MJA12: Glove Tease

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

I start out modeling My tight black satin corset, black satin panties, black seamed stockings and royal blue 6 inch high heeled sandals. I sit down on My pink satin bed and slowly put the blue satin gloves on and smoothing them out as I go. I show off the gloves and then remove My heels and slowly peel the gloves off.  

MJA7: Satin Gloves

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

My very first satin glove fetish video from 2005. Fast forward to 2024 and I have done MANY videos with satin gloves, satin lingerie, panties, clothing and even shoes! In this first clip, I start out slowly putting on a pair of long red satin gloves, smoothing them out and them removing them. Next I put on a pair of long black satin gloves and then stand up, turn around (in a pair of 6 inch high heeled pumps!) and give you a very sexy view of My seamed stockings, ass and legs. 

10 Tasks for One Orgasm

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I enjoy making you work for those orgasms and so this time around, I have a list of 10 tasks you have to complete to again, earn just ONE orgasm. The secret to an incredible orgasm is…….making you *really* want it.

Glamour Gloves

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Since my Gold Satin Gloves clip sold so well, I thought I’d give you another satin glove clip. I do love My long satin gloves–they are the epitome of glamour! Like My last clip, I start out with bare arms and put the gloves on while you watch Me pull the tight satin material up My arm and smooth out the wrinkles. Next I added a white (faux) fur stole and a jeweled necklace to up the glam factor! I stroke My gloves while talking to you and towards the end of the clip, I peel them off! 

Gold Satin Gloves

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Two fetishes in one: gloves and satin. I LOVE long satin gloves and these particular gloves were a gift (like almost all of my satin gloves). If you have a satin fetish, you’ll love all the shiny material in this video clip. Downblouse, satin lingerie, cleavage, long satin gloves, hand fetish, satin rubbing, putting gloves on and taking them off. 

Sensual Satin Mistress

Another one of My ultra glamourous outfits….. Sensual Satin Mistress

172-Sensual-Satin-MistressThis satin corset costume is absolutely gorgeous. I almost look like a deliciously decorated cupcake! The corset highlights off My tiny waistline and pushes My full breasts UP and gives Me fantastic cleavage. I love the way the light shows off the shiny satin material so well. Underneath My skirt I am wearing a pair of pink ruffled panties and dark suntan pantyhose. I have many other lavish satin outfits as well.

Baby Blue Satin Robe

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105-Baby-Blue-Satin-RobeI *adore* this satin robe!! Just LOOK at it–it’s gorgeous and PERFECT for ME. Yards of sensual, slinky, shiny, silky SATIN! If you follow MY blog, you’ll know I received this robe as a gift (that I had picked out). I captured this seductive material from many different angles in this video clip. PURE SATIN HEAVEN!!!

Red Hot Glamour

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In this clip I’m wearing a very sexy red satin strapless dress. It hugs My shapely curves perfectly! I glam things up with some elegant long white satin gloves, white peep-toe pumps, glittering jewelry and a white faux fur. Glamourous satin seduction at it’s finest!

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