Stocking clad Calves

Showing off My:  Stocking clad Calves

358-Stocking-clad-CalvesThis clip has a little bit of everything in it: Full fashioned stockings, shapely legs and calves, shoe dangle, garters and stockings, panty peek, nylon feet, toe pointing, leg crossing and of course ME!  I enjoy showing off My strong, curvy calf muscles that have been created and maintained by an active lifestyle (read: exercise!). This video is a treat for leg, stocking and calf muscle admirers alike!

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Goddess of Lust

New clip posted:  Goddess of Lust

357-Goddess-of-LustI am your Goddess, your Mistress and I symbolize everything you lust for. My hands glide over My silken flesh as My gaze penetrates you. Lust, desire, arousal, longing are just a few of the things I stir up inside of you. I know you can’t help but to touch yourself when you watch Me and that’s exactly what I want. Sexually energy, especially orgasms are so incredibly powerful. The more you cum to Me, the more energy I get and the more powerful I become. you exist for Me.

Flashback 2004: Panty Strip

No gif for you, just a still pic. This 16 second clip was shot in July 2004 in a semi-secluded area of a park. I removed My pink satin panties and all you got to see was a bit of side cheek.

2004-Panty-StripSee also:

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Flashback 2004: Nylon Strip

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Sexy Skimpy Panty Ass Tease

New clip:   Sexy Skimpy Panty Ass Tease

356-Sexy-Skimpy-Panty-Ass-TeaseI just love My sexy little bubble butt! I was actually in the middle of filming another clip when I decided to shoot some footage of My ass in these little sheer blue panties. I just liked how My ass looked in them and felt the need to show it off. I haven’t shot an ass worship clip in forever, so enjoy!

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A few things….

A peek from an upcoming clip, that wasn’t even planned. It just kinda ‘happened’ when I was in the middle of filming another clip.

peek9And this arrived last week and I forgot to mention it:

200-GR-11-9And…….I am incredibly HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)   I love My life!  I’ve been feeling really creative lately and brimming with ideas with clips and other things. And of course, there is a certain someone that brings a lot of joy to My life and has for the last, almost 2 years. And that is HUGE. So yeah, I am one happy Mistress.  😉

Month 5 – 6 Months of Tributes

It’s that time again….. Month 5 – 6 Months of Tributes

354-Month-5-6-Months-of-TributesMonth 5 and so close to the end of My little….’test’. So many call themselves ‘money slaves’ and yet so few actually follow through. If you balk at the price of this clip, you *aren’t* a money slave. you are a wannabe. Those who are truly devoted to ME have followed through, month after month, purchasing each new ‘tribute’ clip as I post it. And after the 6 months, I will know who My loyal boys really are. Will you be one of them?

FYI: I am not an author selling books on Amazon…..

Apparently there is someone selling books on Amazon under the name “Mistress Jessica”. This is NOT Me. As I state on My contact page, I am not on any other social media sites. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. (Actually I do have a YouTube account but I use it only to get My content removed from there).

There are other women in the world who call themselves “Mistress Jessica”, so don’t assume that it’s ME or is associated with ME in anyway. I only post on this blog and on Clips4Sale. I prefer to post in a place (My own domain) that I have total control over My content and don’t have to abide by the rules or terms of condition of another. Not surprising really.

Pussy Tease

New clip:   Pussy Tease

353-Pussy-TeasePussy. you are so obsessed with that one little area between My legs. What’s it look like, taste like, smell like….. Well maybe today is your lucky day. I take off My panties in this clip, but will I let you see anything? With just My hand covering My most sacred spot, maybe I’ll allow you a quick peek? Or maybe not.  It’s so easy to tease you with something you want so badly……

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Red Satin Seduction

Mmmmmm….a NEW satin clip!  😉       Red Satin Seduction

352-Red-Satin-SeductionI just have to show off this new gorgeous red satin robe I got. It’s ultra feminine with an old Hollywood glamour feel to it, so, perfect for ME!  😉  Although you may get to see a tiny peek of the actual video in the animated preview images, you DON’T hear My words. And if you are a fan of MY satin videos, you know that that is part of the seduction. Click, buy and watch. Once again, I, your Satin Mistress, put you under My satin spell……

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