Seductive Spell

NEW glamour clip posted:   Seductive Spell

249-Seductive-SpellDo you know how easy it is for Me to get what I want from a man? Very. ;-) I know you love looking at Me, watching Me and I love making you PAY for the privilege. I know how susceptible you are to My charms. I suppose you could accuse Me of using My feminine wiles to get what I want. But I’d have to be foolish not to. Why not take advantage of weak willed men? I know the effect I have on you and of course I’m going to exploit that and use it to My advantage. I make your mind reel, your head spin and your cock throb. And it’s all apart of My plan…..

…..and more!!

I told My dirtylittlepevert that I had a pair of My worn panties for him. And that he was going to BUY them. For $500.  :-)

I said it would be okay if he paid in installments, seeing as we are getting closer to Christmas and all. And Sunday morning I found this in My inbox:

200-RN-pantiesand then this morning I found this:

200-RN-pantieswith a email saying he couldn’t wait any longer!!!  LOL  Yeah, I got a good laugh out of that. So…..My dirtylittleperv is going to soon be the proud owner of yet another item that has been on MY body.

And just a little FYI: I do NOT sell My worn items to unknown losers. I had some fucktard recently email Me and just ask to HAVE a pair of My panties. Seriously???

Just another perk of being one of MY loyal and devoted minions.  ;-)

And then I instructed the professor to get Me THIS very sexy outfit from Trashy:

Trashy-black-corset-pencil-skirtAnd in a matter of hours (and $414.00 later), an order confirmation was waiting for Me. YAY!!!!  Can’t wait to get this!! This is going to look so HOT on Me!!!!  :-D

And that’s about it for My spoils update for now.

Do your part!!

Huge update!

I’ve been a little behind on posting about tributes and such that I’ve received over the past few weeks. So here’s a catch-up post!

GloveJim surprised Me with a $150.00 gift card to Victoria’s Secret!

VS-150-OctAnd he sent another Sephora card, this one for $100:

Sephora-100-OctHe had sent me a $75.00 Sephora card before, that I hadn’t used because…let’s be real, $75.00 goes pretty damn fast at Sephora!  lol

Nov-2014-Sephora-haulThe professor sent $200 tribute via GiftRocket  (I Looovvveee GiftRocket!!)

200-CN-Novand a $200 Amazon gift card:

200-Amazon-nov-cnAnd My dirtylittlepervert paid for a recent visit to get My hair done (and then some!  lol):

150-gr-from-dlpThen I found a limited edition makeup set I wanted off of ebay and I emailed My dirtylittlepervert to cough up the dough, which he did really quickly!

60.00-ebay-pervBut I didn’t get the email, even though he said he sent it. And so he went and sent another $75.00 to make sure I got the money:

75.00-ebay-pervBut I didn’t get that email either, so he had to forward Me the gift card info he received and I could use the card and then about an hour later I got the email for the $60.00 gift card. So I ended up getting both!  lol  But seriously ebay, why they hell aren’t I getting the emails notifying Me I have a gift card??!!

I am proud of My dirtylittleperv, jumping on that so fast, just to see that I am happy!!  LOVE that!  Some of you lurking, cheap-ass, dipshits could learn a thing or two!

GloveJim recently sent Me a $300.00 Spa certificate!!!  Whoohoo!!!  I am going to TOTALLY enjoy this!!!  :-D

300-spa-giftAnd still there’s MORE, but it’s going to have to wait for another post!

Stroking Assignment

Buy it NOW:   Stroking Assignment

248-Stroking-AssignmentI know how much you enjoy when I instruct you to jerk off. So I have a NEW stroking schedule for you for the next FOUR days. you will have to stroke EXACTLY how I show you, when I tell you can and for as long as I tell you to. I will allow you ONE orgasm on the evening of the 4th day, but you’ll have to achieve it in the time I give you or you don’t get to cum and you’ll have to do this assignment over again. Are you ready? Watch the clip to see the various ways I’ll have you jerking over the next few days! Also check out My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and 10 Day Masturbation Control clips!


…..makes another appearance in tomorrow’s video clip, which I am getting ready to schedule to post for the morning. He made his debut in My Pleasure Hands video.

I so hate grocery shopping, it’s so mundane! I’ve decided I’m finally signing up for one of those grocery delivery services. Just one more thing to simply My life!

And it turns out we are doing Thanksgiving at My house this year and I’m kind of looking forward to it. And when I say “we”, I really mean My boyfriend will be doing most of the cooking and I’ll just be helping out.  haha  Got all new kitchen appliances recently and I want to make an effort to cook more. He really enjoys cooking and I guess his enthusiasm has rubbed off on Me. I do love a man in the kitchen!!  :-D


Including tomorrow’s video update, I will have 247 video clips posted in My Clips4Sale store!!!  About 98% of those are brand new, shot exclusively for My clips store and the rest are old trample clips or a few clips from My members area. And all of this content was created over the last year and 6 months. Just imagine how many more new clips I’ll have a year from now! :-)


It’s here!! We got the first snowfall of the year early Monday morning and I was looking forward to it! I woke up to the skylights in My bedroom being covered with snow and I looked out My bedroom window to find everything WHITE. Love it! :-D

I finally finished getting My Christmas tree up this evening and I’m so glad that’s done. I’ve actually been working on it here and there for the past week. I had to check for any burnt out lights (it’s a pre-lit artificial tree), replace the bulbs and spread out all of the branches. I’m thinking it would be less work to get a REAL tree.

Some of My ornaments arrived today from Amazon and so I’ll probably decorate this weekend. I’m going with purple (My favorite color) and gold this year. I usually do a different color each year. My boyfriend says it’s going to be our Vikings tree—ha!  lol

I’m sitting here waiting for My toe and fingernails to dry, just painted them a fantastic pink FOIL color. Reminds Me of the pink metallic catsuit from My Web of Seduction video:

128-Web-of-Seductionor maybe more like My Hot Pink Heaven clip:

111-Hot-Pink-HeavenEh…the pink color is somewhere in between the two….

Tomorrow morning an old high heel update will be posted to My clips store. Something I shot years ago and intended it for My foot fetish site idea that I never did. And then Friday morning there will be a brand new masturbation schedule clip! Friday I also plan on shooting a few more new clips, one of them will be a glamour gown and glove clip. Can’t wait!! I love shooting fun glamour goddess videos!  ;-)

I have SO much to update about!! Tributes, gift cards and such and I’ll do that in an upcoming post. As usual, My good boys have been making ME very happy!!!  :-)