Pink Apron and Panties

New:  Pink Apron and Panties

The vintage chiffon apron I’m wearing is so pretty–it looks like lingerie. So it’s only fitting that I treat it as such and wear it with silky pink panties, full fashioned stockings and garters, a satin bustier and vintage chiffon robe. I know you want to watch Me so sensually show everything off…..

Satin Arousal

New:  Satin Arousal

“Did you cum already?” you hear My soft voice ask you. It’s mesmerizing the way the liquid material swirls around My body as I move. Glossy pantyhose on My legs and layers of shiny satin on My curvy body as words roll off My lips to encourage you to do that thing you do every time you watch one of My satin videos…..

Shimmery Peach Full Slip

New:  Shimmery Peach Full Slip

A slip is such a practical piece of lingerie. It’s function is to be worn under a dress (a full slip) or a skirt (half slip) if the material is too thin and you don’t want your bra and panties showing through. A slip isn’t meant to be seen, unlike a lacy babydoll or a slinky nightgown. But I think this shimmery nylon full slip should be seen along with all other sexy lingerie I’m wearing…..

Stroke and Stop 3

New:   Stroke and Stop 3

The rules are easy: stroke when I say, STOP when I say and you’ll only cum when or if I say. When I tell you to stroke, I might dictate a certain pace or grip and that’s exactly how you’ll do it. I can’t promise the rest of the clip is easy though…..

Black Heel Vintage Stockings

New:   Black Heel Vintage Stockings

At the beginning of the video, I show you the packaging these vintage stockings came in. I’m guessing they are from the 1950’s, perhaps very early 1960’s. Black heel stockings are quite rare, you’re lucky to see Me wear such unique vintage stockings. I know you really enjoy seeing My nylon soles, so of course I must make you wait with a little show dangling first. I love how tightly vintage nylons encase My legs, modern reproductions just don’t fit the same. Nylon feet, vintage stockings, long leg panty girdle, toe pointing, toe spreading, toe flexing, one shoe one, high heel dangling, shoe removal, fully fashioned stockings, back seams, and shapely calves and legs.

Erotic Panty Views

New:   Erotic Panty Views

One of My favorite fetishes to shoot clips for is Panty fetish and I think that shows. I understand why you are drawn to this most intimate piece of Women’s apparel. How could you not be?! And I have a knack for capturing this magical undergarment in some of the most sensual and erotic ways. In this clip I’m dressed in vintage lingerie, stockings, heels, a vintage half slip and a pair of Olga brand panties. I slowly pulled the half slip up over My pantied ass and I also pulled it down completely for a full view of My panties and the lacy waistband. I like wearing slips with panties as then I can do those ultra-teasing panty-peek/upskirt (up-slip?) views. you will love everything about this clip! 😉