The Panty Test

New:   The Panty Test

Well, this is My bedroom. you are so lucky to be here, very few men have made it up here. I’m pretty picky. But I like you and I think we could have fun tonight, but there is just one little thing I need you to do for Me first. It’s not a big deal and it won’t take long, but you must do it before things go any further. It’s something I call the Panty Test…….

CCC1-Vintage Nylons and Sheer Black Dress

New:  Vintage Nylons and Sheer Black Dress

This clip is a compilation of some of My older content when I had My lingerie paysite. About the first 53 seconds is a slideshow of photos from one of My photo sets and the rest of clip is video footage from two different videos. The original audio was removed and replaced with a low-key instrumental music track. Since the videos were shot years ago, they were shot in Standard Definition and are not up to My current standards of video quality.

you watch Me as I unbox a pair of vintage FF stockings and put them on, pull them up My legs and fasten My garter straps to My stocking tops. I slip on a pair of peep toe heels and show off My stocking legs. Then I stand over a fan as it blows up My sheer dress and reveals My panty ass.

I’ve decided that all of these Classic Compilation Clips I will be labeling as CCC1, CCC2, etc, etc….on My blog. (I won’t be doing that with the titles on Clips4Sale though). That way, over time, you can search My blog for all of these type of clips just by typing in CCC in the Search box.

Classic Compilation Clips….

I have been thinking about making compilation clips from some of My old videos from My lingerie site. I have about 400+ clips that won’t be seeing the light of day again, unless I decide to post them to My store. I have done that with some of My Bonus Videos, but even some of those have been edited from the originals.

Granted I shouldn’t say that these won’t ever see the light of day because that’s not true. I am well aware that “site-rips” were done on My site and My content (pics/videos) have been ‘shared’ pirated around the Internet.  *sigh* 🙄

Anyhow, My idea is to combine pictures and video (or videos) into one clip. I may include pictures in the clip, like in a slideshow, and then video footage. The video footage will be edited from the original versions that were once in My members area. And by edited I mean, I may only use parts of a clip or I may edit out the audio and replace it with background music. (I will be mentioning that in the clip descriptions).

It won’t be complete photosets either, just a few pictures, if I decide to use them at all in some of the clips. And……a lot of My older clips were shot in Standard Definition video, which means they were 640×480 (pixels) in frame size and the quality was not as good as My current HD videos. So these videos would be sized up to fit 1980×1080, which will cause more of a loss in quality.

I am thinking of putting them together with themes such as…..stockings, slips, panties, lingerie, and footage with nudity/sheer, see through lingerie (which would be for higher priced clips).

I will not be using the original file names, photo set names or video titles because I’m well aware that some of these are still floating around online.  (It’s pretty much impossible to get them removed completely. I might get them taken down one place, then they pop up in another forum somewhere else. What can I say? Some people are thieving assholes. 😕)

BUT…..if you truly enjoy what I do, My clip creations and MY style, you will BUY My clips out of respect.

Although some of My Clips4Sale customers have previously been members of My lingerie site, when I had it, many have not. Some may enjoy having access to older material of Mine.

I honestly don’t expect these to sell as well as My newer content, although…..some of the Bonus Videos I reposted have sold pretty well! I will be focusing on shooting newer content the majority of the time, as I have been. But I may be posting these from time to time and wanted to do a blog post that I will link/refer to when I do.

My lingerie paysite has been closed for 3 years now….

….and yet I STILL get emails about it….🙄  When I had My paysite, I had an Updates page that I made VERY CLEAR and in ADVANCE that I was closing the site:

I have also made some mentions of it on this blog, but back then, My Updates page was the “Go To” page for information about My paysite.

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End of an era

Dec, 23rd 2003

A little update

Another idiot


….you know who, I received the Amazon gift card today. Nice. 😊  However, did you not receive My email from April 16th?

Black Magic Woman

New:  Black Magic Woman

you know what I am and what I am capable of doing to you and yet you can’t stay away. Is it really wrong what I do, if I know that deep down inside you want Me to manipulate you, control you, have My way with you. There is only one thing I need from you for My erotic magic to work and I won’t have a problem getting it……… (priced higher for a reason….)