PyM July 2023

Only available in My Loyalfans store

“PyM”…..good boys know what this means. Underneath My slinky satin robe I have on a spectacularly sexy outfit. (Preview is censored, clip is not). I don’t normally wear things like this, which is why it’s always a treat to see Me dressed up like this. Enjoy!

Escape into Fantasy

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I know what you need, what you deeply crave… an escape. An escape into fantasy and that is exactly what I am and what I provide. It’s pure pleasure to watch Me and My every sensual move. Everything else just fades away when you stare at Me and you love that feeling. Enjoy every moment as I always leave you wanting even more….

Sheer Lust Worship Session

New:   Sheer Lust Worship Session  (This clip was only available in My store for a limited time)

I’ve been looking forward to wearing this beautiful vintage lingerie set….robe, nightgown and sheer string bikini panties. My exhibitionist side came out to play and I felt like really showing off those panties.  😉  lol  Worship sessions like this are special and therefore have a price to match. The preview is censored, the clip is not. Such an erotic treat…..

The Only Woman for you

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No woman in your life can hold a candle to Me. There are so many things about Me that have you completely enchanted and coming back again and again. Maybe you’ve tried to look elsewhere, but it never leaves you satisfied because it’s not Me. you love My teases, My soft voice, My curves, My way of getting you so aroused…. It’s so simple….the only Woman for you…is Me.

Black Lace Body Worship

New:   Black Lace Body Worship    (This clip was removed from My store)

I’ve been meaning to wear this vintage nightgown forever. One side is black lace and see through with a slit all the way up to….. Panties felt unnecessary with such revealing lingerie, but strappy 6 inch heels were most definitely necessary! Every curve, every inch of bare flesh deserves to be worshipped and adored. (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Here is the white version of this same nightgown in one of My lingerie catalogs from 1986:

Vintage lingerie is the BEST!  🥰

Goddess Worship is the Natural Order

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It’s $1.00 cheaper on Loyalfans.

In the beginning, there was the Goddess and only the Goddess. Creator of ALL life.  The Goddess is beauty, love, nature, sensuality, life, creativity, pleasure and so much more. Without a Goddess, man is lost and empty, and his life is out of balance. Some have tried to forget, repress, remove the Goddess but She still remains. She is the natural order of things, of all life. And nature always wins.