Although I do like shooting nylon soles clips and you know I love high heels, I don’t do a lot of bare feet clips. Some of the stuff I have done (in the past) I posted in the Trample clips post as that thread was just for trample clips and the stuff I shot years ago for that foot fetish site I never got around to doing. So below are some of My sexy feet clips that aren’t on that list.

But first, My current color:

Beautiful Bare Feet

Heels and Feet

Just Feet

Foot Freak 2

My Foot Slave

Lotioning up My Feet

Pretty Toes and Sexy Soles

Three minute toe Tease

Toe Pointing

Love these!

These are SO relevant at the moment. A….situation came to My attention on Tuesday that I wasn’t too happy about. I’ve thought about confronting the individuals to find out WHY. But at the end of the day, it’s pointless. I already know they are trash and those types of people LOVE gossip and starting shit. I’ve said this before on My blog….I’ll never understand why some people are SO invested in what others are doing. It just seems so sad and pathetic. Focus on *you* and *your OWN life*. But as I’ve found out this past week, some people just thrive on gossip and the hopes of bringing other people down.

Part of Me wants to look these people in the eyes and find out why they did what they did and why they are so….obsessed with what I do with MY life. I do love confrontation and holding people accountable for trying to start shit. But do I need their answers? No. Would it really give Me the satisfaction I am hoping for? Probably not. Shit people are shit people.

I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I do. I love MY life and I realize that it’s the kind of life that can stir up jealously in those who hate their own lives. And I enjoy shooting clips and expressing My creativity, sensuality and sexuality through My work.

I’ve always figured that if someone in My (offline) life came across My site, it would very likely be a man who was searching for porn/fetish content. But in this case it was a couple (man/woman) of individuals who were seeking it out, intentionally, in hopes of….I don’t know really?

I don’t go around telling everyone what I do because #1–I don’t see that it’s any of their business and #2–I’m well aware of how judgemental some people can be, so….refer back to #1!  lol  I mean seriously. I’m not living MY life for anyone’s approval, of course not.

I mean do you guys go around telling everyone that you jerk your dicks to clips more than you have sex? Or all of your other fetishes and kinks? Of course you don’t.

And I suppose the argument could be “Well if you don’t want people to see it, don’t put it on the internet”. (Newsflash:  I DO want people to see it) But that is to absolve certain individuals who aren’t seeking out what I do because that’s what they are into but because they have malicious intent.

It is what it is. I was pretty upset when I heard the news, but considering the source, I’m not surprised. I needed to get this off of My chest and I needed to do it publicly so I can move past it.

“Hey pig…….yeah you…..”

Nine Inch Nails never disappoints…….

Way-back Wednesday!

This is from a photo set I shot wayyyyyyy back in 2005 called “Come Hither”. (And I was getting My hair colored a dark brown/red color).

The Wasteland bag was filled with some vintage lingerie I bought on a recent trip to San Francisco. There were a few vintage clothing shops on Haight Street that had TONS of vintage lingerie. Naturally I was in heaven! 😍

(I have been sharing more photos from past photo sets in the private area, but as you know, that’s only for those who $erve Me.)

When was the last time you saw a woman dressed like this?

From My Getting Dressed video:

FF nylons, slips, feminine dress, heels….all of it. Now, I don’t dress this way every day. But for weddings, afternoon tea, dinners out and other occasions, I DO get all dolled up similar to this. (Boyfriend can vouch for that). I’ve said before that I feel more comfortable in this stuff that jeans and a t-shirt. (Although I look sexy as hell in that as well!)

We’ve become such a dressed down society that looking like a slob is considered acceptable. Plus garters and stockings (and slips!) went out of fashion a long time ago, so you rarely see them anymore.

Except on ME, on a regular basis! 😉


I’ve got new clips to post but I’m saving them for May. The May 2017 Masturbation Schedule will not be made public. I’m giving it only to those who serve ME.

I realize things have been quiet here on the public side of My blog and that’s because I have been doing the majority of My posting in the private area. Pics, audios, tributes, gifts, etc…..