Vintage Blue Slip Pants

New:  Vintage Blue Slip Pants

I make everything I put on My body look so good! The way I move and pose is so sensual, graceful, feminine…its kind of mesmerizing. I wanted to re-wear this pair of vintage slip pants (or panties) that I wore in a clip a few years ago. Only this time I pair them with pantyhose (and a pair of crotchless panties underneath), a long line bra, vintage chiffon robe, 6 inch high heels and long satin gloves. Just watch as I indulge My love of lingerie…..

Intimate Moments

New:   Intimate Moments

This matching nightgown and robe set are so luxurious! The soft velour robe felt amazing to wear and contrasted nicely with the silk-satin nightgown underneath. Both trimmed in beautiful cream lace. No hosiery this time, just a pair of lace trimmed panties and peep toe heels. My toe and finger nails are perfectly polished, My skin so smooth, My thick mane of hair in curls and My body clad in beautiful lingerie which I show off to sensual perfection. Come share in these intimate moments….

Silky Cranberry Half Slip

New:   Silky Cranberry Half Slip

Yesterday was leather and boots and today we are back to a classic lingerie video.  I model everything I’m wearing from several different angles. A vintage bustier, chiffon robe, silky half slip worn with pantyhose, panties and Louboutin heels. Lots of great leg poses too.

Pure Fantasy

New:   Pure Fantasy

Pure fantasy is what I represent to you. When you watch Me, you forget everything else. We all have two sides of ourselves, our Public self and Private Self. I encourage your private self to indulge and play. I exude a world of pleasure and I will always be your escape for that.

Indulging in Pleasure

New:  Indulging in Pleasure

It’s that time again. That private time that you dedicate to indulging in pleasure…self-pleasure. And My videos are just what you need…..enchanting eye-candy that makes you feel so good. No one can provide you with the sensuality that you crave like I can. So relax, indulge and……

The Urge to Stroke

New:   The Urge to Stroke

The urge to stroke, it’s always there for you. Because you are addicted to self-pleasure. It’s something you’ve been doing for such a long time that you certainly aren’t going to stop now. And I don’t want you to either……