Some Holiday Cheer!

It’s rare that I post any photos publicly anymore, but what the heck, it’s…

🎧   that most wonderful time of the year.   🎧 

So why not?! 😁

These are all old photos from My old lingerie site….

I think I ‘officially’ opened My paysite on Dec 23rd, 2003 and this was the first photo set that I posted after I went from free site to paysite.

Obviously the quality wasn’t great, but I didn’t know shit about photography & lighting, it was all learn as I went along.

My teeth! Without braces!! I miss them. 😫 LOL

One thing that came naturally for Me….

Was hamming it up for the camera! 🤣

“Why of course I always decorate My tree in stockings and lingerie! Doesn’t every Woman?”

(And I just realized now, that there is a nipple on display in that pic, but I can’t be bothered to blur it out).

Just a few pics from back in the day. 😜

Sheer Lingerie Layers and Jewels

New:   Sheer Lingerie Layers and Jewels

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because they KNOW I earn more from every sale and they wish to please Me. (Good boys!! Those of you who HAVE been doing this! 😊)

Sheer lingerie: purple see through bra, vintage lace and chiffon nightgown, 2 pairs of sheer and lace black crotchless panties (layered and both removed), seamed stockings, fingerless gloves and purple strappy heels with a jeweled piece of intimate jewelry. Preview image is censored, clip is not. As usual, the more revealing a clip is, the higher the price.

More of these type of clips HERE.

Nylon Stockings, Slip and Panties

New:  Nylon Stockings, Slip and Panties

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A classic Mistress Jessica clip with the focus on My stockings, heels, panties and lingerie. This is how it all started way back in 2003/2004. I put My love of dressing up in these things out on the Internet and I never expected there to be so many like minded people who enjoyed the same things.  What a nice surprise!  😉

*eye roll*

Really? 🙄

I loved the movie Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as a kid (okay, still do! lol). EVERY Christmas I’d watch it. It’s not “problematic”. It was created back in 1964, a totally different era and I don’t see why people are trying to apply 2018 standards of awareness to it.

And while we are on it, I think the whole Victorias Secret ‘scandal’ is ridiculous as well. The brand has always had a fantasy image and people basically expect the company to include everyone. Well it doesn’t and it doesn’t have to. I don’t walk into a Plus sized clothing store and get angry they don’t sell stuff in My size.

People can use their anger/discontentment in a positive way. Not by trying to force a company to change, but to CREATE something new that caters to whatever group they wish.

you would do it

New:   you would do it


Do you really need this? Me, encouraging you to masturbate? Something we both know you do all the time anyway. No, you don’t, but you really enjoy it. And I know what else you’d really enjoy. But would you be willing to do anything for it? Listen to Me describe what it is. And you know what….I know you would do it!

(This is My 814th clip, not My 815th. I labeled the file 815 instead of 814).

December 2018 Masturbation Schedule

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Just like the fat man in the red suit (aka Santa), I know who has been Naughty and who has been Nice in 2018. Should you be worried? Let’s have a look at your last schedule of 2018 and find out!