Sucker for Soles

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Sure high heels are sexy. But when I dangle them off My toes, it’s like foreplay to you because you know what’s coming next (yeah, that too…lol)…..My SOLES! Once My heels drop to the floor, you get to see My nylon feet in all their glory. Pointing My toes, spreading them, crossing My ankles and putting them right in your face.

My Cute Bare Feet

New:   My Cute Bare Feet

My bare feet look so cute and tiny like this. I rarely have done this pose…laying on My stomach with My feet in the air, but maybe I should more often! Except for the first bit, I mostly ignore you and look at My phone, only giving you the occasional glance.

My soles in your face

New:  My soles in your face

I love these types of angles, with you looking up at Me. And it’s so perfect for putting My stocking soles right in your face! Wiggling, pointing and spreading My toes, crossing My soles and making you feel (wish!) that you were right here, under My nylon feet!

Sole Dangle

New:   Sole Dangle

I’m laying on My stomach, looking at My phone. My feet are in the air as I dangle My nylon soles in your face. I mostly ignore you but glance in your direction a few times.