Floral Print Vintage Nylons

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From My collection of vintage stockings, I picked this seamless pair with a floral print on them. My nylon feet are shown off well in these strappy 6 inch high heeled sandals. A long leg panty girdle with hidden garter straps holds up My stocking tops. A matching lace bustier shows off My curves nicely. Of course I had to go further with adding satin gloves, a satin half slip and a sheer robe. Pure lingerie and stocking temptation.

Sensuous Silky Layers

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Layers of nylon and satin rubbing together feels oh so nice on My body. Starting off with a satin robe over My lingerie, I remove it to show off My silky nylon full slip with long satin gloves. Lifting up My hem, I reveal a lace garter belt holding up My pink Full fashioned stockings. Under that I am wearing a pair of lace open-crotch panties, worn over a pair of pantyhose. And My feet are so nicely arched in the highest heels.

Lustful Lace

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Lace. An ultra-feminine, delicate fabric that is commonly used for lingerie. It reveals more than it conceals, which makes it oh so appealing. This beautiful lace nightgown fits My curves perfectly and reveals everything I have on underneath. My pretty garter belt, sheer panties and seamed stockings. My eyes are so expressive, My moves so sensual that words weren’t necessary at all.

Hot Lingerie 1

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I have a bunch of sexy lingerie sets that are sheer, skimpy and a tad too racy for My normal priced clips. In this clip I show off 2 different lingerie sets in some enticingly erotic ways. Preview is censored, the clip is not.

Nylon Panty Close-ups 2

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Pure panty heaven–part 2! In this clip I wear 4 different pairs of nylon panties and all with stockings and silky lingerie. There are front views, ass views, open leg panty crotch views and some ultra close-up views (not shown in the preview). Such hot teasing panty views from so many different angles and so many silky nylon panties!

Nylon Panty Close-ups 1

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If you love up close views of silky, shiny, silky NYLON PANTIES, you are going to love this clip. So many erotic panty views and I’ve only included a few of them in the preview. There are only a few short scenes with My full body in the frame, the rest are enticing, close-up views of My pretty panties. I wear 3 different pairs in this clips, two are worn with stockings and garters and the other pair worn over pantyhose.

Just wanna say…

Those of you who read My last post and have been going right to My store from My blog (and buying!  lol)…I am seeing the 120% sales come through and what can I say but:

☺️ 😁 🤩 👍 😜

Good job!! I love seeing boys striving to make Me happy!  😊

Clips4Sale 120% Sales commission..

So this is going on right now…

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Why is this a big deal? Well, guess how much C4S usually pays out in commission to clip producers….

60%. Yup. That’s it. So you buy a $9.99 clip of Mine and I get… $5.99.

Loyalfans, on the other hand…. pays out 80%! 😁 So that $9.99 is now $7.99.

And about once a month, Loyalfans will do random days that they give content creators 100% on ALL sales. So $9.99 is $9.99!

But with the (temporary) Clips4Sale 120% promo….$9.99 is $11.99. (But only if you visit My store directly from My blog.)

I have had some sales come through with the 120%. Someone from the UK was bingeing on My Financial Domination clips tonight and I loved seeing those clips orders come through.

I know that most guys will buy My content on whatever platform they like best, but good boys and BEST boys will always buy My clips on the platform that gives Me the MOST! 🤑

I have been slowly adding more of My clips to My Loyalfans store but with over 1200 clips, it’s gonna take a while….. But I will get it done! And some of My clips will only be available on Loyalfans anyway.