A lot for a little….

This will probably be the first of many posts where I reflect on running a paysite for the past 11 years.

As I write this, there is little over a month until I no longer accept new memberships for My lingerie paysite. And two months until I close the members area for good.

And honestly, I can’t wait.

It has certainly been a learning experience. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started (back in 2003) other than the fact that I liked dressing up and taking photos, and eventually videos as well. I started My site as a free site for about 6 months and then finally took the plunge and turned it into a paysite.

Back then, the norm for updates was ONE new photoset/gallery a week. Over the years that changed to two updates a week, perhaps a photoset and video or two photosets. Some sites advertised updates THREE times a week, then FIVE and then DAILY updates. Being that I run MY site solely by myself, I couldn’t keep up with the bigger sites that had a webmaster, photographer, stylist, etc, etc. Nor did I try.

With all of those updates, obviously the number of photos and videos increased significantly and for some of the larger (multiple model) sites, I’m sure that was a big selling point. But I think it also set a precedence for members to EXPECT more and more content for one LOW price and for other sites to follow suit.

Which made me wonder…..when will it ever be ENOUGH?

The content kept increasing and yet the membership price did not increase accordingly. Well, not in line with the amount of content that was given.

And when ALL content is archived in the members area, what is the incentive to STAY a member month after month? Just join once a year and download ALL of the content from the past year and previous years and come back 6 months or a year later to get more.

(And don’t even get Me started on content theft…..  *sigh*)

Hmmm…….where else in 2015 do you get A LOT for a little?

The grocery store? the gas station? the post office? the doctors office? the car mechanics? health insurance companies?  I could go on and ON, but most places charge more and MORE every year and usually for the same service you were paying for before.

But for some reason, the paysite business model = lots of content for one low monthly price.

For every video I shoot, I plan it out in advance….what I’m going to wear, where I’m going to shoot the video, what I want the theme to be and any other details. Shooting videos frequently means new outfits, stockings, heels, props, etc. And of course it takes time to get ready, shoot the clips, edit them, upload them, create preview gifs, write up descriptions, and finally post the clip. With all that goes into making ONE clip, why would I give MY content away for mere pennies a month?

I have around 264 archived videos in My members area as I write this and I just increased My membership to $74.99 last week. Divide $74.99 by 264 and you get $0.28. So pretty much each one of those clips I am giving away for around $0.28 per clip. Now if I reduce the monthly cost back down to $29.99 a month, which is what it was before, the cost per clip is now down to $0.11 per video.

Why even bother? Why on earth would I continue to create new content and give it away for practically nothing?

Well, I don’t anymore.  😉

The paysite business model stop working for ME a while ago. And I refuse to continue to give MY unique fetish niche content, that I create Myself, away for so little.

So enjoy it while you still can, because very soon that option is going away FOREVER and the only way to get your Mistress Jessica fix will be through MY Clips4Sale store!  🙂

UPDATE: Regards Bonus Video Reposts….

I’ll mention this on My Updates page as well: From today (May 16th, 2014) going forward, I am posting all of My Bonus Videos ONE LAST TIME. So if you ever wanted a particular Bonus Video clip and you see that it’s been reposted, JOIN when you see it as that will be the last time EVER.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’ve made it known on My Updates and JOIN pages and also in the members area, that I stopped adding NEW updates to My lingerie site back in June 2013. My sole focus is on My Clips4Sale store, which has all NEW clips which are exclusive to My store.

I plan on eventually closing down My members area all together and this is the start of it. I believe I have 119 Bonus Videos total and if you are a member, I have an archive LISTING of them in the members area.


I have a low tolerance for idiots. I guess because I expect a lot from Myself so I expect certain things from others as well. Obviously, I should know better because most people these days are complete and total fucking IDIOTS!!!

I also SUCK at customer service. Well, not totally but…….. Some guys get this silly little notion in their heads that I should be kissing their fucking ass because they joined My lingerie site. Fucking PUL-lease!  No. I treat you, the same way you treat Me. If your first email to Me is rude and demanding, I will reply in the same tone. If you annoy the FUCK out of Me, I will rip you a new one.

So, you are having login problems. Fine, let Me know and I’ll be happy to look into it. However, do NOT send Me FOUR FUCKING EMAILS within 30 minutes. Are you seriously fucking retarded? Do you think it will get you a faster reply? It will not.

I remember one of these instances from a few years ago. The psycho mother fucker sent me like 8-9 emails within 45 minutes and each one was more abrasive than the last. And what was the problem? The same problem it is 99.999999% of the time. The IDIOT was typing his login wrong OVER and OVER again. He never did get access to My site. You know why? That kind of behavior got his email blocked, his login blocked and it got him added to my BLACKLIST.



Porn vs Tease

Ever since I started my site, back in March 2003, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to (and didn’t want to) project in my photos and videos on my MistressJessica.net site. I wanted to remind men that women are soft, feminine, romantic and I used lingerie, stockings, poses and props to convey that (and still do). I wanted to play to your imagination and not go for the in-your-face approach.

In my members area (<—CLOSED) there is nudity, but that’s not the ‘goal’ of my photos and videos. My focus is very heavily on all the wonderful types of clothing and lingerie I wear, as opposed to getting it off as fast as I can. But being an exhibitionist, it does turn me on to show a little bit of skin once in a while. And sometimes I wonder if this blurs the line of what is considered ‘porn’ and ‘tease’.

Personally, I think of porn as sexual acts and explicit (meaning open leg) nudity. I don’t think of topless or even full nudity as ‘porn’, but someone else may. I think nudity CAN be considered tease but it depends on how it’s done.

Is there a clear definition between the two, or is it up to the individual? For example, someone who is into hardcore porn sites would probably consider my site very tame. However, a very conservative person might consider my site ‘porn’.

What do you consider the difference between porn and tease?

January 12th, 2017 update: I crossed off that last question because I am not looking for input or opinions. That was written 4 years ago. MY opinion about what I do/show with MY body is the only opinion that matters. Since I’ve been shooting clips exclusively for My Clips4Sale store (over 500+ as I write this now), they are 99% non-nude because I feel nudity is unnecessary. On rare occasion, when I do show little erotic glimpses, I price those clips MUCH higher.