Want to please ME?


So……Clips4Sale is doing this new promo/contest thingy for their Clip Producers (that would be ME) until January 15th, 2019. If I (um….*you*) use THIS CODE:


then I earn a higher percentage for every clip that is sold. So every time you buy a clip from My store, if you have clicked to My store through that link, I will earn a higher percentage of the clips you buy. NO COST TO YOU. (No, I do not earn 100% of every clip I sell on C4S. They do host My clips, process credit cards, handle customer service, yadda, yadda, yadda….so of course they are going to take a cut. But the percentage that they give Me will be higher, *just because you click through that link to purchase My clips*. Got it? I knew you did. 😉

UPDATE:  you need to have cookies enabled (allow cookies) for the C4S site in order the link to register the sale with the higher %.

Up & Up

My store moved up to #39 and Desirable Derrière up to #47 on the main page:

I wonder if My Nylon Panty Wedgie clip is going to make it to the main page as well since it’s not far behind in sales from DD.

If you are following My June 2018 Masturbation Schedule, I will have a clip for you on Monday that coincides with what I tell you to that day. 😉