Servitude #251

New:   Servitude #251

A big number this week….what is it? A little bit easier this week in some ways. Am I being generous? you know any time I am, it usually ends up costing you in some way. I could be very strict and never let you cum, never let you stroke. But that would be  boring. I find My way of controlling you and your cock, much more effective……

Servitude #249

New:   Servitude #249

Glossy pantyhose, a little lace teddy, shiny gold bikini top, spiked peep toe heels and a cock control challenge. And an orgasm? Maybe. Maybe not. you’ll just have to do everything I say, when I say and never stop. Getting to cum is just a bonus, you love to watch Me and stroke at My command regardless! So let’s get started…..

Servitude #247

New:   Servitude #247

Stockings, satin and of course, servitude. I have a couple of new (slave-paid) gifts to show off and then I talk to you about the topic at hand: struggle. And how your servitude should never be that but why it might be. It’s hard not to be sexually aroused as I pull down My bodice, revealing more of My full tits. Distracted by My shiny satin panties, that hug my nice round ass so well. Seduced by fantasy, you’re right where you belong…..

Servitude #246

New:   Servitude #246

Another week of My control, for the second week of September. As usual, more chastity time, masturbation restrictions, some longer stroke sessions, orgasm denial and orgasm opportunities along with a few challenges. While I go over your schedule, I show off a few pairs of high heels and a pair of skimpy little panties.

Servitude #245

New:   Servitude #245

MY slaves: make sure your cock is locked in chastity before you press play. I want your cock OFF LIMITS. I’m sitting on a white fur rug and dressed in a pink satin and chiffon nightie, long pink satin gloves and pink satin panties. I flash the sweetest smile while I tease and torment you, which only makes your cock fight that cage even more….  😉  (Priced higher because this clip ended up being a tad more revealing than intended).

Servitude #243

New:   Servitude #243

A new month, new instructions, something to keep you busy this first week. “Do it for Me”, I tell you and you will. Because you never knew how erotic it could be to have someone else control your pleasure…..until you met Me. Dressed in a luxurious, liquid satin robe, and black, sheer pantyhose, you love to watch and listen. Listen as I tell you what you will be doing and what you won’t!