Thigh High

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There is just something so sexy about a pair of black thigh high boots. And those of you with a boot fetish will agree. For some males, the sight of a woman in thigh boots makes them want to drop to their knees, which is where they belong anyway. Watch and listen as I talk about My sexy boots and why I enjoy them, the effect they have on men, what I like to do to men while wearing them……

I love these gloves SO much!

Long-Black-Satin-Opera-glovesI want to call them My Evil Villainess gloves. I’ve got them in Gold and White as well. There are a couple more colors I want them in and when I find a place that sells them, I’ll have one of My good boys buy them.

Mistress-Jessica-in-black-pantyhose-glovesAlso wore the new Oroblu Magic 40 pantyhose that I mentioned at the bottom of THIS post. They were nice, but not spectacular. I think 40 denier is too much–too thick. I’m really not into pantyhose as much as I am stockings, so I need to try more brands to decide what I like. I love Aristoc Ultra Shine pantyhose and Wolfords, of course, are nice as well. But I’m sure there are other brands I’ll like once I try more.

Golden Goddess

New clip posted:   Golden Goddess

267-Golden-GoddessDay after day, week after week, year after year, you have been worshiping Me for so long. And the the reason being…..that I captivate you like no other. you worship every part of ME from the tips of My toes, to the top of My beautiful mane of hair. Watch Me in My very sexy little gold dress with gloves, high heels, pantyhose and some very daring panties. click-buy-WORSHIP!

Blackmailed by My Legs

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108-Blackmailed-by-My-LegsI do enjoy exploiting weak men and their fetishes and one of My co-workers has a thing for My legs. Once I discovered this, it was fun to tease him, while pretending not to notice his attention. But I soon realized how I could set him up and use his little leg fetish to My advantage. Now I’ve got him wrapped around My little finger…….. IN THIS CLIP: Full Fashioned stockings–LEGS–Tight pencil skirt–crossed legs–shoe dangle-blackmail-satin blouse.