Lustful Lace

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Lace. An ultra-feminine, delicate fabric that is commonly used for lingerie. It reveals more than it conceals, which makes it oh so appealing. This beautiful lace nightgown fits My curves perfectly and reveals everything I have on underneath. My pretty garter belt, sheer panties and seamed stockings. My eyes are so expressive, My moves so sensual that words weren’t necessary at all.

Hot Lingerie 1

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I have a bunch of sexy lingerie sets that are sheer, skimpy and a tad too racy for My normal priced clips. In this clip I show off 2 different lingerie sets in some enticingly erotic ways. Preview is censored, the clip is not.

Dressing for Pleasure

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Unless you are new to Me and My videos, you know that I have a passion for lingerie, particularly vintage lingerie. I’ve been buying, collecting, wearing vintage lingerie for years. I enjoy dressing in all types of fantasy wear….corsets, satin gloves, boots, fishnets, ultra high heels, stockings and more. But this clip focuses more on My love of lingerie as I model a few things from My collection. Enjoy!

Sundresses, Slips and Panties

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These 3 things go together so perfectly, as I show you in this clip. I know you are used to seeing Me just in slips, but I thought I’d do something different this time and show you what I wear with some of My slips. Sundresses sometimes need a slip so they aren’t too see through. Can you imagine a nice summer breeze lifting My dress just enough to show off a bit of My lacy slip? Such a sensual treat.

Video Vixen

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Technology has brought us some pretty amazing things and the internet is one of them. With a few keystrokes and mouse clicks, you can find just about any fetish, fantasy, kink or desire. And it’s how you found Me. A Video Vixen, pure fantasy on your computer screen.

Silky Lacy Slips Tease

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Not one, not two, but three silky slips layered over each other with shiny satin panties underneath. Ultra feminine and enticing all this lingerie with stockings, heels and garters. A slip is meant to be hidden under clothing, but My slips will always be put on display. They are much too pretty not to be seen!

PyM June 2023

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I’m back with My PyM series for June 2023 (there wasn’t one for April or May 2023). Another hot little outfit, TOO hot for the video preview. Good boys who buy this will be rewarded with these rare views, as it should be.

Pleated Lace Full Slip

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Slips are a type of lingerie that really isn’t meant to be seen. The purpose of a slip is to be worn under a dress or skirt that doesn’t have a lining and would be otherwise be too thin/see-through. But I own so many beautiful, lacy, silky slips that I think they are meant to be seen. In addition to the slip I’m wearing, I also show some other pleated lace slips from My lingerie collection.