Erotic Panty Views

New:   Erotic Panty Views

One of My favorite fetishes to shoot clips for is Panty fetish and I think that shows. I understand why you are drawn to this most intimate piece of Women’s apparel. How could you not be?! And I have a knack for capturing this magical undergarment in some of the most sensual and erotic ways. In this clip I’m dressed in vintage lingerie, stockings, heels, a vintage half slip and a pair of Olga brand panties. I slowly pulled the half slip up over My pantied ass and I also pulled it down completely for a full view of My panties and the lacy waistband. I like wearing slips with panties as then I can do those ultra-teasing panty-peek/upskirt (up-slip?) views. you will love everything about this clip! 😉

Servitude #134

New:   Servitude #134

It’s time for you to be USED by Me, your Mistress. I actually let you off easy last month, but I’m here to collect this month. you know your purpose, to be useful to Me and to fulfill My wants and desires and here is a chance to prove that. Before you watch this, make sure your cock is hard and you have a piece of string to tie it up with.

I know you want to

New:   I know you want to

…you could finish that sentence with various things, none of which will ever happen. But there is ONE thing that frequently happens in your world and that is your hand gliding up and down your cock. Stroke, stroking, jerking off, masturbating, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what you’ve got going on, I know you *always* want to….STROKE!

A few mentions…

Those who have pleased Me the past few days with tributes….the professor, sissy dee dee and thomas from Germany. These boys have made Me SMILE. 😊

New clips are coming this week!

Here’s a throwback pic from May 2007:

I was rocking the red hair back then, but I’m bored with it again. I’ll be going back to blond and My natural color. Red fades so fast and the upkeep is a pain in the ass. I’d pretty much have to get it redone every 3 weeks if I wanted it to stay vibrant.