Google redirects to Bing: Bing browser hijacker

(Yes, this is random and off-topic but I am putting it out there in hopes it might help someone else).

I don’t think the browser I use matters because this, I believe, has happened on various browsers.Β  (Just tested it out on a couple of other browsers and I couldn’t replicate the problem, so perhaps it’s browser specific…)Β  I will mention that I have GOOGLE set as My default search engine.

So this morning I typed “b movies” into the GOOGLE search box and instead of getting Google search results, I got the results in BING. Um, …..what?

Right away I knew something was probably wrong and starting searching for Google redirects to Bing and everything I came across said I had a browser hijacker and to run a Malware removal tool to get rid of it.

So I ran My Anti-virus program and it found nothing. Ran the Malware scan and nothing. Searched Reddit and Youtube and decided to Restore My browser to original settings. And out of paranoia (lol), decided to completely uninstall it and reinstall My web browser.

I did all of that and then again did a search for “b movies” and STILL, after all of that it was still giving Me BING search results, even though I just set up GOOGLE as My default search engine.


Feeling like I had exhausted all possibilities, I had a thought….


What if putting B before a search will bring up the results in BING *regardless* if Google is set as the default???

So I tested it out by putting y (Yahoo) in front of movies and searched for “y movies” and lo and behold, it brought up the results in Yahoo!! Same as “D Movies” brought up results in DuckDuckGo. MYSTERY SOLVED! (Only wish it was BEFORE I uninstalled My browser…. πŸ€ͺ)

But NO WHERE was this given as a possible reason for this happening. And in allllll the years I’ve been online and searching for things, I have never, EVER been redirected before. Has this always been a little shortcut for getting results from other search engines?? Because I missed the memo on that and now I’ve created more work for Myself today! Grrrrr. Oh well, shit happens, right? 😣 😭 🀬

The chances of this post coming up in a search result and ever helping another person with this particular issue is probably slim. But I had to put it out there in the interwebz anyway and this is My good deed for today. 😁

UPDATED to add:

Ha! Well there ya go! It’s been around for a while and apparently also works with Reddit and Wiki. Learn something new every day……lol

OMFG…..(a rant! lol)

I TRY to avoid the news and such but sometimes the headlines are just there, like…..

“Menopause is not only experienced by women, NHS draft guidance claimed”

WRONG. Menopause is ONLY experienced by WOMEN (Adult Human Females….shoutout to Kelly Jay Keen!Β  lol).

WOMEN menstruate, WOMEN have OVARIES that release an EGG every month from puberty till menopause, WOMEN can get pregnant. And ONLY WOMEN.

But what do you expect from the NHS who recently stated that:

“An NHS trust has said thatΒ breast milk produced by trans women who were assigned male at birth is as good for babies as that produced by a mother who has given birth.”

WHY????? 🀒 Just fucking WHY would a BIOLOGICAL MALE (who’s trying to cosplay being a female) want to breast-feed a child unless they were a TOTAL fucking creep/pervert.

This shit just sickens Me. Call Me trans-phobic, I don’t give a shit. πŸ˜‚ As a BIOLOGICAL female (not fucking “cis”), I am PRO-FEMALES. ENOUGH of this nonsense already!

I love JK Rowling’s no fucks given attitude and Riley Gaines being brave enough to stand up for WOMEN ONLY in WOMEN’S sports!!Β  (It’s SO fucking true and FUNNY about the mediocre male athletes trying to get into Women’s sports. And sad).

UGH!!Β  I am SOOOOO tired of this shit and honestly, I think there are A LOT of other Americans who feel the SAME fucking way. I really think we are going to get a Republican in office come November 2024. (Yeah, I know….another nightmare of 4 years).

WHY has everything gotten SO fucking EXTREME over the past 8 or so years?


(Okay, I’m done ranting…I’ve got other things to do.)

February reminder…

Maybe I should do this monthly, huh?  (I probably will! 😜)

Just to let you know, if you’re looking for Me, I’m over on My Loyalfans. It’s free to sign up and to follow Me on there.

As far as new clips, I’ve been focusing on My Deepen your Addiction series currently. Check out the updates HERE.

I am *still* in the process of adding (almost) all of My clips to My Loyalfans store and I am still removing some clips from Clips4sale and will continue to do so.

Clips4Sale was sold in 2021….

I could have sworn I did a blog post about this back when I found out in late 2021, but looking through My archives, I can see I didn’t. Hmmm.. 🀨

Clips4sale was (and IS) the original Pay-to-view Fetish clip site. It was founded back in 2003 and up until 2021 was owned by “Neil”. In the admin, there was a message from Neil with his direct phone number for clip producers to contact him about any problems, questions, comments, etc. Of course there was the whole support team to help with site issues, but I always thought that was a neat personal touch. Just like the box of William Dean chocolates sent out around Christmas time every year to clip producers with a card “Happy Holidays from the C4S team”.

People would always say the site needed to be updated and looked like a design from the early 2000’s. (Yeah, it did. πŸ˜‚)

But I liked it just fine and it worked well for Me.

However…..since the new owners, there have been a LOT of changes on there. And, I get it. They made an investment in the site and obviously they would want to modernize it and make it as profitable as possible. So they redesigned it in August 2023 (😣) and they’ve started up some new programs to drive traffic to the site.

But they’ve also done some other changes, like the BIG one in 2022 that was done without clip producers knowledge or consent. 😑 (Yeah, I could say a LOT about that one)!!Β  But it is what it is. It’s new ownership and the way they are doing the site now.

And that is why I removed ALL of this content from that site and I have removed several of My panty videos from C4S and I will be removing even more. I also have other clips I will be removing from there this year.

Change is all apart of life and there are always options. πŸ˜‰

And that’s why I am focusing my time and energy on My Loyalfans page and video store. And “Neil” is actually co-owner of Loyalfans and some of the old C4S team are apart of it as well (Hey Andrew! lol). I fucking LOVE the site! It has so many features and pays 20% more than C4S!! πŸ€‘ And it’s like the site was built by someone who was a content creator themselves.

So if you are looking for Me and wondering why I’m not posting a lot of new videos, that is where I’m at. There IS new content coming and some will be posted on both sites and some will be exclusive to Loyalfans. So, you know where to find Me……Β  😜

A few things….

Hello boys! Yes, I know….no new updates this month. 😟  But they will be back in January 2024! 😁

So a few things…

Loyalfans is My PREFERRED clip site! I get the highest sales commission on that site and it always makes Me smile when I see guys buy My clips (or TIP! πŸ˜‰) on there.

–I have been removing some of My clips from My Clips4Sale store and they will only be available on Loyalfans. I will continue doing this in 2024. This is due to changes that were done on that site in 2022.

–I have been *thinking* about offering some (or maybe ALL…who knows..) of My oldΒ  Paysite videos on Loyalfans in 2024. The thing is though, a good chunk of My old videos were shot in STANDARD definition and so they are only 640 x 480 in screen size and the quality sucks compared to 2023 standards. I just don’t know if there is that much of an interest to make it worthwhile, so I’m still hemming and hawing about that.

That’s it for now. Go follow Me on Loyalfans–it’s free! 😜 (And the only place I reply to messages…)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice or whatever you celebrate! πŸŽ„ πŸŽ… πŸŽπŸ˜„

Just wanna say…

Those of you who read My last post and have been going right to My store from My blog (and buying!Β  lol)…I am seeing the 120% sales come through and what can I say but:

☺️ 😁 🀩 πŸ‘ 😜

Good job!! I love seeing boys striving to make Me happy!  😊

Clips4Sale 120% Sales commission..

So this is going on right now…

If you go DIRECTLY to My store, here:

and buy a clip or clips, I receive 120% sales commission. But you have to visit directly from My blog to there.

Why is this a big deal? Well, guess how much C4S usually pays out in commission to clip producers….

60%. Yup. That’s it. So you buy a $9.99 clip of Mine and I get… $5.99.

Loyalfans, on the other hand…. pays out 80%! 😁 So that $9.99 is now $7.99.

And about once a month, Loyalfans will do random days that they give content creators 100% on ALL sales. So $9.99 is $9.99!

But with the (temporary) Clips4Sale 120% promo….$9.99 is $11.99. (But only if you visit My store directly from My blog.)

I have had some sales come through with the 120%. Someone from the UK was bingeing on My Financial Domination clips tonight and I loved seeing those clips orders come through.

I know that most guys will buy My content on whatever platform they like best, but good boys and BEST boys will always buy My clips on the platform that gives Me the MOST! πŸ€‘

I have been slowly adding more of My clips to My Loyalfans store but with over 1200 clips, it’s gonna take a while….. But I will get it done! And some of My clips will only be available on Loyalfans anyway.