Servitude #269

New:   Servitude #269

So this clip *was* suppose to be a tribute catch-up clip, but since I shot it almost a week and a half ago and am just posting it now, it’s no longer that. In addition to tributes, I also mention something about those who like to stay anonymous and My feelings about that.

I am so fucking happy right now!!!

That I can’t stop crying!! Seriously. I can’t believe it’s finally over. My boyfriend told Me the news about 10 minutes ago. I can not even tell you how many times I’ve refreshed the election results hoping to see that 270 in electoral votes. I had to check Google, Yahoo, CNN, NBC, even Fox News. Is it real? Is it really over?? YES!!  YES!!!!!!

There is no way this country could have dealt with another 4 years of the Orange one. I feel people have become more hateful, ugly and openly racist since his election and that’s the exact opposite of ‘making America great again’. And if he won again, his followers would only feel MORE justified in their feelings.

And the really sad thing? I think some Americans have always felt that way and it was okay to be open about it because of Trump.

I guess these are tears of relief because it’s been a tough fucking week. I just can’t believe it. I am so happy right now. And hopeful. And crying…again.  lol

Come on Georgia!!!

99% with a 13,534 vote difference!  KEEP COUNTING THE VOTES!!  No matter WHAT the Orange corrupt one says. ?

This nightmare could end with YOU Georgia!!  The whole country is watching with bated breath. People are TIRED and afraid to go to sleep at night for fear of what they will wake up to.  Come on Georgia!!!!  ? ?  ❤️

Servitude #260

New:   Servitude #260

This sheer blue babydoll is a bit too cutesy for My tastes these days, but for some reason I just wanted it. (slave-paid, of course). And OMG….it is SO NOT “Mistress-like”!!  hahaha Just kidding!  😉  I wear what ever the fuck I feel like and slaves STILL submit to Me. A few tribute mentions and then 10 days of masturbation instructions for you. And then…..I make you melt with My sensual magic. (The preview is censored, the clip is not)