There are issues in My C4S store at the moment….

I was checking the categories in the drop down box and My clips are NOT showing up! 😡  Like if I click on the Armpit category, the one clip I have in that category, does not show up in My store. This is happening with ALL of the categories in My store. I’m trying to get it sorted but I have to wait until the programmers look into it. So frustrating for a control freak like Me!  lol

Problem with Cum on Command video file….

For those of you who bought this clip, I was made aware that there was a minor glitch from the 35-45 second mark in the clip. The original file did not have this problem (I always watch all of My clips through after I edit them just in case there are problems).

Last night when I was trying to upload the clip to the Clips4Sale servers, the file transfer ‘froze’ early on and basically stopped. So I had to try and upload it again, and the second time it worked. But I wonder if that problem somehow affected the file.

I am re-uploading the file and I have to remove the current listing for that clip and then repost it. If you bought this clip, you should be receiving a email from C4S with a download link to download the new file (same clip, just the glitch free version).

I’ll post an update here after this is done.

UPDATE:  Just updated with the new file. I also updated the link (on this blog post) to direct to the new version.

Pussy Tease

New clip:   Pussy Tease

353-Pussy-TeasePussy. you are so obsessed with that one little area between My legs. What’s it look like, taste like, smell like….. Well maybe today is your lucky day. I take off My panties in this clip, but will I let you see anything? With just My hand covering My most sacred spot, maybe I’ll allow you a quick peek? Or maybe not.  It’s so easy to tease you with something you want so badly……

This clip made it to #1 in the Pussy Worship category: