Servitude #177

New:   Servitude #177    (This clip was removed from My store)

A Goddess worship…..a MISTRESS Worship clip seems so appropriate for the month of February, the month of LOVE (and of course MY birthday). you feel such gratitude for these intimate glimpses I share with you of My beautiful body. Do you deserve this? Of course not, you know this. *I* love to show off. I love My tits. And I love hot, revealing lingerie and bras. Femininity should be revered. So come slave (and cum) and worship, adore and feel appreciation for what I so generously share with you…..  (Preview image is censored, the clip is not).


New clip:   Devotion

Devotion: love, loyalty, worship. Those who are most devoted, serve Me and cater to My desires on a consistent basis. Others send random tributes to show their appreciation of Me. But some are quite selfish and think they can take and not give. Foolish men. I am a wrathful Goddess towards such types of males and have a way of making sure I always get what I want. Willing or not…….

Goddess of Lust

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357-Goddess-of-LustI am your Goddess, your Mistress and I symbolize everything you lust for. My hands glide over My silken flesh as My gaze penetrates you. Lust, desire, arousal, longing are just a few of the things I stir up inside of you. I know you can’t help but to touch yourself when you watch Me and that’s exactly what I want. Sexually energy, especially orgasms are so incredibly powerful. The more you cum to Me, the more energy I get and the more powerful I become. you exist for Me.

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