Servitude #267

New:   Servitude #267

Full fashioned stockings, a silky, lace trimmed full slip, glittering 6 inch high heels, 6 strap garter belt, panty crotch and ass, nylon soles, stocking tops and….MONEY, tribute talk, refreshers and clarification.

Servitude #238

New:   Servitude #238

I decided to go for a full on vintage vixen look today. Underneath everything I’m wearing a pair of pantyhose for some nylon layering. Over that I have on a bright blue lace panty girdle with the 4 garter straps holding up My vintage Full Fashioned nylons. A white satin bustier, a lace trimmed nylon half slip, a sheer vintage robe, white satin gloves and iridescent high heeled mules complete My look. As I show off everything I’m wearing, I sensually and teasingly encourage you to stroke. Preferably with something silky wrapped around your cock as you do so.

Leg Show in Navy FF Nylons

New:   Leg Show in Navy FF Nylons

Stocking lovers know that FF stands for Full Fashioned (stockings). Those delicate nylons with the seams up the back that must be worn with a garter belt to hold them up. And leg lovers will appreciate just how good they look on My shapely legs. (I mean LOOK at those calves!). Leg posing, seamed stockings, leg crossing, panty ass, shoe dangle, designer high heels, garter straps, stocking tops, nylon feet and stocking talk!

Stocking Details

New:   Stocking Details


I opted for a pair of dotted RHT stockings for this clip (I usually prefer FF nylons). I made sure to show off every detail of My stockings from My toe reinforcements all the way up to My garter belt. In this clip: legs, stockings, metallic bikini, mini dress, cleavage, shoe dangle, nylon soles, shapely calves, stocking tops and garter straps, crossed legs and more!

Nylon Stockings, Slip and Panties

New:  Nylon Stockings, Slip and Panties

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A classic Mistress Jessica clip with the focus on My stockings, heels, panties and lingerie. This is how it all started way back in 2003/2004. I put My love of dressing up in these things out on the Internet and I never expected there to be so many like minded people who enjoyed the same things.  What a nice surprise!  😉

What you look for

New:   What you look for

you know exactly what I’m talking about. I know all about you…..   (In this clip: Vintage Full Fashioned outline heel stockings, long leg panty girdle, leg crossing, shoe removal, nylon soles, vintage full slip, heel dangling, vintage lingerie and more.)

Calves in Navy Foot Nylons

New:   Calves in Navy Foot Nylons

Today My calves are encased in 2 layers of hosiery: a pair of vintage navy foot full fashioned stockings worn over a pair of nude pantyhose. As usual, I show them off from various angles and poses. I’m also wearing a vintage chiffon robe, vintage bustier, vintage half slip, sheer blue panties (under pantyhose), a white open bottom girdle and beautiful high heeled mules.