Servitude #255

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One of *those* clips….a bit more revealing, but in the most sensual way. These kind of clips drive you wild, because you crave these rare glimpses I share. Pure Mistress Worship. I start out applying some lip gloss and putting on a pair of long satin gloves. Underneath My beautiful rose print satin nightgown I’m wearing a pair of red satin panties, white lace top stockings and red strappy heels. There’s a bit of erotic panty play in this clip, as well as a striptease. By the end of the clip, the only thing I’m actually wearing, are My earrings. (The preview is censored, the clip is not).

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Satin Arousal

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“Did you cum already?” you hear My soft voice ask you. It’s mesmerizing the way the liquid material swirls around My body as I move. Glossy pantyhose on My legs and layers of shiny satin on My curvy body as words roll off My lips to encourage you to do that thing you do every time you watch one of My satin videos…..

Pussy or Palm?

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I know you jerk off a lot, but why is that? Is it choice or circumstances? Do you even remember the last time you’ve had sex? Have you ever experienced _____ or what about ____? I don’t understand why any man would choose the palm of his hand over a ___, ____, ___ pussy.

(I could have easily gone in quite a humiliating direction with this clip, but went for a more sensual approach.)

Silken Entrancement

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you love satin. I know. 😉 I love satin too. And you know. That’s why you love watching Me, it almost feels like you have someone who knows you so well and indulges you in this fetish. you know that I always wear the most beautiful satin lingerie and I show it off in a way that almost makes you feel like you are right there. Me + Satin = you + an ever growing collection of My satin videos…..