High Heels and Calves

New clip:  High Heels and Calves

444-High-Heels-and-CalvesI’m getting rid of a bunch of high heels I don’t want anymore and I thought I’d show them off one last time. On My legs are a pair of vintage RHT stockings and My garter straps, stocking tops and bare upper thighs are on display most of the clip. In this clip you’ll find….leg crossing, nylon legs rubbing together, shoe dangle, calf pumping/flexing, raspy stocking sound, nylon toes, shoe removal, stocking soles and of course…high heels!

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Creamy White Thighs

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401-Creamy-White-ThighsI’ve never really thought much of My thigh area until they were recently referred to as ‘succulent’. Which gave Me the idea to do a whole clip devoted to My bare shapely legs, strong calves and of course, My creamy white thighs.

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So Easy

My newest clip:   So Easy

314-So-Easyyou are so easy. you can’t resist Me, I’ve got you under My spell. you HAVE to see Me, watch Me, hear My voice. It’s become a…..need. And so you shall PAY for the privilege, and you do. Using My feminine charms, I know exactly the effect it has on you. Watching My videos over and over, you are only digging yourself in deeper. I know what I’m doing……and it’s so easy.

Nylon clad Feet

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292-Nylon-clad-FeetFor those of you who love nylon clad feet, in this clip I wear 3 different pairs of stockings. I start out in a pair of grey Fully Fashioned (seamed) stockings and high heeled mules. I show off My soles, toes and arches. Next I change into a pair of vintage Hanes RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings and a pair of dangerous-looking metal heeled high heel pumps. And finally I change into a pair of sheer heel/reinforced toe stockings. I’m dressed in a silky satin blouse and tight black pencil skirt. Just a bit of what you’ll find in this clip:  stockings, soles, toes, toe pointing and flexing, sexy arches, high heels, leg crossing, dangle, feet and face, removing heels, shapely calf muscles, and foot fetish talk.

Sexy Legs and Ass Tease

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258-Sexy-Legs-and-Ass-TeaseI just felt in the mood to tease you with My strong shapely legs and round curvy ass. This clip has sexy high heels, seamed stockings, leg tease, walking in high heels, garter straps and stocking tops, ass tease, panty tease, sheer clothing and is just plain SEXY!

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Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

NEW in My clips store:  Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

227-Glamour-Gloves and GirdleWithout Me, your fetish is rather boring. I bring your fetish to life, with My glamourous outfits and sensual moves. I embody your fetish, I AM your fetish. And you can not get enough….you watch as My satin gloves caress My stocking legs, My satin girdle, My curves, My full breasts and you are enchanted and completely under My spell….

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Lavender Petticoat and High Heels

Lavender Petticoat and High Heels

148-Lavender-Petticoat-and-High-HeelsMy first clip of 2014! In this video I’m wearing a sheer blouse over a lacy lavender bra, a lavender petticoat, full fashioned stockings, and very high platform heels. My petticoat is sheer and you can see my garter belt, garter straps, panties and stocking tops right through the material. There is some nice leg footage in this clip as I like to show off My shapely legs in My seamed stockings and high heels. I even removed the petticoat at one point as to not obstruct the view of My legs and panty ass. A great legs, stockings, panty ass, high heel and petticoat tease clip!

Losing it for My Legs

Open up that wallet!

Losing it for My Legs

182-Losing-it-for-My-LegsI am quite clear about the fact that the only thing I am interested in is your MONEY. And the only reason I take even a remote interest in your kinks and fetishes, is so I can exploit them for My own personal gain. How much is enough? It’s NEVER enough. I will continue to milk you until you are dry and your wallet is empty. So you tribute $100. That’s nothing. $200. That’s a little better, but I know you have more. And I will use your weakness for My nylon clad legs to get what I want from you. I’ll never stop tormenting you. I’ll push you to the edge, make you suffer for My pleasure. I want it ALL.

Sissy Task #5 – All about High Heels

Sissy Task #5 – All about High Heels  (Removed from store–see THIS blog post)

74-Sissy-Task-5-All-about-High-HeelsIn this clip I talk about wearing high heels, different styles, heel heights and things to consider when starting to wear high heels. I also give you some tips on sizing, shopping for heels and what they do for your legs and feet! 1280×720

Pink Satin Lingerie

Finally got around to wearing the Pink Ostrich trim robe from Secrets in Lace and the newly acquired Pink Satin Full Slip, also from Secrets in Lace.

Pink Satin Lingerie

208-Pink-Satin-LingerieI just love lingerie and dressing up. And of course seamed stockings and high heels. The pink satin full slip I’m wearing is just so YUMMY. The satin is silky smooth and shiny. I’d bet you’d love to rub your hands all over it. Can you imagine what it would feel like on your…..?! My seamed nylons really show off My shapely legs and My sheer white panties look so good on My nice round ass. Sensual lingerie tease….

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