Hill’s Angels…

From the 1:05 mark onward….I want ALL the lingerie.

When I was a kid/teen, the Benny Hill show was on tv later at night and I remember thinking the Hill’s Angels were so pretty. It definitely left an impression on Me.

And I know in 2019 this is in bad taste, but stuff like this:

still makes Me giggle. 😂

Very soon….

I know you’ve been checking for new updates from Me and nothing. No new clips, no blog posts. But you’ve waited this long, you can wait just a *little* longer….😉

Scene at 1:30 mark…

(In tears) “Please help, it’s my husband!”  *the Paramedics take him away and her whole demeanor changes* I laughed SO hard I almost choked on an apple slice. 🤣

Also 1:13 mark…

“What if somebody calls the cops?”

“And says what? I spent $5,000 at a strip club. Send HELP!”  😆

8 hours…

That’s how long the power was out. It went out around 8pm and didn’t come back on until 4am-ish. I barely slept. With no aircon, no ceiling fan, no white noise, no air movement….no SLEEP!

And yeah, I had to clean the fridge today. 🙄 I Google’d it and if the power is out over 4 hours, it’s a good idea to chuck everything….EGGS, yogurts, Almond milk, cheese, meat….all of it…gone.

It was HOT today…My car said 96 and My phone said 91. Yuk!  But I had a few errands to run. One of them Ulta to get more makeup primer which was 30% off today  because…..apparently it was Amazon Prime day today and Ulta was making in PrimER day and offering 30% off all makeup primers. HAHAHA  Cute!

I was wearing a long purple summer dress which I hiked up in the car and the aircon blowing on My legs felt wonderful. 😊

I’m thinking of getting 3…maybe even 4 inches cut off My hair next week. It will grow back, but I don’t know if My hairstylist will let Me do it! 🤣  (I think she might think I’ll regret it later so she’ll save Me from that….)

thomas from Germany decorated My Inbox with a tribute today. Nice thomas. 😉

I feel like the month of July IS Summer and I am enjoying it. However….these 90 degree days are making SNOW look GOOD!!  LOL

So I’m sitting here in the dark….

……..because the power just went out!! Using My phone as a hotspot so I can post this. Just called the electric company and they are “assessing the situation”. Which means I need to start lighting candles.  lol


Yes, I know I have been MIA so far this month and I’ve been meaning to put up a post this past week. I did say I’d be taking a break in July and that I had things to catch up on.

A major pain in My ass was going through and changing alllll of the places/sites/mailing lists/etc that My email address (of 22 years!!) was associated with. *sigh*  I first signed up with AOL back in 1994 and soon realized it sucked (hard! lol) and I wasn’t seeing the Internet as it should be seen. So then signed up with Primenet back in 1995 I think and I had them for a little while but wasn’t totally pleased with them (can’t remember why) and so I signed up with a new (local) internet company in 1997. My email address was even Jessica@____  because I was one of the first few people to sign up. The company changed hands (and names) a few years ago but they still let previous customers keep their email accounts, which was nice. But not anymore….

So I’ve been reading a lot, I LOVE to read but usually I feel guilty doing so because I think there are other (more productive) things I can get done with that time. Which is fucking ridiculous because nothing feeds My brain like READING!

(Just tried to upload an image to this post but it is taking FOR-fucking-ever, so….nope!)

The Power of Full Engagement is one of the books and I’m really enjoying it! What I’ve got from it so far is that ENERGY, not time, is our most valuable resource and how to make the most of it. It talks about how we are always pushing ourselves and pride ourselves on being ‘so busy’ and not so much on taking breaks and ‘recharging’ our energy. Which is SO TRUE. And also how it’s harder to unwind with technology and always being connected and the urge to check your phone.

Speaking of phone…I am waiting for it to *ting* with an update of when the power is coming back on.

I am going to try to blog a bit more this week. I got the majority done of what I wanted to in July and I am hoping to be shooting clips later this week.

The professor pleased Me on the 10th by remembering to send his 10th of the month tribute (which I was going to post a screenshot of but see above in regards to uploading!! lol) and richard from Canada sent a Amazon tribute.

My patience is waning in regards to having NO POWER. No air conditioning, no lights, no internet and I better not have to throw out any food. I know, I know…FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. 🤣