Ball Busting Boots

New:  Ball Busting Boots

These boots are perfect for ball busting. As well as cock stomping, heel dragging, trampling and perhaps even boot worship. But not in their current condition, they are way too clean for that. But alas, these boots are not staying with Me. They aren’t favorites and I have others I like much better. So I model them for you before I’m getting rid of them. I also talk a bit about ball busting and My experience with that.

Light Pink Strappy Heels

New:  Light Pink Strappy Heels

I got a few new heels from a slave recently and I wanted to show off these light pink ones. I love this style so much that I already own them in 4 other colors. They are 6 inch heels with a single sole and I can walk in them quite comfortably. I like to wear them with FF nylons because the strappy design compliments the darker reinforcement on the heels and ankles. So sexy!

Petticoat Upskirt

New:  Petticoat Upskirt

Hey pervert! It’s your lucky day because I decided to do an upskirt video. I know you can’t get enough of views like this. Today, as you can see, I’ve got on a petticoat, FF nylons and silky pink nylon panties. As usual, I do a few different poses/angles and at times you are so close, you’ll feel like you are right under My petticoat. you’re welcome!

Servitude #361-slave reward

New:  Servitude #361-slave reward

your devotion to Me pleases Me greatly and I decided to reward you by allowing you to kiss My heels. Of course just to be in My presence is a reward in itself as you know I don’t “sell” sessions, they must be earned. I am going to instruct you on how and where you will worship My beautiful designer heels. And if you do it right, maybe I’ll let you kiss My feet as well…..