Yes Mistress

New:  Yes Mistress

Two words that are music to My ears….Yes Mistress. Not no–NEVER No. Not maybe. No excuses and no promises. But those two words are so easy for you. Something about Me just melted all of your defenses and made it so easy to give in to Me. you’re always showing Me how far you’ll go for Me. And I’m always pushing you to go further and try new things. My approval is exciting and makes you want to go deeper for Me. So I know whatever I demand of you, I’ll always hear the words YES MISTRESS in return…..

These words will especially resonate with MY good boys….as this is their reality…..

Even Deeper

Always taking you…… Even Deeper

It doesn’t stop, you know. This feeling you have. It won’t go away, it only becomes stronger. you could fight it, but the more you resist, the more appealing it is to succumb… ME. I am your escape. you seek My voice, My words, My beauty to satisfy a need within you that you cannot explain. But I can…..

Willing and Able

New clip:  Willing and Able

446-Willing-and-AbleThe biggest sex organ in the body is the brain. Captivate the mind and the body will follow. But are you ready? It’s no coincidence that you are here. you’ve been following Me for quite some time and yet keeping your distance. I already know so much about you and I can make you tell Me so much more…..but there’s just one little thing….

My first clip in the Mental Domination category and it made it to #1:


Until you Ache

New clip:  Until you Ache

438-Until-you-AcheI’ve been controlling your masturbation for awhile and you’re used to only cumming when I allow it. Some of the best orgasms you’ve ever had are because of Me. But that’s because I push you to try things you never did before. Little by little, I’ve had you go longer and longer in between orgasms. But how much can you endure? How bad is that ache, that need for a release? Further and further I go to find your breaking point. How long can you go before it becomes unbearable? Before your desperation to cum is all consuming…..because that is what I want…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Sensual Domination category: