Sexy Silver Sandals Try-on

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This video footage is actually from 2005 and from one of My old trample videos (which won’t be reposted to any of My clip stores). In this clip I change from a bronze colored pair of high heeled mules into these silver high heeled sandals with jeweled straps. I’m wearing shiny pantyhose and you can clearly see My perfectly polished toenails throughout the clip. I’m sitting down while I put them on and then I stand up and model them. (you briefly see My face in the beginning of the clip). This was originally shot in Standard Definition and so not as clear as My current Hi-Def clips. But if you love pretty feet in pantyhose and high heels, I think you’ll enjoy this!

MJA5: Red Full Slip

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

Another one of My earliest clips. I’m wearing a red vintage (Dixie Belles) full slip with accordion pleating on the hem and bodice. And on My legs I have on a pair of gray Full Fashioned stockings and black high heeled mules. The camera zooms in a couple of times to give you closer views of My slip and stockings but it’s full views of Me in this clip. 

Hot Lingerie 1

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I have a bunch of sexy lingerie sets that are sheer, skimpy and a tad too racy for My normal priced clips. In this clip I show off 2 different lingerie sets in some enticingly erotic ways. Preview is censored, the clip is not.

Intimate Moments

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This matching nightgown and robe set are so luxurious! The soft velour robe felt amazing to wear and contrasted nicely with the silk-satin nightgown underneath. Both trimmed in beautiful cream lace. No hosiery this time, just a pair of lace trimmed panties and peep toe heels. My toe and finger nails are perfectly polished, My skin so smooth, My thick mane of hair in curls and My body clad in beautiful lingerie which I show off to sensual perfection. Come share in these intimate moments….

Stare at My Panties

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I start out this video asking you a question….”If I were to give you a pair of My worn panties, what would you do with them?” I give you two options. Then I show off My silky nylon string bikini panties from an array of angles. Even if I don’t give you My panties, these intimate views will always be so incredibly arousing to you.

Servitude #17

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503-servitude-17Devotion. Higher priced clips weed out those who are and those who aren’t. Do you think about what *I* want or what you want? Pretty simple-Pass or Fail. This clip has another purpose and those who read My blog know what that is…..a few of you will be given a special opportunity.

This clip got up to #2 in the Femdom POV category:


Servitude #7

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472-Servitude-7What do I say? you know you have to PAY…to find out. Think of it as a ‘secret series’. Just you and Me. Those who are hoping to get a wordy description of My servitude series will be disappointed. This series is only for devoted PAYING followers…..

This clip made it to #1 in Femdom POV: