Servitude #231

New:   Servitude #231

A sheer purple teddy and stockings are layered over shiny pantyhose and a metallic bikini top. A wide corset belt cinches in My hourglass curves and gold Louboutin platform heels adorn My feet. The overall effect is cock stiffening, which is good since you have a lot of stroking to do today, slave.

Servitude #164

New:   Servitude #164

In this clip:  My chastity goals for you in 2020, a 7 day task, that thing I mentioned in Servitude #160 is ready and I have it for you, something from October 2019 and a couple of opportunities for good boys. Plus, you know….hot lingerie, FF stockings, ample tits and cleavage, My nice round ass, strappy high heels….

Panty Change

Now in My clips store:   Panty Change

487-Panty-ChangeThis clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite. I start out wearing a pink bra, a sheer pink marabou trimmed robe, matching marabou trimmed heels and a pair of sheer white string bikini panties. I show you the 3 pairs of panties I am going to wear: a white see through pair of tap pants/panties, a semi-sheer pair of pink full cut panties and a silky nylon pair of full cut panties. The first minute and a half is devoted to My high heels and showing off My pedicure. This clip is priced higher because of the brief bits of nudity between changing panties.

(This was Bonus Video #78)

I LOVE 😍 seeing My $50 clips make it to #1, like this one in the Panty Fetish category:


Purple Passion

New lingerie clip:   Purple Passion

469-Purple-PassionOn My feet: a beautiful new pair of custom made purple heels. On My legs: new silky erotic Full Fashioned (seamed) stockings in Espresso, held up by a purple 6 strap garter belt. My lingerie: new sheer purple robe, babydoll and sheer panties. More erotic clips are always priced higher to keep out the cheap masses. Those who yearn for peeks of My beautiful body always pay….more.

Less than 24 hours later, this $50 clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category:

PurplePassion-no1you just can not resist those rare glimpses of a little bit more of Me….   😉

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Expensive Erotica

A pricey new clip posted…..  Expensive Erotica

399-Expensive-EroticaWhat does this clip have to do with Financial Domination? Well, if you have the desire to pay for it, you’ve already answered that question. Pricey enticement. Financial worship. Adoration in cash. An extremely rare view of more of Me than I’ve ever revealed before. And on this day of Love and Adoration, Valentine’s Day 2016, you have the opportunity to worship even more of My beautiful body in this intimate clip. At a steep price, of course. Always making you pay. The MORE, the BETTER. you always crave more of Me, I know that. I dangle it in front of you like a carrot, an expensive one.

This clip was shot in 2012 for My (now closed) lingerie paysite. It was available once in My members area for about two weeks. In the clip I am wearing a sheer top over an open cup bra. On My sweet ass, a pair of sheer ruffled panties worn over My 12 strap garter belt and on My legs are clad in full fashioned stockings, My feet in black platform heels. I remove My panties at the 5 minute mark and soon the top and open cup bra. Because of the sheer clothing and nudity, the animated preview image doesn’t show much, obviously. This clip is sensual, beautiful, erotic and natural. When I shot this clip, I did it for MY pleasure, just like everything I do. And if you wish to view it, you will PAY, which coincidentally is also for My pleasure. Naturally.

(This was Bonus Video #96.)

I hardly expect a $600.00 clip to sell any higher than this:  😉


Mistress in her Boudoir

Tantalizing new lingerie clip posted:   Mistress in her Boudoir

298-Mistress-in-her-BoudoirOooooo, I love this clip and the ultra feminine lingerie I’m wearing. This is one of My classic lingerie clips. I’m wearing a white ruffled corset with pink satin bows. Underneath I have on a pink 6 strap garter belt and darling sheer white panties. My shapely legs are adorned with a pair of white Fully Fashioned stockings with PINK contrasting seams (I’m oh so matchy-matchy) and on My feet, 5 inch high heeled pink pumps. The icing on the cake is the pink sheer marabou trimmed robe I’m wearing over it all. Cleavage, legs, sexy panty ass, garters, panty peeks, sheer lingerie, stocking removal, see through lingerie, heel dangle, FF nylons, choker, glamour and one seductive Mistress!  😉

Check out the LINGERIE CATEGORY in My clips store for more of My delectable one-of-a-kind lingerie videos.

UPDATE: Made it to number ONE in the Lingerie category…..naturally.


See Through Nightgown

New in My clips store today:  See Through Nightgown

222-See-Through-NightgownThis see through nightgown leaves nothing to the imagination. It is totally sheer and you can see My white lace bra, garter belt, panties and full fashioned (seamed) stockings right through the chiffon material. There is some great footage of My legs and round panty ass in this video. Eventually, I remove all of the items I’m wearing underneath the gown, so I am completely naked under the sheer material. But do you think I’d actually let you see anything revealing?