Entranced by Lingerie

New clip:  Entranced by Lingerie

439-Entranced-by-LingerieClip after clip, again and again….you can’t get enough of Me in My lingerie. I capture your attention in My dazzling array of intimate apparel……slinky nightgowns, lacy panties, satin gloves, sheer stockings, robes, slips, babydolls, teddys, and so much more. But it’s how I wear it, My sensual movements and arousing words that work their magic on you. Keeping you entranced and coming (back) over and over again…..

Until you Ache

New clip:  Until you Ache

438-Until-you-AcheI’ve been controlling your masturbation for awhile and you’re used to only cumming when I allow it. Some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had are because of Me. But that’s because I push you to try things you never did before. Little by little, I’ve had you go longer and longer in between orgasms. But how much can you endure? How bad is that ache, that need for a release? Further and further I go to find your breaking point. How long can you go before it becomes unbearable? Before your desperation to cum is all consuming…..because that is what I want…..

Panty Shopping

New panty clip:  Panty Shopping

437-Panty-ShoppingI’m going though My lingerie and getting rid of a few things to make room for new lingerie and panties. I know, I know….I already have two big drawers filled with panties but I always want MORE. And *you* are going to be paying for them. In fact, I’m going to tell you how this little shopping spree is going to go, what else you’ll be doing as MY panty slave and a very special reward I’ll have for you. IF you please Me……

Well that was quick! Less than 12 hours of posting this clip, it made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:

Panty-Shopping-no1But you guys always go nuts for My panty clips!  😉

Sweet shade….

bet-awards-prince-tributeAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  The ‘that’ is in reference to Madonna’s Prince tribute performance   at the Billboard awards yesterday. No, of course I didn’t watch it, I don’t watch TV, but I caught a clip of it on Dlisted. Awful. But I knew it would be. She was the wrong choice. There was even a petition online against her being the sole performer for such a tribute.

So now BET is going to do one and PLEASE DO IT RIGHT!!! Include artists he worked with the most like Sheila E, Wendy & Lisa, Jill Jones, The Time, his old band members from Madhouse, the Revolution, New Power Generation, etc, etc. THEY were close to him, THEY knew his sound, THEY were apart of it. Yeah, yeah, I know they aren’t considered ‘relevant’ by some, but it’s not a fucking popularity contest! This is the ONLY way a Prince tribute can be done RIGHT.

And of course, people being people, and the internet being what it is….are making the BET advertisements into a race thing. *sigh*  But they’ve thrown the shade, so now they better get it right.

(PS–Team Sheila E….always!)

Stocking Tops and Garter Straps

New clip:  Stocking Tops and Garter Straps

436-Stocking-Tops-and-Garter-StrapsThere is so much to eroticize in the area between the waist and upper thighs……garter straps and stocking tops that reveal the bare flesh of the upper thigh. But those same garter straps also so beautifully frame My silky panty ass and lace covered pussy. Stocking legs make your heart race, but making out the outline of a garter strap under a tight skirt drives you wild! The full fashioned stockings I’m wearing are so sheer and delicate that they require a garter belt to stay on My legs. And even though I wore My panties under My garter belt, I explain to you why they should be worn over….but I think you already know.

This clip made it to #1 in the Garter & Stockings category:


Various things…

In no particular order…..

Last week I told the professor, in the morning, that I wanted a gift card to Charming Charlie ASAP (preferably before My nail appt that afternoon). And of course I got it ASAP!  😀

CC-giftcardAs I’ve said before, normally $50 is NOT worth a mention. Only when it comes from one of My loyal boys, who are constantly and consistently making ME happy, does it get a mention.

A peek at the laptop they shelled out $1700 for:

new-laptop-picNah, it’s not a Macbook, I’m a PC gal. 😉 I know, I know…..it’s the ‘cool’ thing own one (lol) but I don’t know if I’ll ever switch over. I’ve had an iPod touch, have an iPad and iPhone, but I just can’t make the move over to a Mac.

Oh and I was able to successfully move My iTunes library over to the new computer. Although at first it didn’t show any of My artwork on My phone!!! I deleted one album, dragged it back over to My phone and then it just started syncing all the artwork for the rest of the albums. And I *finally* updated My phone to version 9.3.1 (which I had put off for months) and I strongly DISLIKE what it did to the music app! I don’t like the layout, it’s messy, and not ALL artists show up under Artists. Where as before, they did. Ugh….WHY do they have to fuck with things??!!  🙁

My dirtylittleperv surprised Me with this:

100-perv-May18(And yes perv, you ARE lucky! Especially when you know how picky I am!! 😉 )

THESE makes Me SOOOO happy:

Prince---swoon-lolJust picked up the Conde Nast one (orange cover) today and it’s the best of the bunch!!

MIKEY!!!!!!!!  you too made Me happy with this little surprise:

200-Mikey-May19There is something (satin) I have never worn before and you will see Me in it in a future satin clip. I also have had My eyes on some fabulous satin (clothing, not lingerie) items that you’ll see Me in sometime this year. I need to mix it up….I’ve been wearing a lot of nighties lately.

A couple of those sexy selfies I mentioned last week. Only two, there were more but this is all you get. My good boys got a few other ones.


Royal Blue Satin Robe

Here it is:  Royal Blue Satin Robe

435-Royal-Blue-Satin-RobeSatin temptation awaits…… and this time I’m dressed in a beautiful (and expensive!) satin robe with yards of luscious satin material. It deliciously drapes all over My body and the light shows off the shiny (and arousing) sheen. your mind reels and your cock stiffens at the sight of so much SATIN. And once again I have you under My satin spell…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk and Satin category:


Day 5 of Chastity

Now in My store:   Day 5 of Chastity

434-Day-5-of-ChastityThese 30 days seem to drag on forever and it’s only day 5 of your penile confinement. It’s not enough that you can’t stroke and it’s not enough that you can’t cum. I want you to suffer even more for Me. I want your cock to swell and strain against that cock cage between your legs. your pain is MY pleasure. The harder, the better. To be teased, tormented, controlled, locked up and denied is what you deserve. Look at you…even in chastity you still can’t control your cock, but I can….