Sheer Lingerie and Stockings

New lingerie clip posted today: Sheer Lingerie and Stockings

304-Sheer-Lingerie-and-StockingsAnother sexy little outfit from My vast collection of lingerie! What can I say? I love to dress up and lucky for you, I also love to show off in front of the video camera!  😉 Almost everything I’m wearing is sheer…..sheer robe, babydoll, panties and stockings (the garter belt is lace). See through lingerie is so erotic as it conceals and reveals at the same time. I love the strappy red high heeled sandals I’m wearing and they go perfectly with My contrasting red seamed stockings. My sensual style has you coming back again and again for My lingerie clips! Check out MORE of My enticing lingerie videos here:

Can you believe this is My 304th video for My clips store?! Although I’ve posted a few old trample clips or clips from My lingerie paysite to My clips store, probably 95% of the videos are exclusive to My clips store! I started My clips store in May 2013 and in just 2 years time I’ve amassed quite a growing collection of new content. And it’s only going to keep growing!

The Power of Femininity

New clip posted today:  The Power of Femininity

303-The-Power-of-FemininityMale clothing is so boring and drab in comparison to all the wonderful things females get to wear….silks, satins, lace, lingerie, high heels, mini-skirts and more! I know how much you love to dress up in womens clothing and the effect it has on you. you love femininity and are drawn to all things feminine. It’s like a drug and it has such a powerful effect on you. When you see an attractive woman dressed in a sexy outfit, you wish that you were her. you get so aroused by transforming yourself to the sexy woman of your dreams….perfume, makeup, panties, heels, lingerie……all to try and experience the erotic power of femininity.  If you like this clip, you’ll love My Sissy Task #8-Wardrobe clip!

Ruffles and Lace

Clips store updated today:    Ruffles and Lace

302-Ruffles-and-LaceOne of My classic legs, garters and lingerie tease clips from 2005! I just started shooting video clips back then and had so much to learn, but posing for the camera I had down since day one!  😉  As you can see from the preview image, this clip features legs, stockings, garters, high heels, panty peeks, lacy half slip, nylon feet, silky panties, skirt lifting, and at the very end of the clip I remove the dress and I’m in My bra and slip. This video was shot in Standard definition (640×480). If you love stockings and garters, and you enjoy some of My earlier videos, check out these other clips of Mine from 2005:

12 Garters  –Black stockings, shot outdoors on one of My trips to England.

Sexy Stroll  –One of My all time favorite clips because of the memories (and reactions!). Shot outdoors, out in public, on one of My trips to England.

Under My Skirt –Another outdoor clip, shot right here in the USA though.  😉  If you love legs and upskirt peeks, you are going to love this clip!

Speaking of upskirts, if that is your thing, here are two newer clips of interest:

The Pervert Trap –That clip sold really well.

The View from Below –As did this one. I was trying something new with that clip, as I shot it with my iPhone instead of My digital camera. I was able to capture a really low angle, which is perfect for the upskirt fetish!

Barefoot Trampling

Trample clip posted:   Barefoot Trampling

301-Barefoot-TramplingRight where a male belongs…..under MY feet! This is one of My tamer trample clips as I am barefoot and I usually prefer to wear high heels. But I still work trampleguy over as I jump on him and trample/run in place. In between the trampling bits, I show off My pretty bare feet briefly. My toe nails are polished (of course!) and I’m wearing a toe ring and anklet bracelet. This clip is from 2008 and shot in Standard definition (640×480).

Flashback 2004: Swiss Miss

For a brief history on this clip, view My FIRST Flashback post and then My SECOND. This is the third of those clips and eventually I’ll get around to posting the other four. Well, not the actual clips, just little animated gifs.

2004-Swiss-MissThis clip was shot in August 2004 and I did a photoset at the same time. I actually still have this Swiss Miss costume and I have fond memories of it. Several years ago, when I was in England, I went to a couple of fetish clubs in London with a friend and I wore that same outfit. I had so much fun that night dancing My ass off at Club Rub. I even allowed some random slave to rub My sweaty fishnet feet. haha Good times.

Like the other clips I shot back in 2004, it was just around 30 seconds long.

How long can you last?

New cocktease clip posted:   How long can you last?

300-How-long-can-you-LastI know you jerk off all the time, but does that you do you any good? The more you stroke your cock, the shorter the orgasms and can you say ‘quickee’? No, it doesn’t do you any good. And that is why you need to learn cock control. Today I am going to guide you through playing with your cock, MY way and no, you won’t be cumming. you need to learn restraint, you need to have endurance and you’ll learn that MY way is the best way.

Cocksucking 101

For all the guys and sissy boys who crave cock, start here:  Cocksucking 101

299-Cocksucking-101you are going to be sucking a LOT of cock for Me, so I am going to teach you how to give a great blowjob. I know you fantasize about it all the time, but do you even know HOW to suck a cock? I bet you think you just stick it in your mouth and pull it out, right? Um…WRONG. Grab your dildo, a cucumber or some other phallic object and follow My instructions in this clip. And soon…..all the horny guys will be vying to ram their hard cocks down your throat because of your reputation as the BEST cocksucker in town!

See also:  Cock Curious Neighbor and Sissy Task #6-Cocksucking

Mistress in her Boudoir

Tantalizing new lingerie clip posted:   Mistress in her Boudoir

298-Mistress-in-her-BoudoirOooooo, I love this clip and the ultra feminine lingerie I’m wearing. This is one of My classic lingerie clips. I’m wearing a white ruffled corset with pink satin bows. Underneath I have on a pink 6 strap garter belt and darling sheer white panties. My shapely legs are adorned with a pair of white Fully Fashioned stockings with PINK contrasting seams (I’m oh so matchy-matchy) and on My feet, 5 inch high heeled pink pumps. The icing on the cake is the pink sheer marabou trimmed robe I’m wearing over it all. Cleavage, legs, sexy panty ass, garters, panty peeks, sheer lingerie, stocking removal, see through lingerie, heel dangle, FF nylons, choker, glamour and one seductive Mistress!  😉

Check out the LINGERIE CATEGORY in My clips store for more of My delectable one-of-a-kind lingerie videos.

UPDATE: Made it to number ONE in the Lingerie category…..naturally.


Sensual Domination

New clip posted:   Sensual Domination

297-Sensual-DominationWhat comes to your mind with you think of a dominant female? Let me guess…lots of black leather, thigh high boots and a whip. Am I right? I’m not surprised, that’s a pretty stereotypical image. I, however, prefer a more sensual approach. I like to laugh and tease, especially when I know you are suffering for ME! I prefer lingerie to leather, My words instead of whips and I enjoy using My feminine charms to entrance you into submission. you NEED a sensual Mistress to control you, to guide you to doing all those dirty things that you are too ashamed to tell anyone about.

UPDATE: This clip made it to the number one spot in the Sensual Domination category:


I forgot I had these….

….Black dotted faux-seam stockings.

dotted-black-stockingsI was going through My stocking drawer looking for a pair of BLACK FF nylons to wear and I came across these. I do love them. In fact, I had them in WHITE at one time too!

sexy-legs-in-polkadot-RHT-stockingsI believe a certain Frenchman bought these for Me, both pairs.

Shot a couple of new clips today, one should be going up tomorrow (Saturday) morning and the other on Sunday.