Good boy opportunity!!

I have $2.34 left on My Caribou card. This is not good. 😞

And since I haven’t paid for My own mochas in years, one of you (who is NOT philip!!  lol philip would snap up every opportunity if I let him!) is going to make Me SO happy and get Me a $50 Caribou card HERE. I will update this post once this is taken care of.

Not one but TWO of you took care of this—both sissy dee dee AND the professor got Me $50 Caribou cards. Nicely done boys, you have no idea how much this has pleased Me! 😊 And needless to say I won’t be needing another for quite a while! lol


My clips store is now 6 years old!  Crazy how time flies!

I know I said it once before in a blog post that yeah, I knew it was a risk. To build up a customer base with the paysite model and then switch over to a pay-per-video model. But HOLY FUCK I am soooooo glad I did it and only regret not doing it from the beginning!  lol

I had hated running a paysite long before I actually shut it down and I mentioned some of the reasons why in various posts. My BEST Clips4Sale customers are better than those who were regular customers of My paysite. Unless they are sending a tribute, they just continue to buy, and they don’t contact Me. But with My paysite there was always this feeling that I had to correspond with members on a regular basis or they would stop their recurring memberships. And for what? A fucking $19.95 a month? When I spent HOURS every week personally replying to emails.

And yeah, when you stop that, people get resentful…and nasty. male entitlement is a bitch, but then so am I! 😈

NOW…I can continue to do something I LOVE, in a way that pleases ME, and My customers love My content I produce and everybody’s HAPPY! 🤗

Spot on.