Gifts and mentions…

The robe and stockings from Secrets in Lace arrived, from philip:

The professor had wanted to get Me the robe, but philip had emailed Me first, so instead I let him pay for a gorgeous vintage Trashy lingerie robe I got off of ebay:

I’m pretty sure it’s vintage 1980’s and the shoulder pads are INSANE (lol) and getting removed.

And it’s satin. 😉

Those who have pleased Me this past week:  philip, the professor, satinmikey, thomas and sissy dee dee.

And another person was brave enough to complete the task in Servitude #122. 😊 But there are still 2 others I’d like to see complete this task, and they know who they are.

Both satinmikey and philip covered the financial tasks in Servitude #126, only philip did the very first task I mentioned, and I’m still waiting for someone to do the FREE tasks I mentioned. Free boys, FREE! lol  Easy ways to please Me that anyone can do. (Well..tasks for anyone who shells out the $48.99 for the clip, so perhaps not so free after all. 😆)

PS–My copyrighted material was finally removed from that other clip studio!

Birthday tribute mentions…

These boys…..john, the professor, philip, satinmikey, thomas and richard (in Canada)…..made Me a VERY happy Mistress on My birthday!! Good job boys!! 😊

*Ahem*….satinmikey WHY have you not purchased My 2019 Birthday Clip??!! 😡….YET??  And I say YET, because I know you are going to read this and rectify that. Right?  riiiggghhhttt?  (Yes, the tribute was lovely, but I’m not letting you off the hook. I actually mentioned you in the clip, which is why I’m on your ass about this!! 👿🤣)

UPDATE:  satinmikey made things right and bought the clip and even emailed to apologize! Okay, I’ll forgive you. This time…! 😜

PS–philip also took care of the Caribou giftcard!

PPS—thomas I read the note on your giftcard and I guess I need to check something very soon!  I’ll let you know!

Valentine’s Day 2019

Some of you sent Me Amazon giftcards and tributes today and you have made Me a very happy Mistress! Well done boys! 😊

PS–I haven’t claimed them yet, but I wanted to do a quick post to let you know they were received….satinmikey, the professor, richard, thomas and one other.

Finally opened them!!

I mentioned this dress and heels in My Servitude #111–both gifts from the professor.

Doesn’t look like much there, but just wait until you see it on ME!!  It’s the Rabbit Dress by Trashy Lingerie.

Now look at this….

Just LOOK at the inner-construction!!  It’s a built in corset! That is some Haute Couture detailing right there! Okay, I realize most males probably can’t appreciate such a reference, so let Me just say it’s a very well made gown! (Freakin’ LOVE Trashy lingerie!)

The Robe in Servitude #111

Corset in Female Sexual Power

Corset in Servitude #104

Robe in Money for Nothing

Corset in Mistress demands more Satin

And there’s more but I don’t feel like going through My clips anymore.

Except for 2 pieces I bought Myself, years ago, it’s ALL slave paid! 😊

Now onto the NEW LOUBS!!!

OMFG!!!!!!  I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE them! 😍  They look SO much better in person and will look fantastic in clips when the light hits them.

And because I’ve forgotten to remove these in the past……

I made sure to take them off this time! 😜

New Years Eve tributes…

GOOD job boys!!!  I will be mentioning you in an upcoming Servitude clip.

thomas in Germany, I see you completed the schedule like I mentioned I had wondered if you would in Servitude #111. That makes Me so HAPPY!!! 😊

But he wasn’t the only one! 😉

Christmas tributes….

To those of you who sent them, and you know who you are! 😉 you have made Me a very MERRY Mistress this holiday season! GOOD JOB boys!  😊

New clips are coming in January 2019 and your new Masturbation schedule will of course be posted on the 1st, as it is every month.

The “pre-birthday” tribute…

…. was a nice little surprise. 😊  you know who you are and YES, it is the most important day of the year!

I was going to do a tribute birthday clip this year but didn’t get around to it. But really, is it a ‘tribute’ if you are getting something in return (clip)?  (Correct answer: NO. 😉)

I received a gorgeous gift yesterday that I’ll be showing off soon in an upcoming video and a few others are arriving after My b-day.