Sensual Power

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I know what you so deeply crave in your life, and only I can fulfill. My sensuality, My erotic energy is like electricity running though My body. I’m very aware of the power that comes with it and the effect I have on you. Just look at how your body reacts to just watching Me and the overwhelming urge you have…..

Servitude #354-Cocktease Challenge level 9

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Such a HOT clip! Level 9 and you are almost finished with My little challenge, but what happens next? This challenge is just the beginning of what could be the most exciting experience of your life….

Not only did this clip make it to #1 in the Pantyhose/stockings category, it’s also currently on the main page at Clips4Sale at #39 in the Overall Top 50 clips on the entire site! 🤑


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I’ve been expecting you. It was only a matter of time. Sometimes it takes a while for a spell to work, but My spells always work. Have you noticed your dreams lately, or the random arousals and a flash of My image. you’ve been trying to fight it, haven’t you? But that takes so much energy, as you’ve figured out. I’ll tell you why I drew you to Me and exactly what I tend to do with you……