Satin Glove Seduction

New:  Satin Glove Seduction

Glossy lips, shiny blouse and long satin gloves (and a peek of My tight, sexy pencil skirt and seamed stockings). I am the Queen of long satin gloves and I wear them with such elegance and glamour. Like stockings, lingerie and high heels, satin gloves are something I truly do enjoy and appreciate Myself. And when you have a fetish for something, knowing it’s mutually pleasurable, makes all the difference…..

Servitude #292

New:  Servitude #292

Caught in My net….some more than others. There is just something about Me that you can not resist. Some have been with Me for months, some years and some since the very beginning. My magic is so effortless because this is who I am and it’s just one of the many reasons you are drawn to Me over and over again.

Satin Glove Fetish

New clip:  Satin Glove Fetish

470-Satin-Glove-FetishSome have a fetish for gloves, but you have a fetish specifically for SATIN gloves. There’s just something about that smooth shiny material that appeals to you. And it doesn’t matter what type of clip I’m wearing satin gloves in, you buy them ALL. Because you crave My elegant and glamorous way of displaying My satin gloved hands and arms.

This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:


Coral Satin Gloves

Only available in My Loyalfans store    (This clip was removed from My C4S store)

322-Coral-Satin-GlovesI have so many pairs of long satin gloves. I think I own a pair in every color imaginable. Today I’m wearing a brand new pair of coral satin gloves. I went through My wardrobe and couldn’t find anything that really went with them. But I know something that goes well with everything!  😉   Typical glove GLAMOUR from your SATIN GLOVE Mistress. (Priced a bit higher because of the topless handbra in part of the clip)

*This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:


Bright Blue Satin Gloves

New satin glove clip:  Bright Blue Satin Gloves

316-Bright-Blue-Satin-GlovesYet another one of My deliciously seductive video clips. This one is focused on the shiny SATIN gloves and silky lingerie I’m wearing. If you love SATIN clothing, search MY clips store using the keyword ‘SATIN’. you will find many sexy satin clips in gorgeous lingerie and gowns. And if you are a lover of satin GLOVES, check out My other glove clips here:

UPDATE: #1 in the Glove Fetish category


Pink Satin Half Slip

Buy it at:    My Loyalfans store    or    My Clips4sale store

263-Pink-Satin-Half-SlipIsn’t SATIN such a sensual material? So shiny and slippery soft that you just want to run your hands all over it. This whole outfit I’m wearing—corset, satin gloves, satin half slip, panties, garters and high heels–is so very YUMMY! Cleavage, ass, legs, curves and of course…..SATIN! My videos FUEL your FANTASIES….which is why you keep coming back again and again…..  😉