Pantyhose Compulsion

New pantyhose clip:  Pantyhose Compulsion

456-Pantyhose-CompulsionCompulsion: an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way. An impulse, need, desire, obsession. That pretty much sums you up and your little fetish for pantyhose. Nothing gets you hard like pantyhose, watching Me in them and wearing them yourself. Feeling your cock encased in nylon while you stroke is a feeling like no other. Indulge that urge……

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Powerless to Pantyhose

New clip:   Powerless to Pantyhose

433-Powerless-to-Pantyhoseyou don’t know why you do, but you just have a weakness for a pair of sexy legs in pantyhose. And I just love to exploit a man’s weakness. My strong, shapely legs look fantastic in pantyhose and I know exactly what that does to you. The harder your cock gets, the softer your brain gets. Funny how that works……

PS–This is My first clip saved in MP4 format and the quality is AWESOME!

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Sheer Black Pantyhose and 6 inch Heels

New pantyhose clip:   Sheer Black Pantyhose and 6 inch Heels

398-Sheer-Black-Pantyhose-and-6-inch-heelsGoing through My pantyhose collection, I found this pair of brand new Wolford Naked 8 pantyhose that I’ve had for a while. I wore them with a pair of black lace panties under (well, for most of the video), a black full slip and black 6 inch high heels! I show off My legs, ass and heels and even My pantyhose gusset, towards the end.

The pantyhose were actually a Christmas gift from the professor….from Dec 2014!  I do like Wolford hosiery but I think I prefer the thicker (higher denier) as this pair got tiny holes in it right away. Plus, I like more of a shine to My pantyhose. Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 denier are one of My favorite brands/styles.

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Hot Pantyhose

New clip posted:   Hot Pantyhose

381-Hot-PantyhoseI make pantyhose look hot. Without My strong shapely legs and ass to fill them out, they are just a limp piece of hosiery. I know how pantyhose are meant to be worn and shown off. If you didn’t have a pantyhose fetish before, you’ll have one by the end of the video!

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Pantyhose Persuasion

NEW clip:  Pantyhose Persuasion

362-Pantyhose-Persuasionyou’ve come to give Me a quote for the painting job I want done. I’m very picky, so you have do to an excellent job. And if I hire you to do the work, you are going to have to be completely devoted to Me, coming every day, until the painting is finished. So what’s the best price you can give Me? WHAT?! Oh no, no, no. I’m not paying that much to get My living room painted. you are going to have to give Me a much better offer. Hmmm….that’s a better number, but still not the price I was thinking. I tell you what….I’m going to write down the figure I have in mind and what I’m willing to pay. And then I’m going to tell you why you are going to do the job for that price.

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Strong Legs in Pantyhose

New Pantyhose clip:   Strong Legs in Pantyhose

311-Strong-Legs-in-PantyhoseWearing a pair of Wolford Fatal 8 pantyhose, I show off My very strong and SHAPELY legs. The pantyhose are very sheer with a bit of a sheen to them. At first I’m wearing a pair of RED 6 inch high heeled shoes and then change into a pair of animal 5 inch high heeled mules. Worship my beautifully muscular calves, thighs and LEGS!

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Pantyhose Legs and Ass

Sexy new clip posted today:   Pantyhose Legs and Ass

281-Pantyhose-Legs-and-AssI’m wearing a pair of sheer black Wolford Satin Touch 20 pantyhose in this video. They have a seam running from front to back and just a tiny crotch panel for modesty. I decided to wear them without panties as I wanted to feel the tight pantyhose right next to My skin. With the pantyhose I’m wearing a silver metallic bikini top, a blue fishnet shirt over that and sexy spiked peep toe platform high heels.This video is pretty much all LEGS and ASS with a little bit of boob tease thrown in for good measure. Love seeing Me in pantyhose? Check out MORE of My pantyhose videos here: