Cross and Dangle

New:  Cross and Dangle

Such an elegant leg, stocking, heel clip! These black Full Fashioned stockings really highlight the shapeliness of My legs. And the way I pose, cross and double cross My legs shows off My curvy calf muscles. I dangle My designer heels off of My pedicured nylon toes, dropping one heel and dangling the other. Effortlessly keeping you entranced the entire time…..

Surrender to My Stocking Legs

New:  Surrender to My Stocking Legs

Stockings and high heels are like lingerie for the feet and legs. They only make what I already have look even more enticing. My feet look so dainty in these strappy 6 inch heels and the seams on My nylons only highlight My shapely legs even more. I know how staring at My legs makes you feel and I know you buy every one of My stocking clips. I think it’s time…..

Low Angle Leg Poses

New:    Low Angle Leg Poses

I know you’ve been craving another stocking leg clip from Me, your Stocking Queen. I lower My tripod as low as it would go and took shot this clip from a nice low angle. So many sexy leg poses in this clip, showing off My contrasting welt/seam/soles Full Fashioned stockings, stunning high heels and a fair amount of panty tease. I’m always coming up with creative ways to show off and tease you with My shapely nylon legs that you can’t get enough of.

12 Garter Straps

New:  12 Garter Straps

This garter belt isn’t practical, with all of those straps. But then neither is the corset I’m wearing or the thin stiletto heels. Which is exactly why I LOVE dressing in such clothing. Pure dress-up fantasy and fetish. All of those garter straps are holding up My contrasting seam and welt Full Fashioned stockings and framing My panty-clad ass so nicely. As My hands glide over My body and legs you are held captive by My every movement…..

Black Lace Vintage Nylons

New:   Black Lace Vintage Nylons

From My collection of vintage stockings is this pair of Hanes “Lace” seamless nylons. I paired them with a black lace open bottom all-in-one girdle, black high heeled mules, a purple satin half slip and a sheer black bed jacket. I show them off from so many great angles. A must have for any vintage stocking lover.

Legs, Heels, Soles Ignore

New:  Legs, Heels, Soles Ignore

I don’t say a single word. you get no attention from Me and you don’t need it. The result is the same….you stare and stroke. I do glance at you a few times, giving you those looks that say… “yes, I know you’re masturbating…again”. Just getting to watch Me is pure pleasure. (In this clip:  satin clothing, Full Fashioned stockings, leg crossing, high heel dangle, toe pointing, wrinkled soles, ignore fetish, panty ass, nylon soles)

Nylon Thighs to Toes

New:   Nylon Thighs to Toes

It all begins at the hips, where the bare flesh meets with the stocking tops and garter straps. From My thighs, to My knees, calves, ankles and feet, all encased in thin nylon stockings. you get to see and appreciate My legs in so many different angles in this clip. The way only a true stocking connoisseur knows how to show them off! (Preview is censored, clip is not. Priced higher as the slip bodice was a bit sheer!)

Leg Woman

New:   Leg Woman

Some guys are into tits or ass and some guys are leg men. And some like it ALL. 😉 Well I’m a Leg Woman. I love legs–MINE. So strong, shapely and sculpted and look even better in a pair of seamed stockings and hot designer heels. And as a leg Woman, I know all the poses that weaken leg men even further….

Servitude #343-Aroused by Stocking Legs

New:   Servitude #343-Aroused by Stocking Legs

Aroused by stocking legs. The bare flesh above the stocking top, pretty garter belts, straps holding up that enticing type of hosiery…..STOCKINGS. And I wear the FINEST stockings on My legs: Fully Fashioned stockings. The seams up the back are so seductive, tightly gartered and worn with designer heels and beautiful lingerie. But I also have a little story and lesson for you today as well. Always teaching you, guiding you…..