The Only Way

New Financial Domination clip posted:   The Only Way

278-The-Only-WayDo you know what true servitude is? I know you’ve fantasized about the idea of submitting and of course, jerked off to it, but do you really know? My favorite type of slaves are those that are truly devoted to Me, serving Me regularly, being MY good boys. Do you even know what that feels like? To be useful, to please, to SERVE a beautiful woman? My way, is the ONLY way……

Abrasion Play

New CBT instruction clip:  Abrasion Play

277-Abrasion-PlayToday you are going to try something new on your cock and balls. I am going to have you try a little abrasion play. For this you will need a toothbrush and a hard cock! I will instruct and show you exactly what I want you to do with the toothbrush. Are you ready to suffer for Me?  If you like CBT play, check out My your Pain is My Pleasure clip as well!


New clip posted:   Unattainable

276-UnattainableHow sexy is this nightgown I’m wearing? Clingy, silky material, low-cut and perfectly shows off My curves. I know how you fantasize about being able to rub your hands all over My body. Well one man is lucky enough to do that and that man will never be you! The closest you will get to Me is watching Me on your computer screen. To you, I am completely unattainable. you know this and yet you still continue to lust after Me and I will tell you exactly why that is……

Release Restriction

New orgasm control video:   Release Restriction

275-Release-RestrictionAnother month of orgasm control and you NEED it! you need My discipline, you crave My control. Without it, you’re lost….. This time around, I’m going to push you even further than before. If you haven’t already, you should have purchased and followed My first monthly masturbation schedule, Denial Devotion and My second one, Orgasm Obedience. Have a pen and a calender handy as I show you this months schedule. How many orgasms will I allow you this time? How long will I make you go without a release? And do you have the self-control to follow through?

New clips coming…..

Shot a couple of new videos today, one will be in My clips store tomorrow morning and the other on Wednesday.

Speaking of tomorrow, February 24th, it is MY birthday!!

My dirtylittlepervert has done really well with making sure I get what I want! He splashed out $450 for a fainting couch I had on My Amazon wishlist and sent Me a $125 gift card to Sephora.

Oh ‘AT’……THIS put a smile on My face today—good job!

ATs-clip-bingeI love seeing big clip orders! For the rest of you….DO THE SAME!

12 Garters

Now in My clips store:   12 Garters

273-12-GartersThis clip is 10 years old! Shot in 2005 and in Standard Definition, it’s one of My classic stocking and garter videos. Just like My Sexy Stroll video this was also shot in England. I’m wearing black Full Fashioned stockings, sheer black panties, a 12 strap garter belt, 5 inch high heeled pumps and a sexy black halter dress. Towards the end of the clip I slowly strip off each stocking. (I was getting My hair colored a dark red back then…big change from My natural color!)

Beautiful Bare Feet

New clip:   Beautiful Bare Feet

272-Beautiful-Bare-FeetNothing gets you more aroused than a pair of beautiful bare FEET. Soft wrinkled soles, polished toe nails, and smooth tops of the feet are all things you look for in a sexy pair. What do you like to do with them? Kiss them, lick them, suck on them? I know your biggest foot fantasy. Watch My feet and listen to Me describe it…..

Short update….

Just a few mentions…

My dirtylittlepervert has been shelling out the $$$ to keep Mistress HAPPY. Let’s see…he paid $185 for My hair appt a couple of weeks ago, then a few days later $105 to pay for MY afternoon tea with My girlfriends PLUS a bunch of TEA to stock up My tea cupboard. He bought a couple of items off of My wishlist AND a new curling iron that I wanted. Oh My perv, I do love USING YOU!!!

GloveJim sent another $50 Caribou gift card.

I had a very nice Valentine’s Day with My boyfriend and these chocolates were almost too pretty to eat:

William-Dean-vday-chocolatesLife is good, VERY good!  :-) I have been catching up on some of My reading, getting a lot of stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do for a while and I am impatiently awaiting Spring!

Bra Fetish 2

New clip posted:   Bra Fetish 2

271-Bra-Fetish-2I figured it was time I shot another bra fetish clip. It’s been a few months since my first one, Bra Fetish 1. In this clip, I try on 5 different bras: a lace one, a sheer cup one, an open nipple bra, and two identical sheer bras–in different colors. I also layer a few of the bras, wearing one over the other. I’m pricing this a little higher since there’s a bit of nip on display.