New clip:   Devotion

Devotion: love, loyalty, worship. Those who are most devoted, serve Me and cater to My desires on a consistent basis. Others send random tributes to show their appreciation of Me. But some are quite selfish and think they can take and not give. Foolish men. I am a wrathful Goddess towards such types of males and have a way of making sure I always get what I want. Willing or not…….

Goddess of Lust

New clip posted:  Goddess of Lust

357-Goddess-of-LustI am your Goddess, your Mistress and I symbolize everything you lust for. My hands glide over My silken flesh as My gaze penetrates you. Lust, desire, arousal, longing are just a few of the things I stir up inside of you. I know you can’t help but to touch yourself when you watch Me and that’s exactly what I want. Sexually energy, especially orgasms are so incredibly powerful. The more you cum to Me, the more energy I get and the more powerful I become. you exist for Me.

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Goddess Worship

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Enchanted by My voice, My hair, My body, My eyes….I instruct you HOW to worship Me. How to please Me, how to give your pathetic life meaning. All while dressed in ethereal white lingerie and fully fashioned stockings. GARTERS–HEELS–PANTIES–SEAMED STOCKINGS–LONG NAILS–HAIR FETISH–BREAST FETISH–ASS WORSHIP–LEGS

114-Goddess-WorshipThis clip made it to #1 in the Goddess Worship category: