Servitude #239

New:   Servitude #239

A deprived dick cums so much harder than one that gets to cum all the time. That’s something you learned with My training. And an orgasm guided by your Mistress is the best way to cum. you don’t need My encouragement to stroke, but you love it. Teasing you in My stockings, little pink lace panties and satin lingerie. Making you prolong the pleasure just a bit longer. It’s always worth the wait……

Stroke and Stop 3

New:   Stroke and Stop 3

The rules are easy: stroke when I say, STOP when I say and you’ll only cum when or if I say. When I tell you to stroke, I might dictate a certain pace or grip and that’s exactly how you’ll do it. I can’t promise the rest of the clip is easy though…..

I know you want to

New:   I know you want to

…you could finish that sentence with various things, none of which will ever happen. But there is ONE thing that frequently happens in your world and that is your hand gliding up and down your cock. Stroke, stroking, jerking off, masturbating, whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what you’ve got going on, I know you *always* want to….STROKE!


New:  Dicktator

you know I possess absolute power over that dick of yours. It’s something that needs to be controlled and you always seek My guidance and training. Listen to My every word, follow My every order and maybe I’ll give you an opportunity to cum today……

PS–This was one of the 2 vintage nightgowns the professor paid for.  I love the color and the silky nylon but it’s too loose on Me and tag says it’s a Small. Maybe it’s just the style. Do you remember that robe from Luxurious Satin Mistress?  I love that clip! 😊

PPS–Which reminds Me, I have a *beautiful* satin nightgown that I’ll be wearing for a satin clip soon. Yeah, I kinda have a thing for silky nightgowns….. 😜

PPPPPPPPPPPPPS–IF you are following My March 2019 Cock Control clip, this clip is 12:21 in length. Make sure you take that into consideration as I know you want to follow My March instructions to the letter!

you would do it

New:   you would do it


Do you really need this? Me, encouraging you to masturbate? Something we both know you do all the time anyway. No, you don’t, but you really enjoy it. And I know what else you’d really enjoy. But would you be willing to do anything for it? Listen to Me describe what it is. And you know what….I know you would do it!

(This is My 814th clip, not My 815th. I labeled the file 815 instead of 814).