Home from Work

New:   Home from Work

It feels so good to come home from work and relax. Maybe you change into something more comfortable, get something to drink and turn on the television. But eventually you sit in front of your computer, looking for something to stroke to, just like you are now. you know it’s so much more enjoyable to jerk when a sexy Woman is encouraging you to do it rather than by yourself. After spending all day working hard, you can’t wait to come home and indulge in your favorite past time. And I know you want to stroke for Me. But if you do, that means I control that cock of yours and you’ll do exactly what I say…..

The Allure of Lingerie

New:  The Allure of Lingerie

Let Me show you the allure of lingerie in My signature, sensual style….

PS–I LOVE this clip!! 😍

PPS- you will too! 😜

PPPPPS–Tried a new light set up (not just the colored light behind Me) and I’m pleased with the results.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS–Must remember to text My hairstylist tomorrow and tell her “YES, I love the Red!”.

Good boy opportunity!!

I have $2.34 left on My Caribou card. This is not good. 😞

And since I haven’t paid for My own mochas in years, one of you (who is NOT philip!!  lol philip would snap up every opportunity if I let him!) is going to make Me SO happy and get Me a $50 Caribou card HERE. I will update this post once this is taken care of.

Not one but TWO of you took care of this—both sissy dee dee AND the professor got Me $50 Caribou cards. Nicely done boys, you have no idea how much this has pleased Me! 😊 And needless to say I won’t be needing another for quite a while! lol


My clips store is now 6 years old!  Crazy how time flies!

I know I said it once before in a blog post that yeah, I knew it was a risk. To build up a customer base with the paysite model and then switch over to a pay-per-video model. But HOLY FUCK I am soooooo glad I did it and only regret not doing it from the beginning!  lol

I had hated running a paysite long before I actually shut it down and I mentioned some of the reasons why in various posts. My BEST Clips4Sale customers are better than those who were regular customers of My paysite. Unless they are sending a tribute, they just continue to buy, and they don’t contact Me. But with My paysite there was always this feeling that I had to correspond with members on a regular basis or they would stop their recurring memberships. And for what? A fucking $19.95 a month? When I spent HOURS every week personally replying to emails.

And yeah, when you stop that, people get resentful…and nasty. male entitlement is a bitch, but then so am I! 😈

NOW…I can continue to do something I LOVE, in a way that pleases ME, and My customers love My content I produce and everybody’s HAPPY! 🤗

Gifts and mentions…

The robe and stockings from Secrets in Lace arrived, from philip:

The professor had wanted to get Me the robe, but philip had emailed Me first, so instead I let him pay for a gorgeous vintage Trashy lingerie robe I got off of ebay:

I’m pretty sure it’s vintage 1980’s and the shoulder pads are INSANE (lol) and getting removed.

And it’s satin. 😉

Those who have pleased Me this past week:  philip, the professor, satinmikey, thomas and sissy dee dee.

And another person was brave enough to complete the task in Servitude #122. 😊 But there are still 2 others I’d like to see complete this task, and they know who they are.

Both satinmikey and philip covered the financial tasks in Servitude #126, only philip did the very first task I mentioned, and I’m still waiting for someone to do the FREE tasks I mentioned. Free boys, FREE! lol  Easy ways to please Me that anyone can do. (Well..tasks for anyone who shells out the $48.99 for the clip, so perhaps not so free after all. 😆)

PS–My copyrighted material was finally removed from that other clip studio!