Say it with Money

Say it with love
Say it with flowers
Say it with MONEY

What is Valentine’s Day but a holiday devoted to men spending money on women? Flowers, chocolates, jewelry….MONEY….all spent to show love and adoration. Really no different than any other day in My world. If you want Me to hear you, you speak in the form of financial adoration……after all, actions speak louder than words.

How far will you go? -Part 18

New:   How far will you go? -Part 18

Extreme money slavery. What comes to mind when you read those words? It’s the ultimate submission, the ultimate sacrifice. To lead a simple existence, to give up as much as you can….and then some, just to give everything to Me. your desire to please Me and enrich My life is your motivation. I outline My plans for you and your new life, your new reality.

Just finished watching this….

…The MTV True Life “I’m a Financial Dominatrix” episode. This is the link I watched it at, but when I try and view it again, I get an error message. I’m sure if you are interested enough, you can find it on their site.

I thought it was one of the better ones I’ve seen so far and I think Jasmine (Mendez) did a great job. It’s obvious that she works hard and it didn’t give off the impression that Financial Domination is about sitting around and money magically appears. (Although it most certainly does!  lol).

Every time one of these documentaries comes out, people in the scene get their panties in a twist and worry about an influx of ‘newbies’ flooding the scene. Why? If you are good at what you do, if you have your own fans, your own style, your own loyal subs and you do well with that–who cares? There will always be competition in life, no matter what you do. For Me, the only person I’m in competition with is MYself and achieving MY goals.

2016 Birthday Tribute

Here it is! your moment to show your appreciation of ME on the most important day of the year.

2016 Birthday Tribute

407-2016-Birthday-Tributeyou enjoy My clips do you? Or going to My blog and looking at the free pics I post? Then SHOW your appreciation on this MOST important day of the year–February 24th–MY birthday! Save the “Happy Birthday’s” because Financial Adoration is all this Mistress wants! Watch Me show off some of the beautiful gifts I received recently from My loyal devotees all while dressed in a delicious pink and yellow satin corset and skirt.

A $50 clip almost in the top 10! Nice!

2016BT-no13Those of you who did purchase it, put a smile on My face!  (Oh Mikey in CA…I see you…I think I’ll have to wear satin next year too!  😉  )

Sucked In was My highest priced clip to make it to #1 (to date) in the Findom category and it was (is) $28.99. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another clip priced that high go to #1.  And yet Mine do.  😉

It is seriously SO hot when you boys snap up My higher priced clips. Spending IS sexy!

The Surprise

Here it is……  The Surprise

406-The-SurpriseThis clip was made for My loyal devotees. Meaning, those that actually serve Me financially and not just buy clips. you can certainly purchase it if you want, but it will just be like you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation. My words are for them, not you. Those who make ME very happy by spoiling Me, consistently. And My good boys have been doing just that for a few years now, so I think it’s time for this surprise…..

Not too bad for a $75 clip:

TheSurprise-no23I mean really, how often do you see $75 clips in the top (50) clips? I’ve even had a $600 clip make it into the Findom top 50. Sure, it’s easy for $5-15 clips to sell, but it excites Me MORE when I see the PRICEY clips sell!  😉