Cream Nylon Full Slip

My newest video clip:   Cream Nylon Full Slip

313-Cream-Nylon-Full-SlipIt’s 2015 and slips went out of style a long time ago and I couldn’t care less. I love beautiful classic lingerie.  In this clip I’m wearing a cream colored nylon full slip with stockings and high heels. Watch the way I move and the way My hands glide over My nylon curves. you love watching ME in My slips…..

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Pussy Worship

New clip in My store:  Pussy Worship

312-Pussy-WorshipA pussy is where you came from and you spend your whole life trying to get back inside of one. you know it’s true. The PUSSY is a powerful portal of pleasure. The things men have done just to get inside of one….. I wonder how much of your day is spent fantasizing about it, looking at and jerking off thinking about it. PUSSY is powerful in the way it can consume your thoughts…..

Not even up for 24 hours and it made it to the #1 spot in the Pussy Worship category:


Strong Legs in Pantyhose

New Pantyhose clip:   Strong Legs in Pantyhose

311-Strong-Legs-in-PantyhoseWearing a pair of Wolford Fatal 8 pantyhose, I show off My very strong and SHAPELY legs. The pantyhose are very sheer with a bit of a sheen to them. At first I’m wearing a pair of RED 6 inch high heeled shoes and then change into a pair of animal 5 inch high heeled mules. Worship my beautifully muscular calves, thighs and LEGS!

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Day 3 of Chastity

NEW clip posted today:   Day 3 of Chastity

308-Day-3-of-ChastityLook down at your cock, all locked up and then look at the keys dangling between My beautiful breasts. your cock no longer belongs to you. I hold the keys to your cock, to your pleasure and to your future release. As the days pass, you can feel the frustration building and it’s only going to get worse. Without the distraction of self-gratification, you are finding your thoughts focused more and more on Me. Chastity is making you a more devoted slave for ME. As the need to cum grows, you’ll be thinking of a way to get out of that cock cage before the 30 days, perhaps paying a VERY large fee for an early release. But it’s not going to happen. you’ve never gone this long without a release before and I’m going to make sure you complete the whole month LOCKED up and feeling a level desperation you’ve never felt before.

Day 1 of Chastity

Day 2 of Chastity


I had planned to shoot new clips last week but got totally sidetracked. While going through My (large!) collection of clothing and lingerie, looking for stuff to wear for My videos, I decided I NEEDED to go through it all. I’ve been accumulating stuff for years and some of it had to go! But as I started to go through one of My closets, I ended up cleaning out the other stuff in there and it just became a huge project, but GOOD! It’s such a satisfying feeling to get rid of stuff you don’t want or need anymore and only keep that which you LOVE.

I also wanted to create a photographic inventory on My computer of My wardrobe to make it so much easier to know what I have–at a glance–rather than digging through My storage containers. It will also make it easier when I’m lingerie shopping on ebay and I can glance through My “Vintage Nightgowns” folder and see that I already OWN 4 pink nylon nightgowns and don’t really need a 5th!  😉

My lovely cat, Suki, has been having some health problems again, which has been stressful. I’m bringing her to the vet this week. I found out last year that she has a mass on her liver which is pushing on her stomach. Basically surgery is what would be needed and as you can imagine, it’s not cheap. After spending around $2000.00 in October 2013 to fix her hyperthyroidism, I’m not really eager to shell out over a thousand plus on surgery when there are no guarantees she will have a clean bill of health and live a long life afterwards. Not to mention, Suki is almost 15 years old and I worry if she would even make it through the surgery. Obviously, it’s not a easy decision to make….

What makes a woman?

It would be kind of hard to miss a certain story that has been in the media recently. If you are waiting in line at the supermarket, you’ve probably seen it plastered all over the tabloids. Or you’ve seen it mentioned on the tv, or a news headline on the internet.

A certain male uttered the words “I’m a woman”. Not, I FEEL like a woman, but that he IS a woman.

Oh really….

Can you give birth? Can your body CREATE life and carry a tiny human being in it?

Do you have to worry about getting pregnant?

Do you have a vagina, ovaries, uterus and other FEMALE parts?

Do you have a PERIOD every month?

Were you a little girl? Because in order to be a MAN, you would have had to have been a BOY first at some point. It works the same way with being a WOMAN.

And that’s not even touching upon societal pressures on females. I could go on and ON.

Wearing lipstick, panties and prancing around in a dress and high heels does NOT make you a WOMAN. Try again. I appreciate that some people do not feel like the gender they were born into and want their body to match the gender they feel inside. But do not think for one second that getting gender reassignment surgery makes you a FEMALE. you haven’t a fucking CLUE what it’s like to actually BE a female or what females REALLY go through and you never will.

I realize MY opinion is so not ‘politically correct’ and IDGAF! This is MY blog and MY domain. Don’t agree with MY opinion, you can easily click away. When I have to deal with BLEEDING every fucking month (and sometimes cramps, tiredness, bloating and sore boobs) and some male tells ME that he’s a woman, I want to vomit. Um, NO. Just fucking NO.