Servitude #295

New:   Servitude #295

I have a cum challenge for you today but before you can begin, you’ll need the SECOND thing that I mentioned in Servitude #280. I’m wearing a sheer red vintage nightgown and sheer red thong panties (which are removed near the end). I am determined that you will cum today no matter what and you are going to show Me who owns your cock. (1–I mislabeled this clip title in the video as Servitude #285, but this is indeed Servitude #295 and 2–the preview is censored, the clip is not).

Servitude #292

New:  Servitude #292

Caught in My net….some more than others. There is just something about Me that you can not resist. Some have been with Me for months, some years and some since the very beginning. My magic is so effortless because this is who I am and it’s just one of the many reasons you are drawn to Me over and over again.

Servitude #290

New:   Servitude #290

Mistress worship sessions always fan the flames of your lust for Me and your desire to be the very best slave you can be. Being able to see Me in such hot lingerie is a GIFT. No, you are never worthy of it, but that just makes you appreciate it so much more…. (Preview is censored, clip is not.)

Servitude #289

New:   Servitude #289

I’m wearing a pair of My vintage ‘fancy’ stockings made by Stylace (they have a unique outline design on the foot). If you’ve been paying attention (and own many of My clips), you know that I collect vintage stockings. It’s kind of like wearing a piece of history on My legs. While I show them off, I give you some more instructions for the next few days. The words ‘denial’ and ‘chastity’ always bring a smile to My face!  😉

Servitude #288

New:   Servitude #288

There are a couple things you’ll need before you begin and I mentioned those in Servitude #287. It’s been a while since I’ve let you have a release and today you have an opportunity to have one. It might be a bit challenging because of what I have you do so you’ll have to prove to Me that you won’t let anything get in the way of that orgasm. Once I drop My robe, you’ll see that I picked out something special (read: sheer, revealing and cock-hardening) to make sure you achieve that goal. The preview image for this clip doesn’t show much because I would have had to censor all of the other images and I wasn’t going to bother. MY devoted slaves will buy this clip regardless as will those who love *these* types of clips. Such an erotic treat….