MJA11: Slip, Nylons and Panties

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

I started this video by browsing through My lingerie before I turned around and slowly lifted up the hem of My slip. your eyes follow My pink high heeled pumps, up My seamed stocking legs to My lacy slip hem until I reveal My sexy panty clad ass in sheer pink panties. I let you watch as I look in a full length mirror (admiring Myself…naturally   lol) and show off My panties and adjust My garter straps. Finally I sit down and remove one high heel and the next, asking you if you like to hear the sound of My nylons rubbing together. 

Yellow Nylon Panties

Only available in My Loyalfans store

These yellow nylon panties inspired Me to go through My lingerie and find as much matchy-matchy yellow nylon as I could. So in addition to the yellow full-cut panties (aka granny panties…  lol), I wore a vintage half slip, (too tight!) camisole and robe. So much silky nylon! As usual, I model My panties in the most tempting ways. Ways that keep panty boys like *you* addicted.  😉

Intimate Moments

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This matching nightgown and robe set are so luxurious! The soft velour robe felt amazing to wear and contrasted nicely with the silk-satin nightgown underneath. Both trimmed in beautiful cream lace. No hosiery this time, just a pair of lace trimmed panties and peep toe heels. My toe and finger nails are perfectly polished, My skin so smooth, My thick mane of hair in curls and My body clad in beautiful lingerie which I show off to sensual perfection. Come share in these intimate moments….

Servitude #358-Good boy training

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“Good boys” are males that choose to please Women. It is their purpose. Their are a lot of things that good boys DO and don’t do and I’m here to tell you what they are. And you’re here because you want to learn and perhaps strive to be one…..

7 inch High Heel Mules

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The highest heels I own! A brand new gift from a slave. The heels are so thin, a true stiletto heel! I walk a bit in them and show them off from all sorts of angles. With the heels I’m wearing a pair of diamond heel Full Fashioned stockings, garter belt, panties, a vintage bustier and long satin gloves.

12 Garter Straps

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This garter belt isn’t practical, with all of those straps. But then neither is the corset I’m wearing or the thin stiletto heels. Which is exactly why I LOVE dressing in such clothing. Pure dress-up fantasy and fetish. All of those garter straps are holding up My contrasting seam and welt Full Fashioned stockings and framing My panty-clad ass so nicely. As My hands glide over My body and legs you are held captive by My every movement…..

Panty Obsession

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A new year but the same old obsession for you, because nothing excites you more than panties. you’ve maybe tried to quit, but you always come back to this fetish. Especially when My panty teases are always just so irresistible…  (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Stroke of Midnight

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   🎉 🍸 😁

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I love the energy on December 31st, as the clock moves closer to Midnight and we say goodbye to an entire year of our lives. A brand new year awaits, full of potential! Start this new year the right way, with Me controlling you in the most pleasurable way…..