Servitude #292

New:  Servitude #292

Caught in My net….some more than others. There is just something about Me that you can not resist. Some have been with Me for months, some years and some since the very beginning. My magic is so effortless because this is who I am and it’s just one of the many reasons you are drawn to Me over and over again.

Servitude #167

Only available in My Loyalfans store    (This clip was removed from My C4S store)

I control your stroking as I’m wearing sensual satin lingerie, sheer panties, stockings, garters and high heels. you, slave, will only touch your cock when I say and no, there won’t be any cumming today. But you know that though, as you are part way through your third task from Servitude #164. you know your place is to obey, even if it gets a bit challenging at times….  What fun would denial (yours) be for Me, if I didn’t push you to the edge?


Servitude #77

New:   Servitude #77

The Internet is such a powerful tool for connecting with people, some of which you may never have the opportunity to otherwise meet. All of your deepest fantasies, fetishes and desires can be played out online without anyone ever knowing. For some, buying clips is all they need. But for others, they desire more…..they want to really know what it feels like to be one of My slaves……