7 Pairs of Panties -Part 3

The final part….  7 Pairs of Panties-Part 3

415-7-Pairs-of-Panties-Part-3Here is the final clip in the 7 pairs of Panties series. Just like the others, this was shot in late 2012 and was originally for My (now closed) lingerie paysite. In this clip, I start out wearing a sheer pink babydoll jacket and pink see-through panties over My garter belt. After showing them off for a little while, I change into a pair of tight yellow nylon full cut panties. And the final pair I model are a pair of big blue silky panties that are one size too big. (Ignore the ending dialogue, it’s totally cheesy and I cringe when I see it!  lol)

(This is Bonus video #107.)