A few mentions…

Those who have pleased Me the past few days with tributes….the professor, sissy dee dee and thomas from Germany. These boys have made Me SMILE. ?

New clips are coming this week!

Here’s a throwback pic from May 2007:

I was rocking the red hair back then, but I’m bored with it again. I’ll be going back to blond and My natural color. Red fades so fast and the upkeep is a pain in the ass. I’d pretty much have to get it redone every 3 weeks if I wanted it to stay vibrant.

2 opportunities…

To please ME, your Mistress.

1st–Send a $40 Amazon gift card for the dress I bought for Afternoon Tea both sissy dee dee and thomas from Germany sent gift cards. Yay! ?

(Holy fuck I’m veiny!  lol  Ever since I got into strength training a few years ago, I noticed My veins ‘pop’ more. When I was less fit, I didn’t have that issue.)

Okay boys, who is going to cover My Afternoon tea from yesterday??

2nd–Tribute for My Afternoon tea today–$52 –Someone, who asked not to have their name used, sent an Amazon gift card intended to be for this. So here’s the pic:

Pics will be posted when tributes are received.  –Done!


They always do! ?

from the professor.  Which reminds Me….any news on the new robe from Trashy lingerie? I haven’t checked My PO box recently.

Sunday Spending opportunities…

Hello boys! I have a few spending opportunities for you…..

Nail salon:  $46 (pedi, gel polish + nail fix) or $56 if you want to cover the tip I gave her as well!  –paid for by the professor

(Since you already got to see My newest pedi–the red–in the heel pics, here’s a picture from last week)

On Friday night I ripped off one of My nails when I was trying to open a drawer.  It tore off the acrylic and part of My natural nail and YES, it fucking HURT!  ?  lol

DSW:  $60  Cute pair of summer wedges  –paid for by jt in MN

Ulta:   $63   Eyeshadow palette  –I received a $100 tribute from thomas in Germany today (June 3rd) and I’m assuming (???) it was to pay for this. There was no note on the tribute, so thomas, I’m going to say you covered this one! ?

These colors are beautiful! I can’t wait to try this out!

Walgreens:  $17   Mascara and chocolate  –paid for by sissy dee dee

Easy-peasy, cheap-ish ways for you to show Me that you want to make Me SMILE! ?

I normally get the ‘fancier’, longer pedicure but My nail tech was running late and I also needed a nail fix and I had errands to run, things do to, so I got the shorter one this time.

I’ll post pics and good boy mentions after these are paid for.

I also have a bunch of screen-shots I took from My The Allure of Lingerie clip, which I’ll post more eventually…

Hello boys!

New clips coming in June, in fact….just finished writing up your next schedule this evening.

This is just a quickie for now as I wanted to do some good boy mentions:  satinmikey *just* paid for a gorgeous pink satin nightgown off ebay, the professor ordered Me that new robe I wanted from Trashy lingerie, thomas sent an Amazon giftcard and someone popped their tribute cherry and sent Me their first tribute– jt from MN. I love watching new guys buy clips and more clips and more and then finally pluck up the courage to send a tribute and introduce themselves. Well done! ?

PS–Amazon delivered on Monday–Memorial Day. I couldn’t believe it. I thought that was a holiday they didn’t deliver on…?  I have been getting SO much shit from Amazon lately though….  lol  heavier dumbbells, a dumbbell rack (which the boyfriend needs to assemble…!) and more books. This one, THIS, THIS and THIS.  ALL paid for with giftcards. As it should be! ?

Gifts and mentions…

The robe and stockings from Secrets in Lace arrived, from philip:

The professor had wanted to get Me the robe, but philip had emailed Me first, so instead I let him pay for a gorgeous vintage Trashy lingerie robe I got off of ebay:

I’m pretty sure it’s vintage 1980’s and the shoulder pads are INSANE (lol) and getting removed.

And it’s satin. ?

Those who have pleased Me this past week:  philip, the professor, satinmikey, thomas and sissy dee dee.

And another person was brave enough to complete the task in Servitude #122. ? But there are still 2 others I’d like to see complete this task, and they know who they are.

Both satinmikey and philip covered the financial tasks in Servitude #126, only philip did the very first task I mentioned, and I’m still waiting for someone to do the FREE tasks I mentioned. Free boys, FREE! lol  Easy ways to please Me that anyone can do. (Well..tasks for anyone who shells out the $48.99 for the clip, so perhaps not so free after all. ?)

PS–My copyrighted material was finally removed from that other clip studio!

Birthday tribute mentions…

These boys…..john, the professor, philip, satinmikey, thomas and richard (in Canada)…..made Me a VERY happy Mistress on My birthday!! Good job boys!! ?

*Ahem*….satinmikey WHY have you not purchased My 2019 Birthday Clip??!! ?….YET??  And I say YET, because I know you are going to read this and rectify that. Right?  riiiggghhhttt?  (Yes, the tribute was lovely, but I’m not letting you off the hook. I actually mentioned you in the clip, which is why I’m on your ass about this!! ??)

UPDATE:  satinmikey made things right and bought the clip and even emailed to apologize! Okay, I’ll forgive you. This time…! ?

PS–philip also took care of the Caribou giftcard!

PPS—thomas I read the note on your giftcard and I guess I need to check something very soon!  I’ll let you know!