And while I’m at it….

…because I am SOOOOOO tired of all the nonsense in this fucking world…

Every month when I get My PERIOD, I always shake My head at those who expect ME to believe that a human being born with a PENIS and yet “identifies” as a female is IDENTICAL to ME, a BIOLOGICAL female. Nope. That someone who will NEVER menstruate, never have to worry about getting pregnant, monthly hormonal fluctuations and then eventually menopause is the SAME as a BIOLOGICAL female. Again, NOPE.

Oooo…I’m a “hater”, I’m _____-phobic, I’m a TERF, yadda, yadda. (Sorry, not a FEMININST either….there’s yet another angry mob of people….)

Whatever you choose to do with your body is *your* business, but do not even TRY to force your beliefs on ME because I will not agree with them. And that is MY RIGHT. Just because *you* might feel like you were ‘born in the wrong’ body does NOT give you the right to try and convince everyone else on this fucking planet that an APPLE is an ORANGE. 🙄

Just fucking wow….

As if 2021 hasn’t been a shitshow already, the Supreme Court could possibly overturn Roe vs Wade.


It’s not about LIFE. And FUCK THOSE that say it is, that is the biggest load of BULLSHIT. It IS about trying to control WOMEN and it always HAS been.

I am a HARDCORE Atheist. Don’t believe in a god, never did. I believe religion was created by man to control man through FEAR. I believe people use religion to try and feel morally superior to others. “Love thy neighbor” and “Thou shall not judge”  HA!!! Some of the most hateful and judgmental people are so called ‘good Christians’.

It’s weird though……Women DON’T impregnate themselves and yet we nevvvveeerrrr hear anything about the man’s part in this. Because it has ALWAYS been about shaming and controlling FEMALES for being sexual. ALWAYS.

Every day it’s yet another reason to hate humanity. *sigh*

Fucking LOVE George Carlin and he NAILS the Abortion topic:

“Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?”  😂 🤣

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Senator Cassidy made some very good points, and asked some good questions and yet the CDC director would not answer a single one. Such bullshit.

My mind is boggled EVERY DAMN DAY that more people are NOT asking these questions and are just BLINDLY believing what they are told.

If immunity doesn’t exist then WHY is *reinfection* to Covid RARE?  WHY is this NOT being discussed?? WHY is a vaccine being pushed on EVERYONE regards of natural immunity or not? And I’m fucking tired….TIRED of ANYONE who asks questions being labeled as “anti-vaxx”. I’m NOT anti-vaxx at all, if you want it, go get it!

And while I am at it… I am Pro-choice. The Left is known for taking the Pro-choice stance which has the slogan “My body, MY choice”. BUTTTTTT….they sure as FUCK don’t feel that way when it comes to the vaccine!!!  lol

And the Right, those who try and force their religious beliefs on everyone else (but lose their fucking MINDS if anyone tries to do the same to them!!!) are usually ANTI-choice and yet they have the AUDACTITY to use the “MY body, My choice” slogan when it comes to the vaccine! HA!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???!!

FUCK the Left and FUCK the Right. you are either FOR bodily autonomy or you are NOT. There is no “I am but…” No. NO NO NO. If we crack open that door of giving the government the right to our OWN FUCKING BODIES and HEALTH, we are NEVER going back.

Honestly, I have fucking had it with 2021. It’s just so unbelievably SURREAL.

And I gotta say….ranting makes Me feel a whole lot better!  LOL

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