Black Velvet Temptress

Available to purchase in My clips store tomorrow morning… Black Velvet Temptress

Here you are again. Back to feed your craving of seeing ME in long gloves. Well today I thought I’d wear a pair made out of a different material than satin. Today I’m wearing a pair of long black VELVET gloves. And I have to say, they are quite nice and feel really good. They go perfectly with the slinky, low-cut black velvet gown I’m wearing. Tell Me, who else knows about your little fetish for gloves? I bet I’m the only one who knows your little secret. Would you like to touch them? Touch my velvet gloved hands and arms.


Trying on Gloves


Not to be confused with My Trying on Satin Gloves video clip–similar title, but two different clips! 😉 And if you have a thing for gloves, make sure you check out My other glove fetish clips! I’m wearing a lavender satin and lace nightie with a matching ostrich feather boa and trying on, and talking about, different gloves. I try on a couple of pairs of satin gloves, a leather glove, fingerless, lace and fishnet gloves as well.

151-Trying-on-GlovesThis clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category: