Sorceress in Satin

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Enchanting and enslaving males, casting My spells, making the temptations just so irresistible. Every male is different and so obvious the bait is different in every trap. The results, the same. 😉  Today I am working My Mistress Magic with sensual, slippery SATIN, stockings and words woven together to seal your fate.

Half Slip Siren

Buy it at:   My Loyalfans store   or   My Clips4Sale store

I can make the simplest piece of lingerie, this vintage half slip, look so incredibly enticing. It’s meant to be worn under a slip or dress but I prefer to show it off in all it’s glory. Of course I glammed things up a bit with My jewelry, satin bustier, long satin gloves, gorgeous Louboutin heels and garters and stockings. Just like a siren, I lure you with beautiful temptation again and again.

My sissy clips have been removed from My store.

Below is a list of all of the sissy fetish content that I’ve shot over the years. I haven’t done any of these clips since 2019 and I won’t be doing this type of content ever again. I’ve actually been thinking about removing these clips for quite a while now.

Our world is moving in an insanely bizarre direction in regards to the simple question of “What is a Woman?”

There is nothing humiliating or degrading about being a Woman. Although many times the sissy fetish insinuates that there is. Being a Woman is not a fetish or a costume. Putting on a dress, lipstick and heels does not make you a “girl/female/woman”.

If that is your fetish, cool. you keep doing what you enjoy and find a Mistress/Domme out there that is into that.

All of these link to blog posts with descriptions and preview .GIFs of the clips. Although I’ve removed them from My store, just like THESE clips and THESE clips, I keep the posts up on My blog for archival purposes.

My Panty Slave 2

Sissy Slut Training

Sissy Task #1

Sissy Task #2

Sissy Task #3

Sissy Task #4-Cummy Panties

Sissy Task #5- All about High Heels

Sissy Task #6-Cocksucking

Sissy Task #7-Anal Training

Sissy Task #8-Wardrobe

Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

Sissy Task #10-Humiliation

Sissy Task #11-Cum slut

Sissy Training 1

Sissy Training 2

Sissy Training 3

Sissy Training 4

Sissy Training 5

Sissy Training 6

Sissy Training 7

Clips removed from My Clips4Sale store.

So…..I have been going through My clip store this past week and I removed a bunch of clips. All of the clips are listed in THIS blog post, which was originally done back in June 2018 but I’ve updated it completely. As I state in that post, I removed the clips because of some changes that C4S made on the site this year.

Ahhhhh  CHANGE. Not always a good thing, not always a happy thing. BUT, it all depends on what you do with it. Many times it can be a catalyst for something else!

you’ll see.  😉

Ball Busting Boots

New:  Ball Busting Boots

These boots are perfect for ball busting. As well as cock stomping, heel dragging, trampling and perhaps even boot worship. But not in their current condition, they are way too clean for that. But alas, these boots are not staying with Me. They aren’t favorites and I have others I like much better. So I model them for you before I’m getting rid of them. I also talk a bit about ball busting and My experience with that.

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