Servitude #208

New:   Servitude #208

The purpose of lingerie is to excite and arouse, but are you sure you want to feel that way today? Considering what today is….. Of course you do! Because that’s what *I* want. To keep you, My slave, all worked up and frustrated. you know that the more you’re kept on the edge, the better the orgasm. When I finally let you cum….  😉

Sheer, Lacy and Racy 1

New:  Sheer, Lacy and Racy 1

you’re not stupid. you know you don’t deserve to see Me in sheer lingerie…a sheer bra and panties. Which is why you are so appreciative when I am in the mood to show off a bit more of Myself. you know a Woman’s body and sexuality belongs to her and no one else. And it should be revered. So to be allowed to view such erotic, intimate glimpses of My body in beautiful sheer and lacy lingerie, has you so very grateful. (The preview images are censored, the video is not. I had an outfit change and wore a sheer black clingy top and sheer black panties, which is not shown in the preview images).

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