Sheer, Lacy and Racy 1

New:  Sheer, Lacy and Racy 1

you’re not stupid. you know you don’t deserve to see Me in sheer lingerie…a sheer bra and panties. Which is why you are so appreciative when I am in the mood to show off a bit more of Myself. you know a Woman’s body and sexuality belongs to her and no one else. And it should be revered. So to be allowed to view such erotic, intimate glimpses of My body in beautiful sheer and lacy lingerie, has you so very grateful. (The preview images are censored, the video is not. I had an outfit change and wore a sheer black clingy top and sheer black panties, which is not shown in the preview images).

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The Allure of Lingerie

New:  The Allure of Lingerie

Let Me show you the allure of lingerie in My signature, sensual style….

PS–I LOVE this clip!! 😍

PPS- you will too! 😜

PPPPPS–Tried a new light set up (not just the colored light behind Me) and I’m pleased with the results.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS–Must remember to text My hairstylist tomorrow and tell her “YES, I love the Red!”.

Charmed by Mistress Jessica

New:   Charmed by Mistress Jessica

I don’t even have to say a word to put you under My spell. My gaze, My smile, My sensual movements and beautiful lingerie are enough to melt you. The twinkle in My eye, My teasing smile and the way I move My body tells you that I truly take pleasure in everything I do. Enchanted, bewitched, spellbound, charmed…you are, by Me. 😉

Sheer Red Lingerie

New:   Sheer Red Lingerie

This clip is HOT! For those of you that purchase My higher priced (hotter) clips, you know what to expect….sensual, erotic, teasing, revealing, and always leaving you craving even more of Me. It’s obvious how comfortable I am with My body and I know how to tease the fuck out of you. If you just so happen to be doing My March 2019 Cock Control instructions, you might not want to watch this clip on a day you aren’t allowed to cum. Because if you do, I’m pretty sure you will….HARD.  😉

(Obviously only the preview image is censored, not the actual clip).

Addicted to My Femininity

New:  Addicted to My Femininity

My creamy smooth skin, soft voice, graceful movements, curled hair, penetrating blue eyes, shapely body, long red nails and My beautiful lingerie and high heels. I have My own unique sensual aesthetic that you became addicted to a long time ago. My femininity, MY style, ME. It’s what you’ll never find a replacement for and what you can never get enough of…..