Bonus Videos

Update 2024: I decided to add ALL of My old paysite videos to My Loyalfans store. There is a blog post HERE for reference. I had 300+ regular video updates and then I had 100+ Bonus videos (some are listed below). I’m adding all of the “regular” videos to My Loyalfans store FIRST (in the same order I originally posted them to My paysite). And then eventually I will also post all of My Bonus videos.

(The text below refers to My lingerie paysite that I had from Dec 2003 to June 2015.)

Bonus videos are something I started back in 2008 (I believe) and they were just that. A bonus, a little something extra in addition to My regular updates. However, unlike My regular updates, Bonus Videos weren’t going to be archived on My site. They were up in My members area for a WEEK (originally) at a time and then removed. Eventually I extended that to TWO weeks and as I accumulated more videos, I would repost past (older) Bonus Videos and shoot new ones as well.

Over time, as content theft and piracy became more of a problem and I was finding more and more of MY videos posted all over the place. I decided something had to be done. It’s so easy to join a site, download ALL of the content and then pass it around on various forums. But it’s very time consuming to go around and get all of it removed and taken down.

It was then that I decided the ONLY content I was going to post to My paysite was Bonus Videos. No more ‘regular’ updates that would be added (archived) to the members area. And that was back in 2012 or 2013.

So yeah, that’s the history of My Bonus Videos. I have 119 of them all together and each clip was probably posted 2-3 times a year in My members area for two weeks at a time.

These are the Bonus Videos I have reposted in My clips store. Each LINK goes to the blog post for the clip with links to My clips stores to purchase them.

Bonus Video #38 – Fancy Dress and Stockings (re-titled “Vintage Stylace Heel Nylons” for My clips store.)

Bonus Video #40 – Baby Blue Panty Tease

Bonus Video #42 – Slipping into 2012 (re-titled “Vintage White Full Slip”)

Bonus Video #43 – Shimmery Pink Lingerie (This was edited to remove brief topless nudity.)

Bonus Video #44 – Lingerie Goddess (This was edited to remove the topless nudity.)

Bonus Video #51 – Elegant Tease

Bonus Video #52 – Lacy Slips & Lilac Panties (This was edited to remove footage of Me in the sheer bra I was wearing and re-titled “Lilac Nylon Panties” for My clips store.)

Bonus Video #55 -A little bit of Everything (This was edited and shortened from the original version).

Bonus Video #56 -Feelin’ Sassy (ugh…that title is horrible!  lol  I re-titled it Blue Nylon Full Cut Panties and it was edited quite a bit from the original to cut out a few bits of nudity and other footage.)

Bonus Video #63 -Mandolin Heel Stockings (This video was edited to remove some topless footage and some other footage to make the clip shorter).

Bonus Video #66 – Lovely Layers (This was edited to make it a shorter video)

Bonus Video #76 – Jewel Seam Stockings

Bonus Video #78 – Panty Change

Bonus Video #80 – French Maid Strip   (The original files were part 1 and 2 which I combined into one large file for My clips store).

Bonus Video #81 -Stockings on Display (Some footage was cut from the original)

Bonus Video #82 -Full Slip and Panty Rear

Bonus Video #84 -Dangerous Heels (re-titled “Metal Spiked 6 inch High Heels” because I already had a clip in My store named “Dangerous Heels”).

Bonus Video #85 – Modeling My Bras 5  (The original files were part 1 and 2 which I combined into one large file for My clips store).

Bonus Video #91 – Behind Closed Doors

Bonus Video #94 – Panty Enticement

Bonus Video #95 -Modeling My Bras 6

Bonus Video #96-Sheer Black (re-titled “Expensive Erotica”) -the original version of this clip was only available in My members area ONCE, for 2 weeks. I edited out the more revealing bits and reposted the clip a few other times. The original, unedited version is available once again in My clips store. At a price, of course. The 2024 version of this is the original version PLUS some ultra hot bonus footage that has never been seen before. This is only available in My Loyalfans store.

Bonus Video #98 – Nylon Panties

Bonus Video #100 – Stunning Stockings

Bonus Video #105 – 7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

Bonus Video #106 – 7 Pairs of Panties -Part 2

Bonus Video #107 – 7 Pairs of Panties -Part 3

Bonus Video #109 – Take Two

Bonus Video #110 – Gray Pantyhose and Satin Panties

Bonus Video #114 – Changing Heels and Panties

Bonus Video #115 – Lounging on Satin Sheets

Bonus Video #117 – Blackfoot FF Nylons

Keep checking My blog for other Bonus Videos that I add to My clips store!