I love these gloves SO much!

Long-Black-Satin-Opera-glovesI want to call them My¬†Evil Villainess gloves. I’ve got them in Gold and White as well. There are a couple more colors I want them in and when I find a place that sells them, I’ll have one of My good boys buy them.

Mistress-Jessica-in-black-pantyhose-glovesAlso wore the new Oroblu Magic 40 pantyhose that I mentioned at the bottom of THIS post. They were nice, but not spectacular. I think 40 denier is too much–too thick. I’m really not into pantyhose as much as I am stockings, so I need to try more brands to decide what I like. I love Aristoc Ultra Shine pantyhose and Wolfords, of course, are nice as well. But I’m sure there are other brands I’ll like once I try more.