Panty Evolution

New:   Panty Evolution

Blah, blah, blah, blah, you’ll buy it anyways. Come on now. you know what to expect from MY panty clips by now and you fucking LOVE them! Do you even read the description anyway? Well on the off chance you do, the title should give you a hint. Let’s (and I mean ME) talk about how you got this way (and how you’ll *never* change)…..

For those of you who…

….tried to make sure to use My code when you bought My clips …..GOOD JOB!! 😊  It was just a small thing you could do to please Me and believe Me, every time I saw a clip order come through with the higher commission, it put a smile on My face. EVERY time!

The contest ended January 15th so you no longer need to use the code to purchase My clips. But if Clips4Sale runs another contest in 2019, I will make sure to mention it here on My blog with the link.

Open bottom girdles….

…I’m getting rid of all the ones I have. (Well I might keep the blue one though…) I’m wearing them all one last time for clips and then they are going! I never liked them. Eventually I’ll get rid of all of My girdles but I’m keeping the long leg ones until I’ve worn all of My fancy pairs of vintage stockings. They are too short (usually) to wear with garter belts.

Culling My collection of lingerie is an ongoing project…. 🙄

(No, I don’t offer things for sale. I give some things to My slaves and most I give away to the Goodwill).