Creamy White Thighs

My first thigh fetish clip:  Creamy White Thighs

401-Creamy-White-ThighsI’ve never really thought much of My thigh area until they were recently referred to as ‘succulent’. Which gave Me the idea to do a whole clip devoted to My bare shapely legs, strong calves and of course, My creamy white thighs.

This clip made it to #1 in the Thigh Fetish category:


The Power of Femininity

New clip posted today:  The Power of Femininity

303-The-Power-of-FemininityMale clothing is so boring and drab in comparison to all the wonderful things females get to wear….silks, satins, lace, lingerie, high heels, mini-skirts and more! I know how much you love to dress up in womens clothing and the effect it has on you. you love femininity and are drawn to all things feminine. It’s like a drug and it has such a powerful effect on you. When you see an attractive woman dressed in a sexy outfit, you wish that you were her. you get so aroused by transforming yourself to the sexy woman of your dreams….perfume, makeup, panties, heels, lingerie……all to try and experience the erotic power of femininity.  If you like this clip, you’ll love My Sissy Task #8-Wardrobe clip!

UPDATE:  This clip made it to #1 in the Feminization category


Sensual Domination

New clip posted:   Sensual Domination

297-Sensual-DominationWhat comes to your mind with you think of a dominant female? Let me guess…lots of black leather, thigh high boots and a whip. Am I right? I’m not surprised, that’s a pretty stereotypical image. I, however, prefer a more sensual approach. I like to laugh and tease, especially when I know you are suffering for ME! I prefer lingerie to leather, My words instead of whips and I enjoy using My feminine charms to entrance you into submission. you NEED a sensual Mistress to control you, to guide you to doing all those dirty things that you are too ashamed to tell anyone about.

UPDATE: This clip made it to the number one spot in the Sensual Domination category:



New (old?) clip posted:   Undressing

289-Undressing-blogA clip from the archives–2005 to be exact! Shot in Standard (640×480) definition. Just a short little clip of Me dancing and undressing. I started out in a green lace dress that you can see My full slip right through. I remove the dress, slip, shoes and one stocking. And then the song was over.  🙂

From time to time, I will be posting videos from My lingerie paysite to My clips store. Not all of them, but some of them. I enjoy seeing how My clips have evolved over the years. In 2005 I was *just* starting to shoot videos for My paysite, after getting a zillion requests for video. And over time, video became MY preferred format and I stopped shooting photo sets all together.

I love shooting videos. It’s a lot of fun for ME and it’s a creative outlet as well. I love coming up with new ideas or themes, putting together outfits, trying new camera angles, all of it.

UPDATE:  Made it to #1 in the Strip Tease category:


Lose Control

New clip posted:   Lose Control

286-Lose-Controlyou’ve been watching Me for a long time. Buying My clips, worshiping My body, listening to My words and always coming back for more! you know you can never have Me, you know I’m unattainable to you. And that’s why you are here, you know your place…..beneath Me. you’re not like other men….you’re ‘different’. you crave something more… be dominated by a beautiful woman. you are tired of putting on the facade of being a strong man, when we both know you are anything but. It’s time for you to do what you were born to do……SERVE. It’s time for you, to lose control……

This clip made it to #1 in the Femdom POV category:


My new Mistress Jessica Clips4Sale video clip store!!

Hello! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve put up a blog here. It’s funny how people seem to assume the worst when you haven’t posted in awhile. Have we forgotten there is a whole life OFFLINE?  😉

I’m good, really good in fact.  But there have been some changes. The biggie being that I have decided to stop posting any NEW updates to my lingerie site. I am still reposting Bonus Videos every week (and they are only on my site for two weeks at a time and then removed), but no more NEW updates from me.

Why? Well, honestly, I’m just really bored with shooting straight lingerie tease stuff. I mean, I have been doing this for TEN YEARS of my life now. People change, grow, evolve, explore and venture into new things. Okay, *I* do anyway. And that’s where I’m at now. Although I have stopped shooting stuff for my site, I haven’t stopped shooting content. I actually really enjoy making videos, only now I’m doing fetish related content and I’m only just getting started!  😉

I feel a disclaimer is in order for those of you of with a sensitive nature. If you go to my Clips4Sale store, you may find some things you don’t like. Use your back button or close our your browser window. But for the love of Pete, do not email me to bitch about it because, well, I don’t care.

That being said, here’s my new clips store:

I’ve only had my store for less than a month now and it’s doing really well and I’ve been trying to update it EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have been having so much fun shooting clips again and there are so many different fetishes, kinks and storylines that I am going to be exploring. I have SUCH a deliciously wicked mind, you have no idea!  😉

I could say more but I think that’s enough for now. I won’t be posting to this lingerie blog much, if at all anymore. I DO have a new blog, elsewhere, that I am going to be posting to (and have been) on a regular basis, but it is FETISH related stuff.

You know, I love it when I get really excited about something new because I am such a driven and focused person. I KNOW what I want out of life and I go for it. I put blinders on, shut out everything else and just focus on what my goals are. Yeah, some people might not like what I do or agree with it, but I’ve never been one to give a shit. Life is a once-go-round thing and I live it for me. When I’m about to kick the bucket, I want to look back on my life and know that I lived it the way I wanted to and didn’t let fear hold me back.

Peace!  😉

UPDATE:  I have decided to turn off the comments on my blog because 1–I have been getting hit with so much spam on here which I have to filter out and 2–I don’t plan on updating this blog for a while (if at all) and I won’t be checking comments on here. Unfortunately the program I use ‘hides’ all the previous comments left on other posts, in addition to disabling commenting.

Every Stocking Lovers Dream!

…is a comment that one of my long time (stocking-loving) members had to say about my “Below the Waist” video. He went on to say “You have captured the art of stocking tease to PERFECTION! I particularly like the way you have shot different camera angles – it makes it SO much more alive and interesting. And the close up theme of “below the waist” – all the close ups – was just mesmerizing.

Here are just a few screen shots from that video:

FF-stocking-tease-legs-lacy-slip-video FF-stocking-tease-legs-lacy-slip-video-1  …..for even more Fully Fashioned stocking TEASE!

Perhaps I can tempt you in a sheer blouse, petticoat and stockings

I love dressing up in feminine outfits as they go perfectly with my pretty vintage lingerie undergarments. Here I’m wearing a see-through blouse with a full skirt, stockings, heels and a petticoat. The full skirt and petticoat give my outfit a 1950’s look.

Would you like to see me cross my nylon legs?

You can see my lacy bodice of my full slip right through my sheer blouse. Do you like all the ruffles and the satin pussy bow on my blouse?

lacy-slip-showing-under-sheer-blouseI’ll give you just a little peek for now….

panty-peek-stocking-tops-garter-slipI’d love to show you more of my pretty pink nylon panties……

All screenshots from My Lovely Layers video.

Jessica lifting her skirt to reveal her slip, garters and panties

Here’s a blast from the past! It’s a short sample video clip I posted on my site a few years ago. This is just a teaser as the full video can be found in my members area. I thought you might enjoy seeing it:

Download the clip HERE. It’s a .flv file and you might need VLC Media player to play it.

PS–I have 300+ videos in my members area, not 90.  😉  2019 Update:  Paysite closed back in 2015, but I have close to 900 clips in My Clips4Sale store!