Servitude #358-Good boy training

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“Good boys” are males that choose to please Women. It is their purpose. Their are a lot of things that good boys DO and don’t do and I’m here to tell you what they are. And you’re here because you want to learn and perhaps strive to be one…..

10 Tasks for One Orgasm

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I enjoy making you work for those orgasms and so this time around, I have a list of 10 tasks you have to complete to again, earn just ONE orgasm. The secret to an incredible orgasm is…….making you *really* want it.

Servitude #354-Cocktease Challenge level 9

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Such a HOT clip! Level 9 and you are almost finished with My little challenge, but what happens next? This challenge is just the beginning of what could be the most exciting experience of your life….

Not only did this clip make it to #1 in the Pantyhose/stockings category, it’s also currently on the main page at Clips4Sale at #39 in the Overall Top 50 clips on the entire site! 🤑

Servitude #352-Cocktease Challenge level 7

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See how beautifully I’m dressed? In all these layers of sheer lingerie? Well I’m going to talk about that today while you stroke, among other things. Things learned over the years about male arousal and My sensual explorations…..

Servitude #292

New:  Servitude #292

Caught in My net….some more than others. There is just something about Me that you can not resist. Some have been with Me for months, some years and some since the very beginning. My magic is so effortless because this is who I am and it’s just one of the many reasons you are drawn to Me over and over again.

Servitude #167

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I control your stroking as I’m wearing sensual satin lingerie, sheer panties, stockings, garters and high heels. you, slave, will only touch your cock when I say and no, there won’t be any cumming today. But you know that though, as you are part way through your third task from Servitude #164. you know your place is to obey, even if it gets a bit challenging at times….  What fun would denial (yours) be for Me, if I didn’t push you to the edge?

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you would do it

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Do you really need this? Me, encouraging you to masturbate? Something we both know you do all the time anyway. No, you don’t, but you really enjoy it. And I know what else you’d really enjoy. But would you be willing to do anything for it? Listen to Me describe what it is. And you know what….I know you would do it!