Erotic Aphrodisiac

New:  Erotic Aphrodisiac

I’m wearing something new. Intimate. And I show it off in a very sensual way in this clip. Once you see it, you will become fixated on it. My special concoction of femininity, sensuality and eroticism is so potent that I can only allow you a little sip of it once in a while. But I promise you, it will stay with you long after this clip is over…. (Higher priced for a reason and I do not show nudity in preview images).

White Lace Lingerie

New:  White Lace Lingerie

I’m dressed in layers of lace lingerie and full fashioned stockings in this clip. There’s something I want to show you about one of the pieces of vintage lingerie I’m wearing. But you’ll have to watch to see. As usual, priced higher for a reason….  😉

Sensual Pleasures

New:  Sensual Pleasures

Although around 99% of My clips are non-nude, on occasion, when I’m in the mood, I like showing off more of Myself. But when I do, the price is *always* higher as you *never* deserve to stare at My bare flesh. It’s such a rare treat that you are always grateful for. Now with that being said….this clip is gorgeous! Sensual, erotic, ultra-feminine, enchanting, breathtaking and you will *love* it!  😉  (Oh and I’m wearing something special in this clip, which I’ve only worn a couple times before.)

Bedroom Voyeur

New:  Bedroom Voyeur

As the perverted peeping tom you are, you dream of being able to peer into My bedroom. This clip is the next best thing….watching Me remove My dress and slip and try on various things while admiring Myself in the mirror. you quietly watch, not daring to move. When I slide My panties down My legs, your heart starts to race even faster, and you can’t believe what you see next……

Lavender Lingerie

New clip:  Lavender Lingerie

I’m wearing a new (vintage) Frederick’s of Hollywood nightgown/robe set in this clip that was paid for by one of My loyal slaves. If you’ve purchased any of My lingerie clips before, you know I love vintage lingerie and I show it off so well.

Happy coincidence

(When My nails perfectly match My lingerie and I wasn’t even trying. 😊)

They say milk does a body good, but I don’t know about that since I’m not a big milk drinker. I WOULD say that a lifelong commitment to exercise most definitely does a body good!  😉

This clip will be in My store soon!

Modeling My bras 6

New/old clip:   Modeling My bras 6

This clip I shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite. I did 6 different clips in this ‘series’ and in this clip I try on 4 different bras. There is some topless nudity in this clip, which is why it’s priced much higher. (Pretty much 96% of My clips are non-nude, if I show more, you PAY more). And just like Modeling My Bras 5, I ended this clip with lotion as well.

(This was Bonus Video #95.)

Lovely Layers

New/old clip: Lovely Layers

This clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite. As you can see in the preview image, I am wearing several layers of lingerie….a full slip, petticoat, garter belt, stockings and of course—panties! Pink nylon full cut panties (aka granny panties!  lol). All sorts of panty views, panty peeks and even some upskirt views in this clip as well!

(This was Bonus Video #66)