Under My Satin Spell

you are totally…… Under My Satin Spell

409-Under-My-Satin-SpellOnce again, your Sensual Satin Mistress is here to entrance you with this shiny and erotic material that you love so much–SATIN!  What better way to indulge in your fetish than with a beautiful woman who also enjoys satin. Both My satin clad body and My silken laced words arouse you…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:


Long Silky Half Slip

Newest clip:   Long Silky Half Slip

348-Long-Silky-Half-SlipI’ve been collecting slips for years now and I’m always looking for new ones to add to My collection. I usually prefer lacy ones, but this long silky half slip was different than any of My other slips, so naturally I had to have it. Look at the sheen–it looks like SATIN! Long Satin gloves and a satin bustier seemed like the perfect choice to wear with it. And of course, Full Fashioned nylons and high heels. A very sexy slip tease video!

Less than 24 hours of it being posted and this clip made it to #1 in the Slip fetish category:

LSHS-no1#4- Half Slip and Pantyhose is also My clip.

Coral Satin Gloves

My newest Glove Fetish clip:   Coral Satin Gloves

322-Coral-Satin-GlovesI have so many pairs of long satin gloves. I think I own a pair in every color imaginable. Today I’m wearing a brand new pair of coral satin gloves. I went through My wardrobe and couldn’t find anything that really went with them. But I know something that goes well with everything!  😉   Typical glove GLAMOUR from your SATIN GLOVE Mistress. Feed your fetish and buy ALL of My satin glove videos: http://www.clips4sale.com/67321/Cat82

*This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:



Pink Satin Half Slip

New slip fetish clip:  Pink Satin Half Slip

263-Pink-Satin-Half-SlipIsn’t SATIN such a sensual material? So shiny and slippery soft that you just want to run your hands all over it. This whole outfit I’m wearing—corset, satin gloves, satin half slip, panties, garters and high heels–is so very YUMMY! Cleavage, ass, legs, curves and of course…..SATIN! My videos FUEL your FANTASIES….which is why you keep coming back again and again…..  😉  Also check out My Pink Satin Lingerie video!

Seductive Spell

NEW glamour clip posted:   Seductive Spell

249-Seductive-SpellDo you know how easy it is for Me to get what I want from a man? Very. 😉 I know you love looking at Me, watching Me and I love making you PAY for the privilege. I know how susceptible you are to My charms. I suppose you could accuse Me of using My feminine wiles to get what I want. But I’d have to be foolish not to. Why not take advantage of weak willed men? I know the effect I have on you and of course I’m going to exploit that and use it to My advantage. I make your mind reel, your head spin and your cock throb. And it’s all apart of My plan…..

Blue Glove Tease

Have a thing for long satin gloves? Blue Glove Tease

156-Blue-Glove-TeaseAnother one of My older videos, this one is from 2005 or 2006. I was coloring My hair a darker color back then and the video quality isn’t that great (Standard def 640×480), but it’s still a classic tease clip. I’m wearing black Full Fashioned stockings, a black satin corset and bra and 6 inch blue high heeled sandals. Part way through the clip I slide on a pair of long BLUE satin gloves. So elegant and glamourous. Towards the very end of the clip, I remove the gloves slowly.

Have a glove fetish?

Then you must check out My “Trying on Gloves” video clip!

Mistress-in-satin-lingerieAlso a great clip for those with a SATIN CLOTHING fetish as I’m wearing a yummy lavender satin nightie in this video and I also try on some long SATIN gloves.

Not to be confused with My Trying on Satin Gloves video clip–similar title, but two different clips! And if you have a thing for gloves, make sure you check out My other glove fetish clips! I’m wearing a lavender satin and lace nightie with a matching ostrich feather boa and trying on, and talking about, different gloves.

satin-gloves-lingerie-cleavagetrying-on-lace-gloves-video I try on a couple of pairs of satin gloves, a leather glove, fingerless, lace and fishnet gloves as well.