2017 has topped 2016…

Wow. Every fucking day it’s something new…and awful. Flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, mass-shootings, destruction, death and devastation.

And yet another Hollywood sicko pervert is called out on sexually harassing women. It’s so good to see Women outing this behavior (as hard as it may be and as much as they put on the line to do so) and yet so disgusting to read some of the comments online (from males, of course) in regards to these Women. males that DON’T love, adore, worship or cherish women. males that forgot they have Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Girlfriends, Sisters, Aunts, Grandmothers.

And every day it seems that orange piece of shit is saying/doing something else to embarrass Americans, yet again.

It’s like a dark cloud hanging over 2017……..

Random, but….

I don’t even like country music, but how can you not love Dolly Parton? She always comes across as down-to-earth and so self aware. She knows she’s over the top with her appearance (well, if we are judging by “normal” standards… *yawn*), but she doesn’t care. She owns it and has fun with it.

Oh hey….

The rabbi is back again….but such a small clip order. How disappointing….. πŸ˜’ I know you want to do better than that….Β  did I ever tell you how easy it was to find pictures of you in a Google image search? But I didn’t see any of your wife. Does she know that your going to be watching MY Cum for Feet clip and stroking for ME? I bet not…..Β  πŸ˜‰

Testing you

New Orgasm Control clip:Β Β  Testing you

I have a little test for you, to see how far you’ve come in your cock control training. If you pass, I have a reward for you. But do you think I’m going to let that happen…..?