Sensuous Silky Layers

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Layers of nylon and satin rubbing together feels oh so nice on My body. Starting off with a satin robe over My lingerie, I remove it to show off My silky nylon full slip with long satin gloves. Lifting up My hem, I reveal a lace garter belt holding up My pink Full fashioned stockings. Under that I am wearing a pair of lace open-crotch panties, worn over a pair of pantyhose. And My feet are so nicely arched in the highest heels.

Legs encased in Nylon Layers

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Another hosiery layering video because….why not?! It’s hot! This time I opted for a black pair of Wolford pantyhose over a pair of red Fully fashioned stockings and sheer red panties. Part of the clip I added an extra layer with a poufy petticoat over my nylon encased legs. High heeled mules, satin bustier and gloves and everything is shown off in sheer perfection!

Black FF Nylons over Nude Pantyhose

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Hosiery layering is hot!  And it’s been a while since I’ve done a nylon layers clip, so it was time. In this clip I’m wearing a black lace 6 strap garter belt holding up My black Full Fashioned stockings while perched up high on My 6 inch strappy high heels. Under My stockings I have on Wolford Satin Touch 20 pantyhose. My sheer black string bikini panties match the sheerness of My stockings so well.

Leg Looker

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A shapely pair of legs always gets your attention and even more so if they are dressed in nylons and heels. Dazzling designer heels, pale blue stockings, 12 (!!!) strap garter belt, glimpses of panties, leg crossing and nylon soles all equate to pure enticement for a leg looker like you.

Blackfoot Vintage Stockings

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Vintage stockings are extra special. First, is the packaging, which is unique in itself. The illustrations, fonts and the advertising text, it’s like going back in time. Next are the welt imprints, which aren’t as common with modern day FF nylons. (This particular pair didn’t have one, but I do show you the original tags).  And finally, the stockings themselves, which are true non-stretch stockings and feel so smooth on My legs. They make that nice raspy sound when I rub My legs together. And since I only collect unique and rare vintage nylons, this pair has contrasting black heels and soles. From the tips of My toes, to the top of My stocking tops and garter straps, you see every detail of My stocking legs.

Classic Hosiery

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Classic hosiery, to Me, are Full Fashioned stockings and a garter belt. Non-stretch nylons that need to be tightly gartered so they are nice and smooth. Quality hosiery which feels and looks so very nice. From the tips of My nylon toes, all the way up to My stocking tops–enjoy these views of My classic hosiery.

Hot legs, ass and feet

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I’m wearing a new pair/color of stockings in this clip. They are Gio Plum colored Full Fashioned stockings and My sculpted legs fill them out perfectly. The seams of My nylons go all the way up to My peachy ass in skimpy lavender panties. And all the way down to nylon soles arched up high in 6 inch high heels, and then removed. Enjoy the show.  😉

Lower Limb Lust

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My legs wouldn’t be as lovely as they are if it wasn’t for the nice shape of My calf muscles. I think nicely defined calf muscles are just sexy…on anybody! And to further showcase My gams, I dressed them up in sheer FF nylons and spectacular peep-toe platforms.

Lingerie and Legs

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I tried a few new camera angles in this clip as I like to experiment. Lingerie and stockings just compliment each other so nicely. Sure, I could do every video fully dressed and maybe some of you would like that. But… you know that *I* LOVE lingerie. My legs are clad in a pair of beige Full Fashioned stockings with contrasting black seams and My feet in one of My favorite pair of mules. Which I dangle and drop a few times throughout the clip. Those of you who love My stocking clips are gonna be spoiled in 2023!  😉