Satin Goddess

Something new to add to your collection:   Satin Goddess

Another sensual Mistress-piece from your Seductive Satin Goddess. This pink satin and chiffon nightgown set I’m wearing is enchantingly beautiful. So SLICK and shiny and smooth. Look at the way My hands glide over the silky material, the same way your hand glides over your…..  you know there is no other woman like Me and all of My stunning satin items to tease you, tempt you and completely put you under My satin spell.

So much Satin

New:   So much Satin

Layers of pure satin heaven……..  In this clip I’m wearing: pantyhose, vintage FF nylons, blue satin panel open bottom girdle, satin panties, satin peep toe high heels, satin half slip, satin bustier, long satin gloves and a long satin robe over all of it. But it’s Never enough Satin, right?  😉

Satin Layers

New:   Satin Layers

I’ve been meaning to wear this elegant black satin robe for quite some time now. I recently got this hot pink satin nightgown and the two make a striking combination. you can never resist Me or all of My dazzling satin lingerie. The layers of satin look like liquid poured over My curves. The shine, the slippery feel……you’re already feeling the effect…..

Never enough Satin

you know you agree…… Never enough Satin

475-Never-enough-SatinWill there ever be a point where there’s enough satin? No, of course not. I’m always shopping for new satin lingerie and outfits to entice you with. And it’s SO easy to entice you.  😉  It’s not enough that I’m wearing layers of satin lingerie, but I also have to lounge and shiny satin sheets with satin pillows to add an even more powerful impact. I continue to put you deeper and deeper under My satin spell……

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