Servitude #347-Pantyhose Close-ups

New:   Servitude #347-Pantyhose Close-ups

Hosiery layering is HOT! This is the first time I’ve ever worn pantyhose OVER stockings and a garter belt. Underneath My pantyhose I have on a pair of light blue full fashioned stockings, a 6 strap garter belt and see through blue panties. But that perfectly placed pantyhose gusset means more is left to your imagination. 😉  So many enticing views of My nylon clad legs, simply irresistible for pantyhose lovers!

Servitude #268

New:   Servitude #268

I have 10 days of instructions for you, but you might be a tad distracted. Nude pantyhose, little pink lace panties, a sheer mini dress, sky-high platform heels and My signature way of showing it all off. I show you the stack of masturbation schedules that I have been doing for you for years. I’ve been controlling your cock for so long now and you always come back for more…..

Servitude #194

New:   Servitude #194

Yeah, I know I make pantyhose look HOT and yeah, I know it makes your dick hard. That’s old news. I’m well aware of the power I possess, no matter what I’m wearing. A different male, a different fetish but it’s all the same really…….

Glossy Hose and Shiny Tits

New:   Glossy Hose and Shiny Tits

I know you’ll agree with Me……glossy pantyhose are fucking HOT! And they are even hotter the way I fill them out with My curvy ass and legs. Combined with a pair of sexy strappy high heels, a fishnet teddy and My full breasts in a skimpy metallic top and I’m pretty sure you are going to have a mess on your hands soon enough….

(As much as I love My stockings…..damn I look GOOD in pantyhose! HA! ?)

Oh wait…..I look good in EVERYTHING!! ?   AND nothing. ?

Fishnet Fantasy

New:   Fishnet Fantasy

In addition to layers of lingerie, I’m also wearing layers of hosiery (fishnets over pantyhose) AND….I’m wearing two pairs of panties as well. Underneath everything I have on a pair of sheer baby pink string bikini panties and then a pair of shiny pantyhose over the that. Over the pantyhose I have on a pair of (faux) gartered fishnet stockings with a pair of black lace panties worn over. For a short time I have a sheer pink half slip and sheer pink marabou on and when I remove it, I put on a pair of long fishnet gloves to compliment the stockings. This video is absolutely sexy and you will love it!


New clip:  Pantyhose

Pantyhose. One word that creates such a cock-stiffening response in you. you love everything about them. The look, the feel…..of them on your cock and balls, stroking with them, cumming in them and perhaps even smelling them. If you are a collector of MY pantyhose clips, you know what to expect….visual and verbal tease.