February reminder…

Maybe I should do this monthly, huh?  (I probably will! 😜)

Just to let you know, if you’re looking for Me, I’m over on My Loyalfans. It’s free to sign up and to follow Me on there.

As far as new clips, I’ve been focusing on My Deepen your Addiction series currently. Check out the updates HERE.

I am *still* in the process of adding (almost) all of My clips to My Loyalfans store and I am still removing some clips from Clips4sale and will continue to do so.

MJA8: Under My Skirt

Only available in My Loyalfans store

(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

My first ever outdoor video (which is extremely rare as I prefer to do clips indoors). This clip starts with Me sitting in My car with the door open and a nice view of My stocking legs. Then I bent over to get something out of the car and hike up the hem of my skirt so you can see my pretty chiffon & lace trimmed petticoat and then my panties, garters and stockings. Next I squat down to check my tire, with my knees apart, and you can see right up my skirt to my shiny panties. After that I’m sitting on a park bench adjusting my stocking tops and garters, but only briefly. Soon I’m climbing up the playground equipment and you get to look straight up my skirt as I do. An upskirt and panty peek video fantasy.

MJA7: Satin Gloves

Only available in My Loyalfans store

(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

My very first satin glove fetish video from 2005. Fast forward to 2024 and I have done MANY videos with satin gloves, satin lingerie, panties, clothing and even shoes! In this first clip, I start out slowly putting on a pair of long red satin gloves, smoothing them out and them removing them. Next I put on a pair of long black satin gloves and then stand up, turn around (in a pair of 6 inch high heeled pumps!) and give you a very sexy view of My seamed stockings, ass and legs. 

MJA6: Changing Stockings

Only available in My Loyalfans store

(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

This clip begins with Me unclasping My metal garter clasps holding up My Taupe colored Full Fashioned stockings. I slide one of the nylons off My leg, put on a pair of hosiery gloves and open up a new package of Black Full Fashioned stockings. I carefully put one stocking on, making sure the seams are straight and then remove the other Taupe colored stocking and put on the other black one. There are a few zoomed in views of My stocking tops, garter straps and sheer red panties. The clip ends with some nice back views of My FF nylon legs and sexy panty ass.

Nylon Niche

Buy it at:    My Loyalfans store    or    My Clips4sale store

I’ve been wearing stockings for over 20 years now, usually Full Fashioned stockings–my favorite. With My very first pair, I was hooked! REAL stockings are not stretchy and need a garter belt to hold them up. Then are thin, delicate and can be easily ruined if one is not careful. But every time I wear them (on My very shapely legs), I feel like I am wearing something truly special. And you can tell, from My MANY stocking videos, that I am a Woman that really enjoys and appreciates the little details of the nylon niche. All the way from My stocking tops and garter straps down to My nylon clad soles.

MJA5: Red Full Slip

Only available in My Loyalfans store

(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

Another one of My earliest clips. I’m wearing a red vintage (Dixie Belles) full slip with accordion pleating on the hem and bodice. And on My legs I have on a pair of gray Full Fashioned stockings and black high heeled mules. The camera zooms in a couple of times to give you closer views of My slip and stockings but it’s full views of Me in this clip. 

Clips4Sale was sold in 2021….

I could have sworn I did a blog post about this back when I found out in late 2021, but looking through My archives, I can see I didn’t. Hmmm.. 🤨

Clips4sale was (and IS) the original Pay-to-view Fetish clip site. It was founded back in 2003 and up until 2021 was owned by “Neil”. In the admin, there was a message from Neil with his direct phone number for clip producers to contact him about any problems, questions, comments, etc. Of course there was the whole support team to help with site issues, but I always thought that was a neat personal touch. Just like the box of William Dean chocolates sent out around Christmas time every year to clip producers with a card “Happy Holidays from the C4S team”.

People would always say the site needed to be updated and looked like a design from the early 2000’s. (Yeah, it did. 😂)

But I liked it just fine and it worked well for Me.

However…..since the new owners, there have been a LOT of changes on there. And, I get it. They made an investment in the site and obviously they would want to modernize it and make it as profitable as possible. So they redesigned it in August 2023 (😣) and they’ve started up some new programs to drive traffic to the site.

But they’ve also done some other changes, like the BIG one in 2022 that was done without clip producers knowledge or consent. 😡 (Yeah, I could say a LOT about that one)!!  But it is what it is. It’s new ownership and the way they are doing the site now.

And that is why I removed ALL of this content from that site and I have removed several of My panty videos from C4S and I will be removing even more. I also have other clips I will be removing from there this year.

Change is all apart of life and there are always options. 😉

And that’s why I am focusing my time and energy on My Loyalfans page and video store. And “Neil” is actually co-owner of Loyalfans and some of the old C4S team are apart of it as well (Hey Andrew! lol). I fucking LOVE the site! It has so many features and pays 20% more than C4S!! 🤑 And it’s like the site was built by someone who was a content creator themselves.

So if you are looking for Me and wondering why I’m not posting a lot of new videos, that is where I’m at. There IS new content coming and some will be posted on both sites and some will be exclusive to Loyalfans. So, you know where to find Me……  😜

MJA4: Fluffy Heels

Only available in My Loyalfans store

(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

In this clip I’m wearing a white lace bra, sheer white panties, a pink ruffle trim petticoat and “fluffy” Marabou trimmed high heeled mules. At the beginning of the video I’m sitting down and rubbing lotion on my legs. There is a close up view of My feet and you can see My pink toenail polish matches My fingernails. I put on some toe rings and a anklet bracelet and rub my bare feet. In the next segment I put on my pink fluffy marabou high heels, stand up and show off my legs, heels & full petticoat!

MJA3: Slip Strip

Only available in My Loyalfans store

(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

In this clip I am wearing 4 vintage full slips all at once and towards the end of the video, I strip off each one. Under the slips I have on a garter belt, sheer white panties and Full fashioned stockings on My legs. Mid-clip I change out of My shiny black patent pumps into a pair of light pink pumps. There is a variety of full view footage and close-ups. (This clip is priced a bit higher due to some up close views of My sheer white panties.)