I told you so…..

🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

The woman below (don’t know who she is) said it ALL. YESSSSS, yes and YES!!!!

“Amen”  🤣 🤣 🤣



So ACCURATE. Unfortunately….🙄

I swear…..the Republican party is fucking NUTS! (So are Democrats…to be fair!  lol  I mean MEN on WOMEN’S SPORTS TEAMS—-WHAT IN THE FUCK??!! 😳 )

And they try to justify it under the guise of being “good Christians” who care about the “babies”. Yeah, they just hate everyone else! 🤣

Take the “god” part out of the equation and they are just hateful and judgmental human beings who want to impose THEIR beliefs on everyone else. They always try to hide their bullshit behind “god” to justify their actions.

I’m SO fucking glad I’m an Atheist and I can see this shit for what it is.

Give Me the Key

New:  Give Me the Key

(Make sure you are locked in your cock cage before you watch this!) Although you are locked in your cage, when the time comes for you to be released, you have the key, not Me. Does that seem right to you? No, it doesn’t. I have a better idea……

Indulging in Pleasure

New:  Indulging in Pleasure

It’s that time again. That private time that you dedicate to indulging in pleasure…self-pleasure. And My videos are just what you need…..enchanting eye-candy that makes you feel so good. No one can provide you with the sensuality that you crave like I can. So relax, indulge and……

12 Garter Straps

New:  12 Garter Straps

This garter belt isn’t practical, with all of those straps. But then neither is the corset I’m wearing or the thin stiletto heels. Which is exactly why I LOVE dressing in such clothing. Pure dress-up fantasy and fetish. All of those garter straps are holding up My contrasting seam and welt Full Fashioned stockings and framing My panty-clad ass so nicely. As My hands glide over My body and legs you are held captive by My every movement…..

It’s NOT about “life” and never was!

It has ALWAYS been about controlling/punishing Women for having sex for pleasure and NOT for ‘procreation’. And after this the next thing on their agenda is contraception. Then probably gay marriage and PORN (which they are always going after…) and who knows what else.

As an Atheist, I have always felt that religion is TOXIC. It’s one thing if a person is spiritual, but it’s another thing to try and ENFORCE your beliefs on other human beings.

SUCH bullshit….😣