7 inch High Heel Mules

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The highest heels I own! A brand new gift from a slave. The heels are so thin, a true stiletto heel! I walk a bit in them and show them off from all sorts of angles. With the heels I’m wearing a pair of diamond heel Full Fashioned stockings, garter belt, panties, a vintage bustier and long satin gloves.

Jewels, Lace, Legs and Ass

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The “jewels” are intimate jewelry in the form of gold chains swaying between My legs. My strappy and sexy panties are lace (and open crotch). My legs are clad in black full fashioned stockings and My divine ass looks so nice framed by garter straps. A few erotic glimpses always means a higher price.

Nylon Trap

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I know that when you see My strong and shapely legs in beautiful seamed stockings, your cock immediately gets hard. you are powerless to the effect these nylon legs have on you and naturally, I use that to My advantage. Always.

Entranced by Lingerie

New clip:  Entranced by Lingerie

439-Entranced-by-LingerieClip after clip, again and again….you can’t get enough of Me in My lingerie. I capture your attention in My dazzling array of intimate apparel……slinky nightgowns, lacy panties, satin gloves, sheer stockings, robes, slips, babydolls, teddys, and so much more. But it’s how I wear it, My sensual movements and arousing words that work their magic on you. Keeping you entranced and coming (back) over and over again…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category:


Satin Tease and Denial

New satin clip:   Satin Tease and Denial

421-Satin-Tease-and-DenialI know how you are so used to instant gratification, jerking off and cumming all the time. So today, you are going to endure a little denial for Me. I encourage you to stroke as I talk about orgasm denial and the benefits of it. I always enjoy making males suffer for Me, in some manner. Dressed in beautiful satin lingerie, gloves and shiny pantyhose, it’s not like you are going to say no to Me. Quite the opposite, in fact. you’ll look forward to a little delayed gratification after you listen to what I have to say…….

PS–Honorable mentions in this clip, for those who purchased the items I’m wearing.

PPS–Another blog update coming tomorrow (Tuesday).

Less than 24 hours later and it went to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:

STandD-no1Also My clips and all of these clips made it to #1 before as well:  Satin Submission  –  Satin Secrets  –  Under My Satin Spell

In fact, every single satin clip that I’ve posted on Clips4Sale has made it to #1 (in the Silk & Satin category). you love ME in satin and partially that’s because I really enjoy shooting satin clips. It’s kind of like sex. I’m sure you’ve had sex with someone who wasn’t that into it before. It’s a totally different experience with someone who REALLY enjoys it. Same thing with fetish clips. I only shoot stuff that I really enjoy doing. And it shows.  😉