Shimmery Peach Full Slip

New:  Shimmery Peach Full Slip

A slip is such a practical piece of lingerie. It’s function is to be worn under a dress (a full slip) or a skirt (half slip) if the material is too thin and you don’t want your bra and panties showing through. A slip isn’t meant to be seen, unlike a lacy babydoll or a slinky nightgown. But I think this shimmery nylon full slip should be seen along with all other sexy lingerie I’m wearing…..

Chiffon Babydoll Set

New clip:  Chiffon Babydoll Set

I’ve been going through My vast collection of vintage lingerie and weeding out the things I no longer like. I’ve had this sheer babydoll and matching robe/bed jacket set forever and it’s just not My style anymore. So I figured I’d wear it one more time in a clip. Under the babydoll I’m wearing a vintage strapless bra, which comes off at some point and of course I’m wearing a garter belt, FF nylons and high heels as you know I love those items. My panties are sheer and ruffled and….well, you’ll have to watch the clip. I’m also wearing a piece of erotic jewelry that some of you have already seen in My Erotic Surprise clip. As with all of My higher priced erotic clips, some footage is not shown in the preview image. An intimate and sensual clip!

Purple Passion

New lingerie clip:   Purple Passion

469-Purple-PassionOn My feet: a beautiful new pair of custom made purple heels. On My legs: new silky erotic Full Fashioned (seamed) stockings in Espresso, held up by a purple 6 strap garter belt. My lingerie: new sheer purple robe, babydoll and sheer panties. More erotic clips are always priced higher to keep out the cheap masses. Those who yearn for peeks of My beautiful body always pay….more.

Less than 24 hours later, this $50 clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category:

PurplePassion-no1you just can not resist those rare glimpses of a little bit more of Me….   😉

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Dreamy Peach Half Slip

Another slip clip posted:  Dreamy Peach Half Slip

391-Dreamy-Peach-Half-SlipTwo new slip clips in less than a week! Aren’t you lucky!  Here is another one of My beautiful, silky vintage half slips. I wore it with a new pair of Aristoc Ultra Shine pantyhose, long satin gloves, satin heels, peach lace panties and a vintage bustier. Of course I display all of these lovely things in a way only I can.

This clip made it to #1 in the Slip Fetish category:

DPHS-no1See Through Pink Full Slip is also one of My clips.

See Through Pink Full Slip

New slip clip:  See Through Pink Full Slip

389-See-Through-Pink-Full-SlipIn the video, I mention how the slip is so flimsy and almost see-through. But when I was editing the video footage, I realized just how transparent it really was. This is one of My beautiful vintage slips in My collection. I started off wearing it with sheer foot stockings, a garter belt, panties and a bra underneath. But what could you see if I wore nothing underneath this thin slip? Will I show you?

This clip made it to #1 in the Slip fetish category:


Silken Sultress

New lingerie clip posted:   Silken Sultress

385-Silken-SultressI adore vintage lingerie and this robe and nightgown set is just so incredibly SILKY. I wear it with Full fashioned stockings, glittering high heels, shiny panties and a lace garter belt. In My usual sultry and sensual style, I show off everything I’m wearing and leave you longing for more…..

Less than 12 hours from posting this and it’s #1 in the Lingerie category:

Silken-Sultress-no1(Mistress in her Boudoir, Lured in by Lingerie and Sheer Pink Lacy Bra are also Mine.)

Baby Blue Panty Tease

New in My clips store:   Baby Blue Panty Tease

350-Baby-Blue-Panty-TeaseThis clip is from 2011 and was originally shot for my lingerie paysite (which is now closed). I don’t speak in this clip and it has a voyeuristic feel to it as you watch Me lay in bed, adjusting My lingerie and panties. If you are a fan of the big full cut style panties (“granny panties”), Full Fashioned stockings and vintage lingerie, you’ll enjoy this clip!

(This was Bonus Video #40.)

This clip made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:


The Flesh is Weak

New lingerie clip:   The Flesh is Weak

344-The-Flesh-is-Weak“……that you will not fall into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I’m not the type of woman to go around quoting bible verses, but I rather liked this one, due to something that happened recently. I have led astray all types of men and you’re no different. The flesh is indeed weak. Especially that bit between your legs. I stir up lust inside of you because I exude femininity so powerfully that you are drawn to Me like a magnet. I know the effect I have on you and I drew you to Me for a reason, a purpose. So keep watching, keep stroking and keep thinking My video clips are harmless entertainment. And in the meantime……

This clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category:


Sheer Pink Lacy Bra

New clip posted:   Sheer Pink Lacy Bra

335-Sheer-Pink-Lacy-BraLooking at the animated preview image for this clip and wondering why you don’t see much of the lacy bra? Well the word SHEER and the price of this clip might be a clue. I love My beautiful round, full breasts and I was feeling in the mood to show a little more than usual. And of course, you will PAY for such an honor as you are totally unworthy of such delights. This is the only clip I’ve shot for My clips store (out of 300+ clips) with any topless nudity. I start off the clip showing you a nice view of the lace bra, as a teaser. Then I show off the rest of My outfit and the last 4+ minutes are devoted to My sheer pink bra and some tasteful topless nudity. There is ONE other clip in My store with topless nudity: Behind Closed Doors, but that clip is from 2012 and was originally for My (now closed) lingerie paysite.