Legs and Soles

New clip:  Legs and Soles

This clip is half legs and half soles. I know you lust after nylon soles, but I like to make you wait and really look forward to seeing them. So I show off My gorgeous Full Fashioned stockings and sexy panty ass before I sit down and slowly remove My beautiful Louboutin heels. I know you want to smell and touch My damp nylon soles. So silky and sweetly scented. Between the visuals and verbal teasing, you won’t last…..

Black Stocking Soles

Another sole clip:  Black Stocking Soles

476-Black-Stocking-SolesMy red and black silk slip matches My black stockings and red polished toenails (which you can clearly see through the sheer nylon material). I start off wearing a pair of heels, which I soon slide off My feet, revealing My stocking soles. There are a few new angles and ultra up close views of My soles in this clip.

Nylons to Bare

New sole clip:  Nylons to Bare

471-Nylons-to-BareI know you’d love to see My nylon covered soles, but first I need to remove these beautiful strappy high heels. It feels to good to take them off and wiggle and spread My toes. My soles are a little sweaty from being encased in stockings and being pressed up against the inside of My heels. I point and flex My feet, scrunch up My soles, cross My feet and just relax with My feet up…..and your eyes on them! I actually have a little surprise for you….I’m going to slowly strip off My stockings today and show you My BARE soles and My new red pedicure.

Toes and Soles

Oldie clip posted:  Toes and Soles

410-Toes-and-SolesThis clip is from 2008 and was intended for a foot fetish paysite that I never ended up doing. Still a sexy bare foot clip that needed to see the light of day anyway. Clip includes toe wiggling, toe pointing, flexing, up close views, foot rubbing, wrinkled soles, foot play, rubbing lotion on feet, feet and face, feet propped up on desk and just an overall yummy foot clip!

The plan is….

…to post a bunch of My old trample clips over the weekend. I don’t know how many I’ll get done over Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon, but the goal is 8. So if you are seeing a lot of that type of content in My store, that’s why. It’s been on My to do list to repost all of My old (trample) content from My previous clips store and then I’ll be done with it. I won’t get it all done, but most of it.

Feet on Face

For those who like feet and face standing:   Feet on Face

367-Feet-on-FaceThis clip was shot in 2008 and intended for a foot fetish website that I never ended up doing. As you can tell from the preview image, My feet are bare, My toenails are polished pink and I’m wearing a pair of denim foot thongs. I show off My feet for a few seconds before putting one of them on trampleguy’s face. (Lucky him!) I balance on his face for a little while (or as I called it in the video ‘face surfing’) and then get off to let him breathe and then do another face stand for a few seconds. I move so My heels are face the camera and do another face stand and even go up on My tip-toes while balancing on his face. I jump off his face and tell him I’ll let him breathe for a minute and then say “Just for a minute!” and promptly place My foot over his mouth. I always had FUN when I shot My foot videos with trampleguy and My playful-yet wicked-teasing comes across in all of My trample videos. I did a few small jumps on his face and then used My feet to pinch and slap his face, pinch his nose shut, and move his head around. I changed the camera angle and the rest of the clip is what it says on the tin–Feet on Face.

Pump and Play

Foot Fetish clip posted:   Pump and Play


This is one of those “little bit of everything” clips. It was shot in 2008 for a foot fetish site I was thinking of doing but never got around to. The clip starts off with Me pedal pumping, first in high heels (and delicious black seamed stockings!) and then in just My stocking feet. First I remove one of My heels, wiggle My toes, and pump the break pedal several times. Then, with a much closer view (and some nice toe cleavage!), I remove the other heel and continue to pedal pump. I put My heels back on and next you see Me (feet and face) with My feet hanging out the car door window. Not any car mind you, but a Little Red Corvette—just like the song!  😉  One heel is on and I’m causally playing with the other heel (shoe dangle?). you see this from My POV and then it’s back to a feet and face shot and I say to you “I know what you want to see. you want to see My feet, don’t you?” But I say it in kind of a snobby/annoyed way. I remove both My heels and now My stocking soles are in your face as I point and flex My feet,  wiggle My toes and rub My feet together.  The last minute and a half of the clip I walk around in My heels and there is some ‘giantess’ talk as I tell you what I’d do to you, little man!  (This was shot in standard definition and is 640×480 is size).

This clip made it to #3 in the Foot Fetish category:

PandP-no3I usually only prefer to mention My clips that make it to #1 (which if you scroll through My blog, you’ll find that is more often than not), but……the Foot Fetish category on Clips4Sale is HUGE (READ: a very popular category). And for a 7 year old clip, shot in Standard definition to make it to #3 was pretty impressive. I was surprised at how many of you guys bought that clip. Hmmmm……

Nylon clad Feet

Stockings, heels and feet in My newest clip:   Nylon clad Feet

292-Nylon-clad-FeetFor those of you who love nylon clad feet, in this clip I wear 3 different pairs of stockings. I start out in a pair of grey Fully Fashioned (seamed) stockings and high heeled mules. I show off My soles, toes and arches. Next I change into a pair of vintage Hanes RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings and a pair of dangerous-looking metal heeled high heel pumps. And finally I change into a pair of sheer heel/reinforced toe stockings. I’m dressed in a silky satin blouse and tight black pencil skirt. Just a bit of what you’ll find in this clip:  stockings, soles, toes, toe pointing and flexing, sexy arches, high heels, leg crossing, dangle, feet and face, removing heels, shapely calf muscles, and foot fetish talk.