A lot for a little….

This will probably be the first of many posts where I reflect on running a paysite for the past 11 years.

As I write this, there is little over a month until I no longer accept new memberships for My lingerie paysite. And two months until I close the members area for good.

And honestly, I can’t wait.

It has certainly been a learning experience. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started (back in 2003) other than the fact that I liked dressing up and taking photos, and eventually videos as well. I started My site as a free site for about 6 months and then finally took the plunge and turned it into a paysite.

Back then, the norm for updates was ONE new photoset/gallery a week. Over the years that changed to two updates a week, perhaps a photoset and video or two photosets. Some sites advertised updates THREE times a week, then FIVE and then DAILY updates. Being that I run MY site solely by myself, I couldn’t keep up with the bigger sites that had a webmaster, photographer, stylist, etc, etc. Nor did I try.

With all of those updates, obviously the number of photos and videos increased significantly and for some of the larger (multiple model) sites, I’m sure that was a big selling point. But I think it also set a precedence for members to EXPECT more and more content for one LOW price and for other sites to follow suit.

Which made me wonder…..when will it ever be ENOUGH?

The content kept increasing and yet the membership price did not increase accordingly. Well, not in line with the amount of content that was given.

And when ALL content is archived in the members area, what is the incentive to STAY a member month after month? Just join once a year and download ALL of the content from the past year and previous years and come back 6 months or a year later to get more.

(And don’t even get Me started on content theft…..  *sigh*)

Hmmm…….where else in 2015 do you get A LOT for a little?

The grocery store? the gas station? the post office? the doctors office? the car mechanics? health insurance companies?  I could go on and ON, but most places charge more and MORE every year and usually for the same service you were paying for before.

But for some reason, the paysite business model = lots of content for one low monthly price.

For every video I shoot, I plan it out in advance….what I’m going to wear, where I’m going to shoot the video, what I want the theme to be and any other details. Shooting videos frequently means new outfits, stockings, heels, props, etc. And of course it takes time to get ready, shoot the clips, edit them, upload them, create preview gifs, write up descriptions, and finally post the clip. With all that goes into making ONE clip, why would I give MY content away for mere pennies a month?

I have around 264 archived videos in My members area as I write this and I just increased My membership to $74.99 last week. Divide $74.99 by 264 and you get $0.28. So pretty much each one of those clips I am giving away for around $0.28 per clip. Now if I reduce the monthly cost back down to $29.99 a month, which is what it was before, the cost per clip is now down to $0.11 per video.

Why even bother? Why on earth would I continue to create new content and give it away for practically nothing?

Well, I don’t anymore.  😉

The paysite business model stop working for ME a while ago. And I refuse to continue to give MY unique fetish niche content, that I create Myself, away for so little.

So enjoy it while you still can, because very soon that option is going away FOREVER and the only way to get your Mistress Jessica fix will be through MY Clips4Sale store!  🙂