Servitude #318-Chastity

New:  Servitude #318-Chastity

I have the *perfect* place for your cock. No, not inside the palm of your hand. *eye roll* The perfect place for your cock is inside of a male chastity device. All of My slaves are locked in chastity on a regular basis. Part of your submission to Me is relinquishing control of your cock and chastity is the perfect tool to help.

Servitude #315-Release 3

New:   Servitude #315-Release 3

I make it very clear what I want from you in this clip, if you haven’t figured it out already. Little steps each time to get you comfortable with the idea. As usual, I’m dressed in beautiful lingerie to enchant you further. The white lace on My robe, stocking tops and silky slips is so feminine. But things heat up as clothing comes off and I detail what you’ll do. I make it sound so sweet and simple. I’m always testing how far you’ll go for Me….. (The preview is censored, the clip is not)