20 seconds to cum

New:   20 seconds to cum

Begin this video with a HARD cock! Every time you touch your cock and balls it will only be how I say. Will your cock be ready to blow in just 20 seconds after only being stimulated the way I allow? Let’s find out! (Preview is censored, clip is not)

One Finger Tease

New:   One Finger Tease

Never underestimate the power of TEASE. Giving you a little and always leaving you wanting more. That’s the point of the one finger tease and My instructions for you in this clip. Leaving your cock begging for more stimulation….

Stroke of Midnight

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   🎉 🍸 😁

The first clip for 2022 is:  Stroke of Midnight

I love the energy on December 31st, as the clock moves closer to Midnight and we say goodbye to an entire year of our lives. A brand new year awaits, full of potential! Start this new year the right way, with Me controlling you in the most pleasurable way…..

Servitude #275

New:   Servitude #275

This clip is for your “Mystery day” for Dec 8th (mentioned in #273). Will I let you cum? Will I even let you stroke? I guess you’ll have to watch to answer those questions, won’t you? And you will. Because this hot little babydoll, skimpy g-string, lacy garter belt, seamed stockings and high heels have already made your cock hard. And we both know who makes these kind of decisions for you….  😉

Servitude #239

New:   Servitude #239

A deprived dick cums so much harder than one that gets to cum all the time. That’s something you learned with My training. And an orgasm guided by your Mistress is the best way to cum. you don’t need My encouragement to stroke, but you love it. Teasing you in My stockings, little pink lace panties and satin lingerie. Making you prolong the pleasure just a bit longer. It’s always worth the wait……

Stroke and Stop 3

New:   Stroke and Stop 3

The rules are easy: stroke when I say, STOP when I say and you’ll only cum when or if I say. When I tell you to stroke, I might dictate a certain pace or grip and that’s exactly how you’ll do it. I can’t promise the rest of the clip is easy though…..