whole life OFFLINE?  ;-)

I’m good, really good in fact.  But there have been some changes. The biggie being that I have decided to stop posting any NEW updates to my lingerie site. I am still reposting Bonus Videos every week (and they are only on my site for two weeks at a time and then removed), but no more NEW updates from me.

Why? Well, honestly, I’m just really bored with shooting straight lingerie tease stuff. I mean, I have been doing this for TEN YEARS of my life now. People change, grow, evolve, explore and venture into new things. Okay, *I* do anyway. And that’s where I’m at now. Although I have stopped shooting stuff for my site, I haven’t stopped shooting content. I actually really enjoy making videos, only now I’m doing fetish related content and I’m only just getting started!  ;-)

I feel a disclaimer is in order for those of you of with a sensitive nature. If you go to my Clips4Sale store, you may find some things you don’t like. Use your back button or close our your browser window. But for the love of Pete, do not email me to bitch about it because, well, I don’t care.

That being said, here’s my new clips store:

I’ve only had my store for less than a month now and it’s doing really well and I’ve been trying to update it EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have been having so much fun shooting clips again and there are so many different fetishes, kinks and storylines that I am going to be exploring. I have SUCH a deliciously wicked mind, you have no idea!  ;-)

I could say more but I think that’s enough for now. I won’t be posting to this lingerie blog much, if at all anymore. I DO have a new blog, elsewhere, that I am going to be posting to (and have been) on a regular basis, but it is FETISH related stuff.

You know, I love it when I get really excited about something new because I am such a driven and focused person. I KNOW what I want out of life and I go for it. I put blinders on, shut out everything else and just focus on what my goals are. Yeah, some people might not like what I do or agree with it, but I’ve never been one to give a shit. Life is a once-go-round thing and I live it for me. When I’m about to kick the bucket, I want to look back on my life and know that I lived it the way I wanted to and didn’t let fear hold me back.

Peace!  ;-)

UPDATE:  I have decided to turn off the comments on my blog because 1–I have been getting hit with so much spam on here which I have to filter out and 2–I don’t plan on updating this blog for a while (if at all) and I won’t be checking comments on here. Unfortunately the program I use ‘hides’ all the previous comments left on other posts, in addition to disabling commenting.

Yes, I really wear my lingerie. It’s not just for my website!

Over the years, I’ve been asked the question “Do you really wear the lingerie or is it just for your site?”  And the answer is “Yes, I do really wear my lingerie!”. While I’m sure some models just wear lingerie for the cameras and aren’t really into it otherwise, I really love vintage lingerie!

SLIPS:  I like to wear my full slips to lounge around the house in during the warmer months. I find I tend to wear my half slips out in public more than my full slips, especially under my summer dresses.

PANTIES:  Well, duh, of course I wear panties! But…..I don’t wear the full cut ‘granny style’ panties for anything other than my website. All the other styles, YES, but just not the big ‘ole brief styles. I prefer bikini cut and I like Victoria’s Secret ‘Cheeky’ panties, as they look awesome on my bootay!  ;-)

STOCKINGS/PANTYHOSE:  Ever since Magnolia stopped (basically) doing business, I haven’t been wearing FF stockings as much as I use to. I was paying $12.95 a pair for years and now I can’t seem to find FF stockings for under $30.00 a pair. I still wear them for special occasions though. Pantyhose, I will rarely wear (as I’d much rather wear stockings), but once in a while a skirt length will dictate pantyhose over stockings!

HIGH HEELS:  I love high heels and was wearing them years before I even started doing my website! I have more heels than the ones I feature on my site.

ROBES/TEDDIES/BABYDOLLS/NIGHTGOWNS: Babydolls are great ‘sex wear’ *wink wink* and I love to lounge around in some of my vintage nightgowns.

GIRDLES: This is one item that I RARELY wear as, honestly, I just don’t need one!  lol  I prefer garter belts instead.

Wearing vintage lingerie is something so special and makes me feel like the glamourous goddess I am. Funnily enough, a t-shirt and yoga pants just don’t have the same effect…

Vintage lingerie, Satin Peep-toe Heels and Polished Nails

These still images were taken from my newest video update “Lingerie Temptress”. I was wearing a silky nylon vintage robe and nightgown set. The lovely satin heels were a gift from a member and look perfect on My feet. He has previously sent me a pair of white heels, which you can see in this video sample, and another pair which I show in my members area.

Lingerie-Temptress-pic1The fully fashioned nylons I wore in that video are also vintage.

Lingerie-Temptress-pic2I LOVE this polish color, it (currently) matches my toe nails. But I’ll be changing it again soon.


I feel like death!

Okay, perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I thought it made for a great blog title!  :D   What seemed to be a cold or my allergies acting up, turned out to be a sinus infection. Started out with a couple of days with a really bad sore throat, followed by a cough and flu-like aches and pains with a side of extreme fatigue this weekend. (Including a zillion other symptoms I won’t go into). The fatigue is better today, cough is still driving me mad and my eyes were swollen and red this morning. Deep joy! So obviously, no new video updates today.

I’m fairly certain Mother Nature is a sadist because YET AGAIN, it is snowing and accumulating. This is like the third time this month that the snow has almost completely melted, only to get all hopes of Spring-like weather shot down with another shitload of snow!  Mother Nature 3, Minnesota 0

I’ll try and cough-up (haha!) something lingerie related for tomorrows blog post.

Vixen in Black lingerie, stockings and heels.

Ugh, woke up this morning with a major sore throat. It’s either a cold coming or my allergies kicking in. And to top it off, we are just getting dumped on with the SNOW today. You’d never guess it was spring in Minnesota!

So on to something a bit more glamourous…pictures of Me! In lingerie!  I know, surprise, surprise!  ;-)

Vixen-Jessica-in-black-lingerieThese are from 2009 and seeing them again makes me think about going back to being a redhead….

Vixen-Jessica-in-black-lingerie-1I love the garter, skirt, wasit cincher all-in-one I’m wearing in these photos. It has a retro look to it, even though it’s not genuine vintage. I had a lady on ebay custom make me one in white and black a few years ago. Here’s a picture of the white one, albeit you can’t see it very well in that photo.

Amateur Lingerie Model

I’m not a model. Well, I don’t consider myself one, but technically I guess I am because I model/tease/show off/ham it up for my website. So ‘amateur lingerie model’ is probably a fitting title.

Mistress-Jessica-Revealing-her-lingerieWhen I started out taking pictures, it was just for fun and the more photos I took, the more I tried to improve. I learned that some poses were a lot more flattering than others and I tried to get creative with camera angles and close-up shots. One of my favorite parts about amateur modeling is buying lingerie and putting together outfits! And since I love lingerie, stockings and heels, my site is just an extension of myself and things I enjoy wearing!    The BEST lingerie TEASE on the ‘net!

Glamour Goddess

I was farting around in Photoshop this evening, as I am working on some new headers and things for my site. I don’t usually use any of the artistic filters on my images, but for the heck of it, decided to try some of them out. Very cool effects!

Glamour-GoddessThis one was the Diffuse Glow filter and I just adjusted some of the settings on it to get the look I wanted. I could easily waste hours and hours toying around in Photoshop, which is why I try and stick to the basics when I use it. Otherwise I’ll get nothing done!

Blogging, Updating my site, etc

So, I haven’t been blogging as much recently. The reason is, my mind has been elsewhere and to be totally honest, I just find it a bit boooooring lately. Usually that’s a sign I need a break or vacation. But, that’s not the case this time.

I’ve been doing this lingerie site for TEN YEARS now and as much as I love it, I want more. I started this site because of my interest in BDSM and I enjoyed exploring various fetishes. Then I ended up exploring my love of vintage lingerie, stockings and high heels. But now I am craving going back to my roots. No, this wasn’t something that just happened over night. The shift has been going on for a few months now.

My boyfriend told me I was ‘such an actress’ one time when he was came home from work and caught me finishing up a video I was shooting. I just laughed and said “I know”. He knows what I’m really like and I’ve kind of created this ‘sweet’ image of myself on my site that is so beyond the TOTAL BITCH I AM!!  haha  Just kidding. Or am I?  Hmmm….. But seriously though, it IS an image I created.

And I’m ready to shed it.

Short, tight curve-hugging mini dress and ultra glossy Pantyhose

These pictures are a from a few years ago, and seeing them again tempts me to going back to being a redhead.  Hmmm….

Anyhow, it’s fun to wear things on my site that I wouldn’t normally wear in my offline life. Like this super-clingy mini dress with the cleavage revealing cutout and these ultra high platform heels with a ‘stipper-vibe’ to them.

tight-mini-dress-shiny-pantyhoseAnd what about those pantyhose, eh? They are probably the shinest pair of pantyhose I’ve ever worn! They were a gift from a member. They are Wolford NEON 40′s I believe. I’m not 100% certain as I’ve received several pairs of Woldford pantyhose over the years and they all have different names.

tight-mini-dress-shiny-pantyhose-1And of course, low-angle booty-shots are *always* awesome!  :D