Cocktease Denial

New:   Cocktease Denial

Wow. These jerk off instructions just might be impossible!  But you’re going to do them anyway.  I give you the rules at the beginning as well as the task you need to complete in order to earn an orgasm. What’s the point of denying you if you won’t be horny and frustrated? No problem, I’ll be making sure that you are!  😉  PS—your poor cock!

Teased Hard and left Blue

New:  Teased Hard and left Blue    (This clip was removed from My store)

The higher the price, the hotter the clip. And of course I would (intentionally) release such a clip on a day that *you* aren’t allowed a release. I make you want to cum so bad, which is necessary to make the ACHE even better…… (The preview image is censored, the clip is not.)

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I love to deny you

Only available in My Loyalfans store

Orgasm denial. you know it’s necessary sometimes as male masturbation needs to be controlled. And oh how I love to DENY you, but even more than that. I tell you a few of My techniques for increasing your frustration and when I show you one if them, it will be a real test of your self-control. (There is nudity in this clip and I don’t show nudity in My preview images).

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This clip made it to #1 in Orgasm Denial category.

Desire and Denial

Only available in My Loyalfans store

Filling you with desire, only to be left full and aching. My favorite time to tease you is on the days that you aren’t allowed an orgasm. But you love every second of it. From the moment I tell that I have nothing on underneath My robe but a garter belt, to each sensual glimpse of bare flesh, to the very end of the clip. My feminine, seductive charms have you at My mercy……. (Priced higher for a reason.)

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Eager to Stroke

New:   Eager to Stroke

I think it’s fair to say that sexual frustration is not a state desired by most men. But you, are not most men. you were looking for something different, something to make your orgasms more intense and orgasm denial is the key. It doesn’t matter that I’m just going to deny you today, you are always so eager for any opportunity to stroke to My voice, My body, My encouraging words…..